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How'd you come up with your casting for the gatewatch

Ooo storytime!

So casting the gatewatch was a slow, lurching thing, much like Shadows Over Innistrad. When I first started the project, I didn’t have anywhere to post casting calls and I needed a Jace. I asked around on tumblr if anyone was interested and got a few replies. @ysrnty gave it a shot and was fantastic, so she got it.

A few stories down the line we needed a Liliana. I posted a casting call, but wasn’t really happy with anyone who auditioned. So I asked a friend from work and we got Susie on board!

The rest of the set passed without incident. I had started planning things out for maybe doing the origins, but hadn’t gotten around to it fully when BAM, Gideon and Chandra were in Emrakul Rises. They only had bit parts, but fortunately past stories had lines I could test folks with and we got Dave and Piyo!

And finally, I was suspecting it and sure enough Nissa was in the next story. I tossed it up as a casting call and kinda nudged @bace-jeleren as a joke, having no idea what she sounded like but knew she liked Nissa a lot. Turns out she was perfect for the role so yeah! Gatewatch :D

Beyond Words

Character: Alexander X Reader
Prompt: The reader and Alexander don’t exactly see eye to eye when it comes to what roles they got for the spring musical
Word count: 1,028
W/T: Lots of swearing, and some violence
A/N: (Just breathe, Sj) Okay, this entire story is based off of my reaction to our casting list being released for our spring musical, High School Musical. I’m just, I’m beyond words to describe how livid I am with our director right now, to put it lightly. Anyway, I hope y'all enjoy


Un. Be. Lieveable.


You stare down at your phone, you chest dropping a thousand feet at the message you just received from your friend Eliza. The screen stays lit up with the forwarded picture of the just-released cast list for the musical, the black text a slap in the face.

Y/N L/N — Skater

You couldn’t believe your eyes. You were cast as an extra. A fucking extra.

“Ooo! Is that the cast list?! Lemme see!” Peggy, Angelica, and Maria all chime together excitedly and happily, practically tearing your phone out of your hands. Tossing your phone into their palms, you stand up abruptly, your chair screeching against the tile floor. You have to get out of here, out of the room, out to anywhere. Anywhere before you explode.

You storm out of the classroom, speeding down the endless hallways, not caring where you end up. Anger was an understatement to what you were feeling right now. Hell, nothing could even begin to describe what you were feeling. Frustration, livid, fury, cross, wrath, outrage, annoyance, all were mere understatements of your current resentment about your role.

Your knuckles began to turn white from how hard you were clenching them, and you taste blood from your lip due to how hard you were biting it. Your chest seemed to boil over, the steam unable to escape. Everything was just turning red, red red.

You pause for a moment, taking in where exactly you where.

Which just so happens to be the auditorium.

You stay rooted on the stage, staring out at the empty seats sprawled out before you, the laughs and cheers you’d receive whenever you were playing as Coach Bolton dissipating along with your hope. You take in a sharp breath, trying very hard to calm yourself before tears were to come.

“Oh, hey Y/N, have you seen the cast list yet?” A familiar voice chuckles from behind you, only ticking you off more. The source of the voice slides into view from your left, where you’re greeted with a smiling Alexander, his dark hair pulled back into its usual ponytail. His cheerful eyes quickly turn confused at the sight of yours, which he asks, “You okay?”

“No I’m not fucking okay, Alex. The whole reason I’m not fucking okay is because of the fucking cast list!” You retort, scoffing at him angrily. “Woah woah woah, slow down. Why are you so upset about the list?” Alex inquires, taking your hands in his gently. “Did you not see the list at all, Alexander?!” You sneer while glaring, unsure of if he was being genuine or an asshole about it. “Well, yeah. But what did yo-”

“I’m a fucking extra, Alex.”

“You’re kidding.”

“Does it sound like I’m kidding, Alex? Okay?! Does it look like I’m fucking kidding to you?!” You babble on, your voice getting louder and more upset with each word. “Well obviously not, but how-wait, who got the part you wanted? What was it again?”

“Coach Bolton, and fucking Charles got it!”


“Did I fucking stutter Alex.”

“No I’m just… How did Charles get it over you? You did so well during auditions.” Alex wonders, watching you roam around the empty and dimly lit stage apron aimlessly, attempting to blow off steam. “How the hell should I know?! I read for Bolton three times in cold reads during auditions, okay? THREE. He didn’t read Bolton once! And then he doesn’t even READ during COLD READS, and he SOMEHOW gets the part that I did so much better on-not to sound like I’m the best because I’m not- but CHARLES?! Are you fucking kidding me?!?!” You vent, racking your hands through your hair, a habit you’ve picked you from Alex and his friends.

“Y/N, I just don’t understand how they’d cast Ch-” “No, you’re right. You WOULDN’T understand why, would you? I don’t even see why I’m trying to talk to you about it!” You exclaim, laughing lividly. “What? Y/N, I don’t-” “You don’t understand! You know why? Because you haven’t been treated like a piece of shit because of what gender you were at any time in your life, now have you?!”

“If this is about how they won’t change the gender for Coach Bolton then I’m with you, Y/N. They changed the genders of Kelsey and Jack, but I guess that’s because they have a thing for each other in the play and the school doesn’t want-”


Alex stares at you in shock, his eyebrows furrowed. “You think it’s because Mr. Washington is sexist?” He laughs, titling his head. Your eyes grow wide with outrage, realizing what he was saying. “You have to be kidding me, Y/N. Mr. Washington isn’t sexist.”

“I don’t even know why I bothered trying to vent to you. You got one of the lead roles, you have Mr. Washington under your thumb, you play him like a harp when you need something, you’re a GUY.” You breathe, staring him dead in the eyes, overcome with frustration.

“Y/N, I’m only saying this for your own good.” Alex begins, his voice growing slightly softer as he meets your eyes. He lingers for a moment, as if attempting to find the right words to say to you. He opens his mouth a couple of times, quickly shutting it before saying anything. “I think you just need to let it go.”

And that’s when you bitch-slap him.


He stumbles backwards a bit, paralyzed slightly by your sudden action. “You fucking bitch!” You whisper yell at him, soaring off of the stage and into the isle. “Don’t you ever talk to me about this again, or else I’ll slap you so hard you won’t even remember your own name.” You hiss, flipping him off as he tries to rush after you. “Y/N, wait.” He calls, quickly gaining on you. “No, go, get, you bastard. I’m done with you.” You demand, pushing him back hard enough to make him trip over the seats.

“Don’t talk to me until you learn not to run your mouth.”

breakfast in bed

“gnarfhrmph. sandwiches. OH SHIT THE WAFFLES!” Eris woke with a start, sitting up in panic.

“fuckin’ Smiling Jack’s nightmare again. only happens when I’ve been drinkin’ rum. hell-ooo…..” she cast a glance at her surroundings, outlined in pale dawn light. this was definitely not her crib.

“ah. that answers it.” after looking over to find Jack next to her, she ventured a glance under the covers. pants and undergarments all in order. they must have been seriously drunk.

she rolled over, arched her back, and stretched out like an oversized housecat caught napping on important documents, then set about waking her bedmate with a few gentle kisses to start.