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As a neonatal intensive care nurse, Lauren Bloomstein had been taking care of other people’s babies for years. Finally, at 33, she was expecting one of her own. The prospect of becoming a mother made her giddy, her husband Larry recalled recently— “the happiest and most alive I’d ever seen her.”

Other than some nausea in her first trimester, the pregnancy went smoothly. Lauren was “tired in the beginning, achy in the end,” said Jackie Ennis, her best friend since high school, who talked to her at least once a day. “She gained what she’s supposed to. She looked great, she felt good, she worked as much as she could” — at least three 12-hour shifts a week until late into her ninth month. Larry, a doctor, helped monitor her blood pressure at home, and all was normal.

On her days off she got organized, picking out strollers and car seats, stocking up on diapers and onesies. After one last pre-baby vacation to the Caribbean, she and Larry went hunting for their forever home, settling on a brick colonial with black shutters and a big yard in Moorestown, N.J., not far from his new job as an orthopedic trauma surgeon in Camden. Lauren wanted the baby’s gender to be a surprise, so when she set up the nursery she left the walls unpainted — she figured she’d have plenty of time to choose colors later. Despite all she knew about what could go wrong, she seemed untroubled by the normal expectant-mom anxieties. Her only real worry was going into labor prematurely. “You have to stay in there at least until 32 weeks,” she would tell her belly. “I see how the babies do before 32. Just don’t come out too soon.”

When she reached 39 weeks and six days — Friday, Sept. 30, 2011 — Larry and Lauren drove to Monmouth Medical Center in Long Branch, the hospital where the two of them had met in 2004 and where she’d spent virtually her entire career. If anyone would watch out for her and her baby, Lauren figured, it would be the doctors and nurses she worked with on a daily basis. She was especially fond of her obstetrician/gynecologist, who had trained as a resident at Monmouth at the same time as Larry. Lauren wasn’t having contractions, but she and the ob/gyn agreed to schedule an induction of labor — he was on call that weekend and would be sure to handle the delivery himself.

Inductions often go slowly, and Lauren’s labor stretched well into the next day. Ennis talked to her on the phone several times: “She said she was feeling okay, she was just really uncomfortable.” At one point, Lauren was overcome by a sudden, sharp pain in her back near her kidneys or liver, but the nurses bumped up her epidural and the stabbing stopped.

Inductions have been associated with higher cesarean-section rates, but Lauren progressed well enough to deliver vaginally. On Saturday, Oct. 1, at 6:49 p.m., 23 hours after she checked into the hospital, Hailey Anne Bloomstein was born, weighing 5 pounds, 12 ounces. Larry and Lauren’s family had been camped out in the waiting room; now they swarmed into the delivery area to ooh and aah, marveling at how Lauren seemed to glow.

Larry floated around on his own cloud of euphoria, phone camera in hand. In one 35-second video, Lauren holds their daughter on her chest, stroking her cheek with a practiced touch. Hailey is bundled in hospital-issued pastels and flannel, unusually alert for a newborn; she studies her mother’s face as if trying to make sense of a mystery that will never be solved. The delivery room staff bustles in the background in the low-key way of people who believe everything has gone exactly as it’s supposed to.

Then Lauren looks directly at the camera, her eyes brimming.

Twenty hours later, she was dead.

Focus On Infants During Childbirth Leaves U.S. Moms In Danger

  • <p> <b>Lefou:</b> no one's neck as incredibly tHICK AS GASTON'S<p/><b>Lefou:</b> there's no man in town half as mANLY *slams himself down on the table and looks at gaston with love in his eyes*<p/><b>Lefou:</b> *winks at gaston*<p/><b>Lefou:</b> *twirls with gaston and snuggles the fuck up with him*<p/><b>Lefou:</b> *"oohs" and "aahs" while crawling on all fours when gaston talks about "shooting from behind"*<p/><b>Gaston:</b> ...<p/><b>Gaston:</b> how is it no girl has snatched you up yet? :)))<p/></p>

OKAY BUT imagine a future where team voltron is like coming home and Kieth and lance are going to lances family to stay, hunk is going to his family, pidge and Matt are going to reunite with their mother, and shiro is kinda nervous bc last time he came to earth he got sedated and ignored. So. He asks the holts if he can stay over there and they’re like ‘sure why tf not" and so he and Matt and pidge are about to land when they realize they’re surrounded by earth military and shiro kinda flips shit. But. This ain’t the garrison and these guys welcome shiro and the holts back and brief them and basically they say that they informed the world or whatever and that earth is going to thank them for their service with a gala or some shit

Shiro can’t dance very well

And also needs a date

SO he goes and asks Allura bc she’s a ‘leading lady’, and she’s like “what the fuck is a dance” and so they practice and shit and its really cute and couple-y and at the party they get oohs and aahs bc they’re the literal most pretty people in the universe and Keith and lance dance together and pidge and Matt do a nerdy brother sister dance and they also help hunk wrangle shay in too and coran is studying the human interactions off in the corner like a nerd and then some random dude comes up and asks him to dance and it’s all happily ever after

GOD I’m a piece of shit

tuttiflutie  asked:

How would the boys react to little Phase 1 Noodle giving them a make-over? (even better if they had to give an important interview afterwards)

Murdoc Niccals:

  • Disgusting (although he does feel like a pretty lady uwu).
  • If Noodle’s going to make up his entire face, she better do a good job.
  • Might as well do his hair, too. If you’re going all out, go all out.
  • Mudz is definitely upset when she messes up on his eyeliner and smudges his lipstick.
  • He’s even MORE upset when he finds out that he has an interview to record afterwords with MTV and whatnot.
  • When he hops into the car with Russ and 2D, Russ starts to laugh and bang on the steering wheel, while 2D sits in the back, extremely uncomfortable with the situation he was inserted into.
  • Midst interview, Murdoc interrupts one of the reporters, asking if they liked his makeup, because he did it himself friggin liar.


  • When Noodle asks to lather 2D up in some makeup, he doesn’t disagree.
  • He loves making Noodle happy, and if this makes her happy, so be it.
  • Even though the makeup comes out pretty ratchet, he still “ooh”’s and “aah”’s at the ideas she had in mind.
  • When Noodle asks to do Stu’s hair, he obliges.
  • After making some pigtails and putting a crown on his head, Russ pops his head into the room.
  • “We have to leave for that interview– Common’.” Forgetting that he had somewhere important to attend to, 2D waved Noodle goodbye, not wanting to fix his hair or wipe of the makeup– he didn’t want to hurt her feelings.
  • The first thing Stu says when he sees the reporters (and the camera) is that Noodle did his makeup, and that he is very proud of her pristine work.

Russel Hobbs:

  • When Noodle starts doing his makeup, there is no turning back.
  • She goes full out contour/bronzer/highlighter/eyeshadow/eyeliner/mascara/lipstick… Where does she even get this stuff? She’s only 10, geez-
  • When Mudz starts whipping the keys on his lanyard around, saying that they need to bolt for the interview, Russel just gets up and hops into the car.
  • Nobody questions why he has makeup on on the car ride there, Murdoc and 2D already have a pretty good idea regarding to who did it.
  • When the gang gets to the interview, everybody shoots Russel weird, condescending looks… But he never says a thing.
  • He goes through with the entire interview without explaining a thing.
Wish (Part 2)

[Part 1] [Part 3] [Part 4]

Pairing: Kagehina 
Show: Haikyuu!! 
Summary: Howl’s Moving Castle AU, in which Kageyama makes a wish upon a falling star, and gets Hinata instead.

Travelling with a fire demon proved harder than Tobio had ever anticipated.

It’s not altogether strange, to see odd beings about the towns—wizards and witches selling potions and spells, spirits and sprites and tiny little fair folk, sprinkling dust in the sun-stripped air, a whole myriad of magical, mystical creatures strewn across the countryside—it’s just, the people throughout the land don’t take too kindly to demons.

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[request] [scenario] destination, seoul

5: “Wait a minute. Are you jealous?” 
13: “Kiss me.” 

((this was written in one sitting which is an aCTUAL MIRACLE)) requested by @wow-v0gue

Title: destination, seoul

Member: jisoo ft. seventeen (mostly hansol) 

Genre: angst if u squint // happy end // fluff 

Word count: 1845

“You told him you weren’t going to visit - let alone move here,” Hansol scowls, his hands gripping the straps of his backpack nervously. He wore a mask, hat, and sunglasses, but his disguise is what made him more suspicious. He fastens his pace, causing your slow walk to turn into a jog.

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anonymous asked:

Oh...I didn't know you aren't a singer! Reading your posts, I thought that you are. May I ask what your background is in then? I really enjoy your vocal posts. I am a die hard Louie and love his voice. That's what drew me into the fandom. Looking up stuff about his voice on youtube that eventually led me here. It's so unique, if not always on pitch. He seemed more loose and free earlier, even though he had no/less solos. I'm so angry that they shot his confidence down but am thrilled he has +

+ regained (some of) it back with project no control and now his solo effort. I feel his voice conveys so much emotion (sorry niall and liam. I did say I’m a louie!). Maybe because I am always listening more closely because his parts are small. IWTWYAS is so dreamy. LYG draws me in with that yearning and tension. I like watching videos after Z left and he sings almost all of LBD. I like how you can tell when he isn’t singing in the chorus because he really does carry many of them. In DFWYB
++ he doesn’t sing all the words in the chorus and you know. Same with RTR. “Cuz I wanna be” but he doesn’t sing free and I can tell. Of course all the studio versions are produced in a way that it’s harry or a lot of oohs and aahs instead of harmonies (I’m looking at you night changes!). Anyhow, sorry for the long post. It was meant to be about you and what you studied or do and I made it all about louis. Can you tell my love for him? Feel free to add on or tell me to bugger off.

Hi anon,

What a sweet and heartfelt fan message. I can tell your love for Louis, and I completely sympathize with the status he has in your heart.

You’re right, Louis’s voice is unique in its ability to convey so many genuine emotions simultaneously. Take “Just Hold On,” our only Louis solo song so far. The opening always, always takes me by surprise, no matter how many times I hear it, by its raw and honest yearning, its wistfulness. And by the time he sings, “What do you do when a chapter ends/ Do you close your book, and never read it again?”, I’m a mess. Yet he managed to convey a sense of hope and reassurance, too. The song is a musical embodiment of his courage when he sang at the X Factor performance.

The fact that fans can show him some love with Project No Control and Project Home (kudos to those who organized these projects), and give him any amount of confidence, makes me proud to be in this fandom. It’s the only fandom I know where fans consistently and persistently put in enormous effort to raise money for charitable causes, mirroring the enormous generosity of the band members. Even at their young ages, they have shown such genuine love toward charities. Louis, in particular, could be millions of dollars more wealthy if he wants to, but he has given so much, not only money but personal time and effort.

All the songs you mentioned have uniquely Louis contributions. The scratchy solos in “I Want to Write You a Song” reminds me of those nights on OTRA when the boys would perform even if they had a cold, shouting themselves hoarse. He does carry a lot of 1D choruses. His voice provides a unique contrast and “thickness” (as Harry said) to the 1D sound. He sings a lot of second verses because it’s the position in a pop song that needs special attention and interest. And of course, the iconic Louis solo at the end of “Something Great” gives meaning to the song title. The way his voice contrasts with Harry’s voice is a duo made in heaven– it has the beautiful contrast of two distinct textures, like “Leather and Lace” (the Stevie Nicks/ Don Henley song), but his harmonized chorus with Liam in “If I Could Fly” is also something incredibly beautiful.

And that’s not to mention his songwriting ability. We don’t talk much about “Love You Goodbye,” but Louis loves this song, and I really like it, too. It’s just a great pop song in the tradition of 1970’s pop ballads. And I like Louis’s solo, not just for the acrobatics of the octave leap, but also because he sings with the clipped vowels that reflect his Yorkshire accent. It adds personality to the song.

I’ve been involved in music most of my life, in performance and theory. I was a student in conservatory. I actually didn’t like One Direction’s music until Four, because of my bias against their boy band image, and because it was “too young” for me. I would hear “What Makes You Beautiful” on the radio and sneer at the transparent pandering to their demographic. The music video confirmed that bias.

Then I heard “Night Changes,” and I thought, no way is this One Direction. It sounded like an actual acoustic, folk-influenced ballad. The harmonies were a little bit bluesy and I loved that. And I really loved their voices, especially Harry’s and Zayn’s (though I couldn’t identify them at the time– I didn’t even know how many people were in the band). Then I heard “Fool’s Gold,” and I watched a “One Direction Funny Moments” video. The boys were different from what I expected. They weren’t “acting” cute. They were genuine and snarky and mischievous and uninhibited, and their voices were untrained but naturally beautiful. After I watched @freddieismyqueen’s videos on Larry Stylinson for two nights straight, until 2 AM each night, I thought, come on. There’s no way this is true. This is crazy. When I heard the song “Once in a Lifetime,” and the way Louis and Harry sang their verses, I thought, if Larry is true, it’s the most unbelievable, but also the most pure and beautiful love.

So I started evaluating evidence for myself, reading posts everywhere online. I followed the Occam’s Razor test of trying to fit evidence into the least convoluted explanation. I actually wasn’t convinced about Larry for ages. Then I sat at a One Direction concert and heard Harry sing, with my own ears, “And all his little things.” And RBB/SBB. What possible reason was there for all of the education about the history of closeted entertainers, and Stonewall, and the direct, unsubtle tie-ins with band members, particularly Harry and Louis?

But putting Larry aside, there’s no question in my mind that the Louis we see today has been through serious psychological trauma in the process of surviving One Direction’s contracts. Entertainment has notoriously open-ended legal arrangements that can take years to unwind– sometimes up to a decade. The fact is, we as fans can be impatient, but we don’t really know what’s going on, and the pace of resolution can be very, very slow. Just like the sale of majority shares of Syco to Sony– it took almost a year after the fact for the story to come out.

I love the passion of Louies. He really deserves the best fans. I don’t know about other people, but I will be here for as long as it takes, through all the smears, through all the falsehoods tabloids “report” about him. I know who he is. He has shown again and again who he is under duress. In the most challenging circumstances, he stands for those being bullied, he defends those who need to be defended, he is strong and kind, he puts himself in vulnerable positions to protect those he loves, and even those he doesn’t love– because of his ethics and courage.

Thank you for supporting him, anon. You picked a good person to love.

Prompts 52, 84, 95- Marauders Era: Remus

Request: Prompts 95, 84 and 52 with Remus?

  • 52. “I’ve been in love with you my entire life.”
  • 84. “Those things you said yesterday… Did you mean them?”
  • 95. “Are you drunk?”

The cold autumn air seemed to clear up Remus’ thoughts, sobering him up, if only slightly. Eyes closed, he took a deep breath, his mind filled with the scent of surrounding trees and the scene that had played out less than half an hour ago. The sound of rustling leaves didn’t in the slightest blur the vivid memory of Y/N’s face when he allowed the words that had been trapped in his mind for so long slip out.

The Great Hall was filled with tipsy 7th years, just returned from a day at Hogsmeade, filled with laughs, sweets and firewhiskey. Chatter fluttered through the air, almost intimidating, despite its light-hearted nature. Two startled-looking third years ran past Remus as he entered, stumbling slightly. He hadn’t exactly avoided the firewhiskey at The Three Broomsticks as he always had before. No, today he needed the Gryffindor courage that the crimson on his tie promised he had.

He saw her across the hall, head thrown back in laughter at something an unfamiliar boy had said, surrounded by her friends, and his. Catching glimpse of Sirius chatting up a girl right by Y/N, Remus’ pace quickened, and soon enough he was right by her, the noises around him strangely melodic, most likely due to the alcohol that coursed through his veins. He felt his heart quicken at the sound of her laugh, and felt his ears redden with anger at the sound of the boy’s voice. Who even was he? And why was he here?

“I’ll be off now,” Remus heard the unwelcome stranger say, “I’ll see you around Y/N!”

“The hell you will,” he found himself muttering, prompting a puzzled Sirius to turn around, and give him a massive grin.

“Hello, Moony! Where’ve you been?” his best friend exclaimed, ignoring his widened eyes and shaking head, “Did you say something? I didn’t really hear.”

“No, nothing, I said nothing,” he rushed his words, barely noticing the way they slurred together.

“Alright, mate,” Sirius gave him a puzzled look and turned back to his latest conquest.

His booming greeting, however, had been overheard.

“Hey Remus,” he heard her voice, immediately beginning to crack his knuckles nervously, “Why didn’t you come over and say hey?”

He turned around and met the y/e/c eyes of Y/N, covered by the slight frown that she had on her face at his lack of greeting.

“I, uh, I just got here,” he slurred, nearly falling over in an attempt to take a step towards the baffled girl.

“Lupin,” her scowl had now turned into an amused smirk, “Are you drunk?”

“Absolutely not,” he retorted, this time failing to stop himself from falling to the ground. Completely disoriented, he accepted the extended arm in front of him.

“I feel like you may be lying,” her words interwoven with chuckles, she pulled him back up. He stumbled forwards and found his lips only inches from hers. Her smirk had vanished, lips now slightly parted.

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Sailor Moon Casual Cosplay 2017

Alright! I had a lot of positive responses for this, so let’s do it! 

March 19th-25th! That’s this Sunday through Saturday!

I’ll try to do casual cosplays every day, but there’s no guarantee that that will happen. I’ll post pictures daily when I’m able to dress up. Join in if you’re interested! I’ll reblog whatever I find in the tag (#sm casual cosplay). So make sure to tag it so I can see it, and we can all ooh and aah over each other’s creativity! Let other people who might be interested know about this!

You are all such wonderful humans! 

Originally posted by sailorscoutsforever

Dance With The Devil

This is my contribution for @rickdixonandthefandomlifeposts‘s writing contest.

Pairing: Comic!Negan X Reader 

Word Count: 5347

Warnings: Negan’s potty mouth (Duh!), Smut (messy and at times awkward), Religious Themes (used in a sexual way, so if that’s not your cup of tea, don’t read it)

This my first time writing smut. The handcuff cop-out in Through The Valley doesn’t count. So please be gentle.

Dedicated to @redisunamused because she gave me the idea and is of course an overall awesome person.

Originally posted by thepumpkinqueenn

Summer had ended and with the days getting shorter and the weather turning colder and wetter, the residents of The Sanctuary were slowly developing what could only be described as a bad bout of cabin fever. The supply rooms were full thanks to Negan’s deals with other communities and some very talented scavengers, but being confined to the many grey walls of the dreary factory was turning even the mellowest Saviors into irritable assholes.

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BTS - Reaction to You Getting Attention from the Other Members

You thought it would be a nice idea to surprise Jin at a photoshoot. You okayed it with the manager beforehand so you didn’t think there would be any issues. However, when you got there Jin was the only one being photographed at the time and the boys had swarmed around you. When Jin saw, he couldn’t help but just want you to himself. He made his way pushing through the boys to stand in front of you. “Y/N, you came to surprise your boyfriend huh?” You giggled and agreed as he pulled you into a hug. He made sure to hold onto you whenever he was free for the rest of the day including a variety of skin ship including cute back hugs, fingers intertwined, and placing an arm around your back.

Yoongi had invited you to eat dinner with him and the boys at the dorm for the night. He looked over as he was helping Jin in the kitchen and noticed that Taehyung was sitting particularly close to you. Yoongi knew how Tae could be so he kept an eye on you both until he was free to come join you. As he was walking over he heard Tae asking you, “So Y/N, are you and Yoongi hyung a thing?” As you glanced up you saw him making his way towards you and started to answer, “Well..” Then Yoongi sat next to you and placed an arm around your shoulder, “does this answer your question?” You then placed a kiss on his cheek to help prove the point.

Hoseok could not help but notice the affection that the maknaes were showing towards you while you were hanging out at the dorms. They kept trying to get your attention and making you laugh. He tried to hide his jealousy but was sure to wrap his arms around you whenever he could. You ended up laying your head on his shoulder and he ended up smiling like an adorable idiot. “Hobi,” you would say quietly turning your head to look up at him, “this is really nice.” He would agree and then kiss your forehead.

When Namjoon left the room to go to the restroom and returned to find Hobi and Jin flirting with you he couldn’t help but interrupt whatever was going on. “Hey guys, what are you talking about?” Joon said placing an arm around each of the boys. “We were just talking to Y/N about work,” Jin responded while giving you a wink. “Well I hope you had a nice conversation, sadly I’ll be stealing Y/N, we were going to visit a café for lunch.” He casually moved forward and placed an arm around your waist, “Ready babe?” You nodded and you both made your way outside. “Babe?” You questioned. “Yeah, you like it?” You giggled and he pulled you closer.

Jimin noticed that you and Kookie were looking quite cozy while you were waiting in the rehearsal room his practice to be over. He would glance over and see you laughing at something Jungkook said which would take his mind off practicing. He wanted to get your attention away from Kookie. So, he starting dancing very provocatively in front of you. When he noticed that you were staring at him and that your cheeks became flushed, he felt very accomplished.

Tae and you were sitting on the couch at your apartment when your phone kept lighting up on the coffee table. You moved forward to check it and burst out laughing. “What is so funny?” He asked wondering what made you so delighted. “Oh, nothing, it was just something than Jimin sent me.” He noticed that you and Jimin had become good friends during the time that you had been spending with the boys. He knew that it was nothing romantic but it still made him jealous from time to time. So, to get your attention back onto him he moved forward and wrapped his arms around you. Then he proceeded to start kissing your neck. You put the phone down turned around to kiss him on the lips. “I have your attention now.” He said in his deep voice with a sly smirk.

“Y/N, you look really pretty today.” The maknaes were showering you in complements. You had dressed up in a very nice outfit for your date night with Kookie. As he was finishing getting ready is his room he left you to relax in the living room of the dorm with the boys. He was walking towards you when he heard these comments and felt a spark of jealousy. “Of course she does,” he said as he wrapped an arm around you, “she always looks beautiful.” You started blushing and the boys made oohs and aahs at their youngest brother’s PDA. He playfully kissed you on the cheek as not to draw to much more attention to you. “Shall we?” You let him lead you out of the dorm hand in hand.