We’ve may have found the perfect footwear to go with our Inflatable Unicorn Horn or Magical Unicorn Mask. These incredible heelless platform boots are called Unicorn Hooves. They are the work of Oonacat, an artist based in Salt Lake City, Utah who specializes in creating custom-made “heelless hooves” and “heeless paws” as well as awesome pairs of ears and horns.

Check out the Oonacat Etsy shop learn more.

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They were unequivocally two things: The most confusing heels John had ever seen, and he couldn’t remember the second thing because he was entirely too confused.

"Stop it, Sherlock."

Slow, steady, with a prancing and delicate tread, Sherlock emphatically did not ‘stop it.’

No, no, no, instead he briefly tugged at black thigh-high hose, and cat walked around the sitting room, first to one window, then the next, past the coffee table, toward the door, by the kitchen, and back again.

By the time he’d made his third sinuous circle, John’s confusion had rendered him mute, his libido had left him erect, and fortunately what followed—complete with sounds that entirely mystified the neighbors—only marginally scuffed the shoes and didn’t affect the Halloween masquerade case at all.

           — Submitted by: Jessie Blackwood; Shoes by: Oonacat; Fic: Atlin Merrick

181 - “Dæmon”

“It is a man’s own mind, not his enemy or foe, that lures him to evil ways.”

I woke up to a weird dream that I just can’t shake, and was being gloomy about it, then I was still a bit upset that I lost my release plate to my tripod, I was looking for it everywhere in my apartment when I realized the last time I used it was for my image “Ugly” and that was taken last month, since then I don’t recall where I could’ve placed it and since I hadn’t been doing a lot of shoots I hadn’t thought of where it might’ve been/gone. I’m doubting I’ll find it soon, but I’m hoping I will. I’ve also been using the tulle from the Frozen set and been modifying a skirt for a project with it. I have close to 7 yards of it, just sitting, might as well use it for a project! :3

Horns made by the wonderful Oonacat


Oonacat http://wp.me/s3v9sq-oonacat

I would wear hoof heels so bad right now…

Hoof heels are what I’ve been waiting for my entire life. The creator of these sexy, darkly fantastic soles is Oonacat. I have to say I was pretty much devastated when I discovered that she’s put creating the hooves on hold for now. She is creating horns and headdresses and dragon shoulder companions. Yes, you read that right.

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