Ooku ~Tanjou~[Arikoto Iemitsu Hen]

There’s a live-action Jdrama for Ooku!!! BANZAI!!! BANZAI!!! \(^o^)/

Out of all the dramas I’ve ever watched, I must say: This drama is the most accurate portrayal of a manga that I’ve ever seen.

The drama is exceptionally well done. The acting is fantastic, the actors chosen really look like their manga counterparts, and the script stays true to the manga, from the dialogue to even the scene angles. All the short flashbacks are also included. All the costumes, make-up, and hairdos are exactly the same. It’s absolutely stunning.

Not to mention Ōoku: The Inner Chambers is the only manga for which I have bought the entire series in its physical form without even reading it first. It’s really, really high quality stuff, and fully deserves its high ratings on MangaUpdates.

The drama is fully released and subbed, Tabe Mikako also won an award for Best Supporting Actress - so make sure to check it out!!! ^^b