oomph crap

Flash From The Past || Some Peeps
  • Asher: P.E. wasn't as bad as everyone made it out to be, even though it wasn't Asher's favorite subject by far. It meant having to change in front of the entire class in the locker room and while he was comfortable in his skin and who he was, others would be quick to call him a "fag" if he so much as glanced in their direction for a second. That was why he simply did his best to keep his head down and change as quickly as he could before he went out and waited near the basketball court, where their teacher would come and take attendance before assigning them the mile-run or anything else along those lines. However, it seemed today he finally decided he had enough of them running around and around on the track as he hauled out basketballs and laid out two different kind of colorful vests for them to choose from in order to separate them into teams: yellow vests and blue vests. He opted for a blue vest and pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose as he waited off to the side for the rest of his team to come together. Being as tall as he was, they decided Asher would be best for offense, despite the fact that he wasn't so skilled when it came to sports - not that they needed to know that. In just a few short minutes, he figured they'd see for themselves. Two people went to the center while another held the ball, waiting for the teacher's signal. At the blow of the whistle, the ball was thrown in the air and Asher's team managed to get the upper-hand as they knocked it out of their grip and another blue-vested member managed to dribble it down half the court before they jumped and made the shot, the swoosh of the net heard and ensuring that the game was really on now. For the most part, Asher tried to stay off to the side, but others would constantly try to block him, keeping from the ball being passed to him. That is, until someone else on defense had momentarily gotten distracted enough allow for the ball to be passed right to him. For a moment, he panicked, but then someone yelled, "Make the shot, Dameron!" and he quickly snapped out of it as he dribbled the ball and began to make his way closer to the net before he held it in his hands and aimed right for it, only to knock into somebody else accidentally. The ball slipped from his grip and he stumbled, causing the other boy to fall back while Asher landed on top of him with a small "oomph." "Crap," he muttered as he pushed himself up from how their chests were pressed together, holding himself above him as he worriedly looked down at the boy underneath, his legs essentially straddling him in their position. "A-are you okay? Is your head okay?" he asked as he looked down at him and raised a hand to touch the back of his head, freezing at the last moment, afraid to cause further damage by putting pressure on any possible bump.