anonymous asked:

is it me, or does the orgalorg episode seem to suggest ooo is INSIDE earth's crater

Naaahhh. You’re not alone on that. People’ve been talking about it.

It looks like it’s the case, too. I still don’t like it, though. In Astral Plane, Finn drifts into the sky, out of the atmosphere, without so much as a glimpse of the Earth’s crust looming on the horizon. You see the sky a LOT in Adventure Time without seeing the inside of the Earth’s crust EVER.

‘With such a massive crater, is it possible that the crust is far enough off in the distance that you can’t see it from Ooo?’ Iiiiii dunno. You could argue yes, and I don’t know enough to disagree with you. But look how high the crust looks like it looms! Just being inside the crater should look like you’re at the bottom of a bowl! I think! Maybe not! 

And then I decided to jack up the brightness and lower the contrast on this cap so you can have a better idea what the shape of this crater looks like. So we can confirm that the beam is actually coming from inside the crater, and is not simply from the far side of the Earth, beyond the crater’s far wall.

But hoooow are the remains of fully-formed human cities still intact within the crater? What kind of impact is strong enough to blast a chunk of the Earth to smithereens while the surface remains intact? [It’s magic. The answer is magic.]

If Ooo is actually in this crater, they’re going to explain this to us. And if it’s NOT in the crater, then I guess the crew just made a convenient animation decision to have Orgalorg’s beam come FROM Earth, but nowhere on Earth in particular. It doesn’t feel like the crew would be that careless, though, you’re right.

Aaaand it’d be funny if knife storms happen because knives fall into the crater sometimes. I’ll give you that.