What’s up guys! I hope you’re just as excited for TajiHana week as we are!

We are officially accepting early works starting today. Early works are accepted starting a week before the official ship week, which in this case is July 3rd-July 9th. This is also the end date for AbeMiha late works. Late works for AbeMiha week are no longer accepted.

Your works should be tagged appropriately (i.e. trigger warnings, nsfw, etc.). If they are not, they will not be accepted. Also, you should include the tag #oofurishipweeks in the first five tags, so that we and other people will be able to find it! There is also the option of submitting your work to our submit box!

This also a reminder that Tumblr sucks and isn’t displaying posts in the tags properly, so if your post isn’t or wasn’t reblogged by us, feel free to shoot a message to our ask box! Make sure to follow this blog and turn on notifications for it, so that way you don’t miss any announcements!

Now without further ado–here are the prompts!

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The definitely not definitive sports anime guide

So I did a thing a while back (a year ago, in fact) where I tried to make a primer for sports animes. I have since watched Many, Many More so let’s do this again (still no Daiya no Ace tho).
Based purely on my own meandering experience, here’s a hopefully comprehensive guide on picking your next set of adoptive sons.

Note: There’s ten shows so this is going to be long, you guys. Just… so long. And there will be many exclamation points.

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