Duas for exams

1) Allahumma infa'nii bimaa alamtani wa'allimni maa yanfaa'ooni

Oh Allah benefit me with what you have taught me and teach me that which will benefit me.

2) Allahumma la'sahla ilma ja'altahu sahla wa'anta taj alu al'hazna idha shi'ta sala

Oh Allah, nothing is easy except what you have made easy and only you can make the difficult easy for me.

3) Rabbi zidni ilma

My Lord, increase me in knowledge.

4) Allahumma inni asaluka ilmun nafia

O Allah, I ask of you knowledge which is beneficial.

5) Rabbishrahli sadri wayassirli amri wahlul ukdatun milisaani yafkahoo kowli

My Lord expand my chest and make easy my affair and remove the impediment from my speech in order that they may understand what I say.

6) Hasbi allahu la ilaaha illala huwwa. Alayhi tawakaltu wa huwwa rabbul arshil adheem

Allah is sufficient for me, none has the right to be worshipped but He. In him I put my trust and he is the Lord of the Mighty Throne.

In Sha Allah, we are blessed with the results we want. Include me in your dua’s please. Thank you. 💖

matress-actress  asked:

yo what's good, big fan. anyways main issue, you know the crocodile that appears in tales of grotesquely grim bunny? do you know what the hell he is saying, i've listened to it 20+ times and can't figure it out

you know what, i have literally no idea. it SOUNDS like he’s saying “woah, Sushi-Ami-Uni-Ogi: Rise of Ronnus, awesome!” 

my version of the video is formatted for square screens so part of the episode is chopped off BUT i looked up the episode on youtube which is formatted for widescreen and you can see the crocodile holding a comic book. 

it’s so low-res i can’t make out what it says BUT the first line looks like one word (possible SUSHIAMIUNIOGI) and the second line looks like it’s three to four words (”rise of [something]”)

a youtube comment thinks the crocodile is saying “sushi ami uni ogi roger ronus”. the arthur wiki thinks the crocodile is saying “sushi-omni-ooni-ogie ragju rans”. youtube captions thinks he’s saying “okie raunchy month”. here’s the episode in question. now i’m turning this to all y’all: what do YOU think he’s saying?

The Joker's Song (The Looney Song)
Lyrics by Alan Moore from “The Killing Joke”.

When the world is full of care
And every headline screams despair,
All is rape, starvation, war and life is vile

Then there’s a certain thing I do
Which I shall pass along to you,
That’s always guaranteed to make me smile:

I go loo-oo-oony as a light-bulb battered bug!
Simply loo-oo-oony, sometimes foam and chew the rug!

Mister, life is swell
In a padded cell,
It’ll chase those blues away:
You can trade your gloom
For a rubber room
And injections twice a day!

Just go loo-oo-oony like an acid casualty,
Or a moo-oo-oonie, or a preacher on T.V.

When the human race
Wears an anxious face,
When the bomb hangs overhead,
When your kid turns blue,
It won’t worry you,
You can smile and nod instead.

When you’re loo-oo-oony, then you just don’t give a fig,
Man’s so pu-uu-uny, and the universe so big!

If you hurt inside,
Get certified,
And if life should treat you bad…

In Ile-Ife, regarded as the spiritual center of the Yoruba, there were at least two female Oonis…In Oyo, the political center of the Yoruba for several centuries, a woman named Orompoto succeeded Egunogu as Alaafin…Six women appear in the lists of Ilesha Obas… they reigned at various times from the mid-seventeenth to the mid-eighteenth centuries, but no female ascended the throne after Yeye Ori, the eighteenth Oba, during whose reign constant warfare took place. Three princesses became the Awujale in Ijebu-Ode before 1760: Ore-Yeye (the twenty-third), Ore-Geje (the thirty-first) and Rubakoye (the thirty-seventh). In the early sixteenth century, a woman known as Yeyenirewu assumed power as the fifth Ewi of Ado-Ekiti …she reigned for  forty-one years (1511 to 1552)…Nearby in Akure, the twelfth Deji’s daughter, Eye Aro Obabirin succeeded him on the throne
—  Yoruba Women: A Historiographical Study by LaRay Denzer