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That’s far more then I have experienced, I bet you replay that moment over and over, I know I would. It really is inspiring to see him “happy” after everything he’s gone threw. He really has saved lives! I know he’s gotten me threw some thick :/

I’m sure you will be able to have a wonderful experience one day. And I agree, it makes my blood go cold when I read comments from “fans” saying they wish they broke up. Priscilla was lovely enough to tell me certain things about her life and if they saw what a wonderful woman she is then they would shut the hell up. She makes Buddy incredibly happy, something that he completely deserves and he makes her happy as well. I was around the two of them long enough to see how much they care about one another so people need to shut the hell up. I am glad that you have found comfort in their music. 


 said: I just happen to be up! Hey do you like.. know Buddy n the crew? Imma SF addict :)

I was able to have a wonderful experience at Warped Tour that involved them, mainly Buddy and his absolutely wonderful girlfriend Priscilla but no, I don’t know them at a personal level.