I think what’s really impressive about Adventure Time, ultimately, is the way it’s able to treat one or two planets and a handful of dimensions the way Doctor Who treats the entire universe. Hell, something like 80% of the show takes place on a signal continent that’s roughly the size of Australia, and the show continues to introduce new locales and characters there, each of them distinct from everything that’s come before. 

The show has simultaneously allowed itself to be extraordinary diverse and yet extremely coherent. In this way, AT’s Earth is one of the best examples of worldbuilding I’ve ever seen, and I can’t wait to see it become even larger and stranger a few decades down the line.


listens to disclosure’s latch on repeat

turns out i can only do two before my arm starts breaking. 
here’s dan’s erotic fanfiction as interpreted by korein. submission for the thingy 
also there is no way for me not to make this erotic im sorry dan. 

edit: both artworks have been selected for dan’s video the urge :) 


Making of the South Park unaired pilot.

It’s still pretty cool the way they made the episode with the paper cutout animation, and they still use an animation program to make it look like its made of paper.

also, if you look closely theres also an alien in almost every episode (perhaps every, havent seen any in more recent episodes)

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Ooo totally seems like somewhere Star and Marco would end up.

Shout out to my talented friends who worked on season 1 of Star Vs The Forces of Evil and to the friends over at Disney working on season 2 now! You guys kick ass and did such a good job!! If anyone wants to check out some of their work, stop by these blogs…

Lynn Wang, Cheyenne Curtis, Carrie Liao, Matt Thiebes, Michelle Park, and of course Daron Nefcy to name a few!