After the card game and after Peter losing twice, they just sat around, chatting aimlessly. Peter complained about his losses, but other than that friendly-ish banter occurred. Too busy talking and making fun of one another to notice they had an observer. Their second in command, Toby.

“Hmm..” He thought while watching them. He was free of baby duty and took his spare time to wander about. While doing so he found these three just sitting around and somewhat getting along. Seeing this gave him an idea. An idea to form a new team and to possibly fix Peter’s….attitude problem.

i think you’re really beautiful

a playlist for someone who i hope will realize someday how beautiful they are

multi-love - unknown mortal orchestra
the only one - the black keys
keep on lying - tame impala
the chase - future islands
i follow you - melody’s echo chamber
derka blues  - the growlers
i think you’re really beautiful - starry cat
pepsi/coke suicide - elvis depressedly
no other heart - mac demarco
sometimes - beach fossils
i wanna be a witch - julia brown
i don’t want to get over you - the magnetic fields
ooo - karen o

♢ listen here ♢


For $401, you can get a front seat to the total solar eclipse on a Delta flight

  • The upcoming solar eclipse has sent some Americans into a frenzy trying to find last-minute solutions to view the once-in-a-lifetime event.
  • Delta has a standard flight path from Portland, Oregon, to Atlanta which not only follows the majority of the eclipse’s path, but will also be airborne during the event.
  • This option was recently discovered by Todd Evans, who overlaid the path of the flight with the path of the eclipse using FlightAware and NASA’s eclipse data and shared his findings on Reddit.
  • Passengers on Delta flight 2466 will get an above-the-clouds, low-atmosphere vantage point with no more hassle than what airport security provides. This is a surefire way to avoid eclipse traffic; in fact, it’s probably the most relaxed way to experience the eclipse firsthand in its totality. Read more (8/10/17)

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Why do hotels still put a Bible in the nightstand?

  • Those brave enough to open the drawer of a hotel nightstand may still find a relic from the days before smartphones: a Christian Bible.
  • A December survey by hospitality analytics company STR shows that 79% of hotels have religious materials in their rooms.
  • Bibles have been a staple in hotel rooms for over 100 years.
  • In 1899, a group of traveling Christian businessmen developed a group called the Gideons, a religious organization that, to this day, donates New Testaments around the world. 
  • While religious books are often tucked away, its presence offends many.  
  • “For us to go into the hotel room and see this book that says we’re going to burn in hell for all eternity is unwelcome, to say the least,” said Andrew Seidel, an attorney (and self-proclaimed atheist) at the Freedom From Religion Foundation, in a phone interview. Read more (8/11/17)