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wolf au karasuno headcanons

(( my answers to this are going to be based slightly on ookami kodomo no ame to yuki/wolf children! ))

Daichi: Appearance wise, Daichi has dark sleek fur, and he’s quite a big wolf. Daichi can control his urges to transform into a wolf quite easily, though when he’s quite annoyed or aggravated he’ll start transforming (ears popping out, hands turning into paws, etc.)

Sugawara: Sugawara has silver and white fur, he can easily blend into snow. His fur is pretty poofy and it’s really soft. Sugawara is average sized, though a little more on the smaller side. Suga rarely changes into his wolf form, and only does if there’s an emergency or just needs to let out some steam.

Asahi: Asahi is also pretty poofy and is the biggest wolf among the other teammates. His fur would be dark brown. For the most part, Asahi doesn’t change into a wolf that often, though when he’s nervous he’ll start showing some signs.

Nishinoya: Nishinoya doesn’t really look like much of a wolf, instead he looks more like a fox, though his small form allows him to move a lot faster than his teammates. His fur would be orange, turning into a dark brown around the paws/ears/mouth, his underbelly would be white. Nishinoya’s transforms often, and it’s mostly because of his strong emotions, also because he likes running around just for the fun of it.

Tanaka: Tanaka is a medium sized wolf, with gray fur that grows into a darker gray/black around his paws and tail. Out of all the members he has the sharpest teeth, which he likes to show off a lot. Like Nishinoya, Tanaka ends up transforming a lot because of his emotions.

Ennoshita: A medium sized wolf with black fur that looks brown in daylight. Ennoshita doesn’t look like much of a wolf and instead he looks more like the average dog, though his hind legs are quite strong looking so it helps differentiate him from normal dogs. Ennoshita hardly transforms into a wolf unless he needs to, he doesn’t really enjoy going into that form.

Kageyama: A medium sized wolf leaning towards the larger side with sleek, shiny, dark blue fur. Kageyama has great hearing compared to most of the members as well as eyesight. Kageyama starts transforming when he’s excited or heated (his tail starts popping out and he starts wagging it without any knowledge that its actually there). Kageyama likes to hunt birds in his wolf form often just for fun and to let out some stress.

Hinata: The smallest wolf in the team. Hinata has poofy bright orange fur that bounces when he runs. Hinata is pretty small, but he can sprint really fast and get into tight spaces. Like Kageyama, Hinata transforms a lot just to dig holes or find animals. When he gets really excited his ears start popping up and he might even start howling or whining.

Tsukishima: Tsukishima is a large wolf with blonde, almost white, fur. Tsukishima is the most “tame” in the whole team, he rarely transforms into a wolf and hates going on hunts. Sometimes he’ll go catch a bird, but he often finds it too tiring and ends up going home. Sometimes the team forgets Tsukishima can actually transform into a wolf because he rarely does.

Yamaguchi: Yamaguchi is a average sized wolf with dark green fur. His fur is really poofy and spreads out in tufts all over the place, mainly around his neck. Yamaguchi doesn’t transform that often, though it’s not because he doesn’t want to. He’ll sometimes go for a run just to straighten out his thoughts or just for the fun of it.


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