mayor matcha’s updated ref! 

she wears:

🌿 straw hat

🐢 bandages

🌿 this outfit

🐢 no shoes!!!


🌲 always sleepy

🌱 disassociates sometimes but her villagers are patient w/ her

🌲 very lazy but spends a lot of her time outside

🌱 likes: tea, reptiles, studio ghibli

🌲 dislikes: the dentist, reading, commitment

i think you’re really beautiful

a playlist for someone who i hope will realize someday how beautiful they are

multi-love - unknown mortal orchestra
the only one - the black keys
keep on lying - tame impala
the chase - future islands
i follow you - melody’s echo chamber
derka blues  - the growlers
i think you’re really beautiful - starry cat
pepsi/coke suicide - elvis depressedly
no other heart - mac demarco
sometimes - beach fossils
i wanna be a witch - julia brown
i don’t want to get over you - the magnetic fields
ooo - karen o

♢ listen here ♢

anonymous asked:

Why is Two Bread Tom's statue on one of the islands?

This is where the humans from Stakes landed when they left on their ship. Two Bread Tom, the leader of those humans, seems like he could be among ~The Founders. But specifically why does he have a statue in Founders Park?

These humans as the descendants of the ones who departed in Stakes makes sense. A good number of them have carried over the animal hat tradition that stemmed from protecting themselves from vampires. Every Seeker has an animal hat, probably because they put themselves in the most dangerous situations, and the hats are safety hats. But other humans also wear similar hats stylistically, including people who wind up in re-education for trying to flee the islands.

And the humans on the islands became isolationist and built the Guardian because their top priority in leaving Ooo was to protect themselves. That’s what the Founders Song said. That’s what Two Bread Tom said in Stakes. That all adds up.

But there were other groups of humans who came to the islands apart from the ones from Stakes, right? I mean, I know that hundreds of years have passed between Stakes and Islands, but in Stakes these guys were sitting around campfires and fending for themselves, but in Islands… I mean, they’d built the Guardian. Their agrarian farm members - Alva speaks Swedish and NOT English, by the way. She’s pretty likely from a different group - have voice-activated tech and cyber weather barriers. That other island has little fairy airplane droids that sustain humans who are constantly connected to a VR MMO. The islands are SO high tech. 

And building the Guardian seems like it’d’ve been a priority for the guys that fled Ooo in Stakes, so how did they do it?

MoCo - yes, THAT MO Co. - was involved in the human resettlement, as shown in a short glimpse during the Founders Song. MO Co. was founded by Moe: builder of the MOs and the fire giants, and Adventure Time’s first example of a human supplementing their body with gadgets (shoutout to Dr. Gross). Either Moe, or perhaps more likely, employees from his corporation, lent MO Co. tech to the new development.

Either way, the ship the humans in Stakes took - I’m pretty sure it’s the same one Finn took back to Ooo. Nice touch - was NOT a MO Co. project. The Stakes humans all worked on it themselves. And then they left on this one ship, and the Founders Song makes perfectly clear that several different people arrived on this island in several different vessels. 

Ooo is just one island on the entirety of Earth, and still look how small Founders Island is relative to Ooo. I’m kinda interested who were the first people to make it there. Who contacted other groups of humans and told them this tiny island was the new meeting spot? Did the Stakes humans know that this is where they were heading when they left? How long were different groups of humans invited to the islands before the Guardian was instructed to wreck any ship headed in or out? 

This is not the kinda thing you can expect the show to answer at this point. Our best answer is that it just sorta happened this way. But it’s good, and the whole situation becomes richer the longer you think about it. I like that.

Little Ham Man (Small?Hamilsquad x Reader) 7

A/N: here ya go (oops it ended awkwardly)

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“Okay, time to teach the proper etiquette. Men, you don’t have to call me miss all the time. Y/N is fine, no one really says that anymore. Unless you don’t know what their name is.” You said, looking at all of them in their small desks. You bought it from a toy store, giving them pieces of lead and small scraps of paper.

Hamilton was writing paragraphs on his paper. You couldn’t read the words, since they were extremely small. Laurens was doodling, you could barely make out the shapes. Mulligan had his feet up on the desk and Lafayette was watching you, a small smile on his face.

“But why, Y/N? Isn’t it polite to say that?”

“It is, Lafayette, but it’s just weird, you know? We’ve downgraded in society. And we don’t go around wearing fancy dresses and suits every day. Most wear jeans and shirts.” You replied, looking at the fancy clothing they were wearing. This time, Mulligan’s ears perked up, his eyes meeting yours.

“Wait, I’m sorry, what? What are these jeans and t-shirts?” He looked over at Alexander’s casual wear. “Do you mean this nonsense that he is wearing? Is this why you wear that loose fitting clothing all of the time?” He asked, gesturing towards your sweater. You looked down at it.

“Yes, why? Is there something wrong with my clothes?”

He nodded. “You looked very improper. No woman of your status would be wearing something so, so shameful.”

“We’re not in the 1700s anymore, Herc. It’s 2016. No one wears those white wig things or those puffy scarves things,” you said, pointing to the fabric, “And what do you mean by a woman with my status?”

“You’re an educated woman, Y/N. I could create you a gown if you would like.”

“No, I’m fine with what I have.”

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