• Me: haha. Grades aren't really an indicator of someone's intelligence. If someone gets a lower grade there's nothing wrong with that.
  • Me: *gets a B on a tiny assignment worth 5% of my final grade*
  • My anxiety: oohhhhhhhhhh you fucked up.

a few kevin day hcs for @wymack

  • kevin has that left hand syndrome.
  • his handwriting is SHIT and he doesn’t take his time to write. like he just scribbles things down super fast bc he doesn’t have the patience for neatness he just wants to get things done but then when he is done he looks at his work and just
  • “what the FUCK” bc it’s mostly illegible even to him and like everything is smudged and kevin curses the forces that be because why did he have to be the one to be left handed why couldn’t it have been andrew bc andrew wouldn’t have cared
  • and kevin loves to complain oh my god
  • he’s That Guy you know the one

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anonymous asked:

So if @knightlystride is Danny, @phantomtype is Dan, and @frostisass is probably actually Vlad (who are we kidding), does that make you Clockwork y/n?