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I hope it goes well 
I hope you dance good 
I hope you get presents 
That make you pretty happy
I hope you grow old and
I hope that you find somebody nice

But Maurine, I can’t come to your party, ‘cause I think that I’m dead

[Pentagon] Reaction to you kissing them in front of the others.

Jinho~ This smol bub would be so flustered and embarrassed. His face would turn a lovely shade of pink. But he would be smiling from ear to ear. He’d try to hide his face from all of the younger kids “oohs” and “aahs”. Their teasing only making him more embarrassed.

Hui~ The leader would look strong to the youngers, but he would definitely be at a loss for words when faced with your kiss. You would take him by surprise and he would be momentarily shocked. After the initial shock wears off, he would try to laugh it off like his normal jokester self.

Hongseok~ This caring mother would completely embrace your kisses, even if you did surprise him with them. After your small, quick kiss, he would squeeze you tight and spin you around in a circle, happy to receive your affection and acting playful in front of the others, but then he would pull you into a quiet corner and wrap his arms around you more tenderly. He would stare into your eyes for a bit before pressing his lips against yours.

Edawn~ Oh Dawnie… His neck would completely disappear as he raises his shoulders up in his strange display of embarrassed aegyo. His ears would be tickled pink from his slight shyness. He wouldn’t hesitate to kiss you back, but not before letting out a soft pterodactyl screech.

Shinwon~ He would try his hardest to remain calm and collected. The picture of smug perfection, but he would absolutely melt from the surprise kiss. After a quick second of being tongue tied, he would end up blurting out some cheesy line and try to come in for more kisses. Secretly though, he would want nothing more than to sweep you away like the hopeless romantic he claims to be.

Yeo One~ This true romantic would be all about your surprise kisses…and he will be ready for them. Honestly, you wouldn’t even be able to surprise him, because he is always ready for your affection. He would give you that perfect smile before taking you in his arms. He would gently dip you, leaning in for more kisses, completely unafraid of showing his affections for you in front of the others.

Yanan~ Surprise kisses?! You’re lucky this little prince didn’t faint! He would be soooo shy about the sudden affection in front of his brothers that all that would come out of him is this strangled squeal. There would be no other words…no actions…nothing. He would be so shocked that he would be frozen solid, yet his body would be on fire at the same time.

Yuto~ Just the typical stone faced reaction. ….. …… …… Kidding. Lol. That’s what it would be at first anyway. You would catch him off guard, and would elicit that stereotypical Yuto reaction. But then, the facade would crack and he would melt, becoming the Yuto that yearns for your affection. The Yuto that needs to be close to you. Expect to be bear hugged at this point… And then held for as long as he can.

Kino~ Bless! His reaction would be so adorable. A huge, shy grin would instantly take over that precious face of his and giggle like a kid in a candy store. He wouldn’t be embarrassed about the display in front of the others. He would just be super excited to be able to have your affections in the first place. After his initial display of aegyo, he would give you the world’s biggest hugs, covering your cheeks with kisses. His reaction would definitely be the most affectionate.

Wooseok~ As soon as your lips touch his, his eyes would go wide. His ears would turn redder than red. This giant baby would be completely dumbfounded by your sudden display of affection. AND IN FRONT OF HIS HYUNGS. Oh dear. The embarrassment would be real. Even if he’s used to your kisses, his stomach would flutter and he would shoot nervous glances at his elders, silently searching for advice…while they just laugh at his adorable, maknae reaction.


I’ll Make It Up To You

Pairing: Luke x Female Reader

Word Count: 844

Warning: Cursing? I mean I literally wrote “fuck” once…

Requested: Yes!

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I had SO MUCH FUN writing this. I may or may not have done the work I was supposed to do today but I regret nothing. Sorry if it sucks. Thank you to the Anon who requested, and feel free to shoot me some requests! Hope you like it!

I love my best friend, I really do, but I am feeling increasingly less affectionate towards him as today progresses. I get that he’s Luke Hemmings, ooh aah, but I don’t think requesting one day of his time is too much. We were supposed to meet up at 11, and its currently 2 pm and there’s no sign of Luke. Now I’m little mad, because I remember him mentioning that we were supposed to head to the venue around 3, which means he has officially blown off our entire day together. I grab a cab and head for the venue, because I’ll honestly take whatever time I can get with him. I walk up to the ticket counter and flash my backstage pass. I make my way to the backstage and pull on the handle…but its locked? I try it again, but to no avail. I’m officially mad. First he blows me off, and then he clearly forgets to tell the guards that I’m coming. Great. I sit on the edge of the sidewalk outside the door, even though its cold, wet, and windy as hell. I’m so angry that my entire face is hot. After an hour of freezing my ass off outside, I’m about to leave, but I hear a familiar voice call my name. “Y/N? Y/N is that you?” I look up to see Luke and Calum walking towards me, and I feel my anger build all over again. Luke goes in for a hug but I duck under his outstretched arm and go for Calum instead. I hug Calum tightly, burying my face into his chest and squeezing my eyes shut. I feel him hug me back after a second, and his body vibrates with an awkward chuckle. “Uh, okay. Hey there Y/N.” He says. “Hi Calum,” I reply softly, my voice muffled by his jacket. I stand like that for way too long, and I don’t bother to move until I hear Luke clear his throat loudly. “When you’re done smothering Calum, we can go in.” I raise my head and give Luke a dirty look before turning back to Calum. “Yeah, it’s cold. Let’s go.” I grab Calum’s hand and pull him towards the door, snatching the keys from Luke on my way. “Oh. Oh okay.” Calum says softly, allowing me to pull him along. I grip Calum tightly as we walk down the long hallway, asking him questions to keep him talking and keep Luke quiet. I glance back, and Luke looks angrier than I’ve ever seen him before. I hear Michael and Ashton’s voices coming from an open door, but I feel a hand grab me before I can follow Calum into the room. I turn and face Luke, and his blue eyes are full of fire. “What the fuck was that?” Luke growls. “Since when are you so excited to see Calum?” I glare at him, not saying a word. “Really? Not going to say anything, huh?” he prompts, but I still stay quiet. Luke scoffs and paces back and forth, running his hand through his hair. “You know what? I’m kind of offended, Y/N. I haven’t seen you in months and your way of greeting me was clinging to my best mate like a magnet. It was like I didn’t even exist. I had no idea that you liked Calum that much. Honestly I thought you’d be a little bit excited to see me.” He says angrily. My nostrils flare and I feel my ears heat up from my built-up anger. “You’re mad? Seriously? We were supposed to meet up today at fucking 11 am and you forgot!” I yell back. “Not only did you forget, but you didn’t bother to text me back or return my calls! What, is it so hard to send a fucking text message Luke? Really??” I’m so angry that my hands are shaking. “And to top it all off, I had sit outside freezing my ass off because you forgot to tell the guards I was coming! So please tell me again how angry you are that I was more excited to see Calum than I was to see you.” Luke’s eyes are wide now, and I’m guessing he only just realized that we had made plans. “Yeah, yup. We had plans buddy!” I scoff and laugh humorlessly. I wait for him to say something, but he’s silent, simply staring at his feet. “Do you like him?” he asks softly. I think I must’ve misheard him. “What?” I ask. “Do you like Calum?” he asks again. “Oh my god Luke! This isn’t even about Calum! This is about you and your obvious lack of consideration! Did it even occur to you as to why I’m so mad about this? I don’t remember making plans to spend my day with Calum today, I made the plans with you goddammit! I c-“ Luke grabs my face and smashes his lips onto mine, shutting me up. “I’m sorry.” He whispers. I swallow hard and take a deep breath. He surprised me, and I wasn’t sure how to react. “I’ll make it up to you, I promise.” He says, kissing my cheek and grinning widely. I grin back, and suddenly realize how beautiful his smile is. "Yeah? Well you’ve got a lot of making up to do, Hemmings.”

all right thanks to @commander-kulan and @striges13 I’ve been thinking about Dwarven lady warriors all night

okay so since dwarves are usually depicted as short and stocky they probably WOULD be pretty decent melee fighters…if they were fighting other dwarves or, if the gods were good, halflings.

however, if you put them up against any of the other ‘traditional’ humanoid species like humans, elves, and orcs, they’re going to be outmatched in height, reach, and probably speed.

in which case your dwarf would probably benefit greatly from a weapon that would help mitigate some of those


anyway, there’s also an argument to be made for close-quarters combat, since dwarves are supposed to live in caves. I might argue that a cave system big enough to develop a society in will have large open spaces where a bow would work just fine, and not have to deal with some of the issues that topside archers do, like unpredictable wind gusts.

but a compact, powerful bow would be ideal, one with a short draw, and preferably a compound bow. You can’t tell me that dwarves, master crafters that they are, can’t figure out how to rig a pulley system.

(a crossbow would solve the draw problem, but in the kind of close tunnel combat we’re presumably talking about here, having to reload the sucker would take too much time)

the bow’s main purpose would be to prevent having to get too close, so you’d want ‘stopping power’: heavy, metal-tipped arrows designed to punch through armour and/or cause lots of trauma, either by force of impact, gross tissue damage, or both. You don’t need range or even a heck of a lot of accuracy for that.

once close quarters become inevitable, the bow would be mostly useless, so then you’d need a backup weapon. Now dwarves are usually given the sort of weapons you’d expect a smithing/crafting society to have: hammers. The problem is that hammers rely on momentum to do damage, which means you need room to swing. A much better choice would be a dagger or, even better, a short spear like they use for boar hunting. A thrusting weapon, that greatly benefits having a lot of mass behind it, such as you’d expect from a short stocky dwarf.

'but there are no trees in caves, where will they get the wood to make bows and arrows?’

presumably the same place they get the wood for their hammer hafts, axe handles, and shields?

no but seriously, bows can be made of other things than wood, like horn. Also many modern bows and arrows are made of metal. Also also, the cool thing about trees is that parts of them do in fact grow underground, and tree roots are tough enough to split rock.

bowstrings would, of course, be braided from the dwarves’ own luxurious beard hairs, which gives a convenient reason for those otherwise unnecessarily long chin tufts.

don’t get me started on axes.

in short, my hypothesis is this: the best weapons for dwarves are short bows and spears, and let the elves faff about with axes since they live in the forest