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I've never really written a journal before but I started in Jan. Since this is the first time I've put some of these thoughts to paper, they're pretty intense. But I'm concerned I'm writing the most emo journal ever- is there any way to not do that?

Oh my gosh, anon, some of my old journals are so emo. I am scared to go back and read them because oohhhh my gooodddddd, so embarrassing.

But that’s OK! No one ever ever has to read them again. Just writing things down helps us sort through them in our heads, and helps us remember our day, and for that matter helps us sort out what we feel is worth remembering about our day. Even if all you’re writing is what you had for dinner, the process of letting your day settle and putting things down on paper is therapeutic. They don’t have to be the beginnings of your autobiography :) 

I still get annoyed with myself when certain themes pop up again and again. I guess if something keeps coming up, it means it’s on my mind and bothering me. I still get annoyed, though - I want more variety in my journal entries! ;P

If it helps, start or end your entry with a straight overview of the world at the moment: the weather outside, the things in the news, your friend’s new haircut, what you ate and did and overheard that day. It’s something to break up the pages of angst, and it gives your thoughts a bit of context. 

Hope that helps a little!

The Demon In Yuu


Thirst. Hunger. 

It’s cold, not just around him, but in his very veins: Yuu needs blood.

But he’s shackled to the wall behind him, ever since he took a bite out of the poor soul who happened to carry him at the time, his squad on the run from the JIDA. Yuu thinks it must’ve been Kimizuki, but the memory is fuzzy, and he doesn’t really care either way.

“Free me,” He snarls, bites at the air, and throws his entire weight towards the figure in front of him. The chains, keeping his wrists tied, rattle loudly. 

When he’s alone, Yuu keeps quiet, usually, not always. Sometimes he even sleeps, and almost looks peaceful, like he’s not some crazed, fully turned demon. When someone comes to visit him, however– and it usually turns out to be Mika– then Yuu will scream, and growl, and do anything to appeal to the sadness in his friend’s eyes. 

“Let me go!” He cries. “I’ll kill you. I’ll kill all of you!

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2. Genos and Mumen would be SO CUTE. like... immensely driven to be a hero for all the right reasons, but probably a bit of a workaholic. he would adore Saitama so much... Saitama might actually find it kind of overwhelming. he'd be kind of kiddish in that he'd just keep going and going at high energy until he wears himself out. his hair would be either blond at the roots and dark at the ends, or the other way around. doesn't need glasses but can't track with his vision like Genos can.

The way po and tigress look at each other in the 3rd movie… OOHHHH BOY YOGOS DNDN I can’t wait to get the dvd cuz I’m screen capping every time they do because its such a look of admiration and warmness it makes me melt, their relationship is so deep and meaningful and their bond is so strong like I can’t even describe it.


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Headcanon for how Laito, Shu, Kanato, and Azusa are as boyfriends?

Nora: OOhhhh I like these~!


Really a chill boyfriend. Totally a cuddler, he’ll just snatch you away to go nap with him. Will absolutely share his music with you too! If you play an instrument or sing he’d like to play duets with you but if you don’t he’s satisfied with just you listening to him. PDA isn’t really important to him but it doesn’t really bother him. You’d probably get a “Troublesome woman…” and a grin. 


Dating Kanato is kind of like babysitting. You’re no doubt going to have to deal with his tantrums and things but he makes it worth your time. He hates PDA though. It just frustrates him and he doesn’t see the need in being so blatant. That is until he gets angry, then he will clutch your hand and tow you away. But when it’s just the two of you he can be pretty sweet. He loves it when you help him bake or have tea parties with him. At night is when he’s at his prime for snuggling and cuddles. He likes to sleep with his head on your chest, your heart beat lulling him to sleep like a lullaby.


He’s still as flirty and playful as ever. But he likes plenty of other things besides your private activities. He loves having you help him with crossword puzzles and playing darts with you. Darts is especially fun for him if your not so good at the game and he can help you with your form. But nonetheless, some of his favorite memories are the ones of him waking up in the middle of the night and you sneaking down to hear him play piano. It makes him feel cared for on a much deeper level than he imagined.


Please just love him. That’s all he wants. He just wants you to be happy and to know you care about him as much as he is infatuated with you. If you don’t like knives and pain that’s okay, he’ll adjust his habits to your liking. But when he wants your attention, be mindful that he expects to have it. He isn’t as bad as Yuma is as far as just scooping you up and taking you away but do know that he will eliminate any problems as he sees fit. He is still Yandere after all. But overall he loves to just be with you and in your presence. His absolute favorite activities are couch cuddling where you have to lay atop him and he’s also a big fan of hearing you sing. He actually does not care whatsoever about your skill level just that you’re singing for him and only him. 

I am so frustrated by the lengths Marvel will go to to deviate from the comics in the MCU to surprise fans and be like ‘haha gotcha’ but Lord forbid they even deviate from the fate of Steve and Peggy’s relationship. Like yeah great she didn’t get side swiped by a grenade and got amnesia and they got to say goodbye but not even face to face! And they didn’t even bother to do the 20 years later plot when Peggy was a member of the Avengers support crew at 47, still a badass kicking Skull’s ass with Steve, and Steve calling her mademoiselle and still being sweet on her. Oohhhh no let’s fridge her in her 90′s and have her be Steve’s man pain. 

Oh Hank Pym made Ultron? WHOOPS Tony did it now for his man pain AND we don’t even cover the topic of Hank’s domestic abuse because Disney owns us now and that’s so “””serious””” for kids movies but let’s kill off a Romani character and riddle his body with bloody bullet holes. He and his sister are no longer the M word because we’re too prideful to just buy the X-Men rights back, Namor’s fricking stewing at Universal for some reason, those same twins aren’t even PoC Jewish because “”reasons”” and let’s shoehorn an unnecessary romantic subplot and Hawkeye has a family we just tacked on for comparison and foiling. Vision’s a magical infinity gem baby but Lord forbid the gems be used to make Peggy young again or time travel Steve. /eyeroll

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if Vera had a younger sibling in the past, soleil may be a cute name for them. It means Sun in French.

yep she had a little sister. and oohhhh that’s cute i’ll think abt it!! hehe


Oohhhh yessss!!
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Banshees are an Irish thing and in Ireland children are told to never pick up a comb off the street bc that's the Banshee's comb and if you take it she'll come and kill you. (Actually it's not even children I'm 18 and I'd never touch a comb on the ground) Maybe you can incorporate some of this into Candy's characterisation if u want idk u don't have to

OOHHHH THATS GOOD INFO. THANK YOU ( i dont blame u i’d never touch one either omfg?)

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AU in which Dragon is a professor of critical government studies, Sabo is his student, who also studies journalism, Eva-chan is professor of critical gender studies (and well known performer), Inazuma is an associate professor. Koala studies human rights and violations of thereof, particularly issues of human trafficking. Hack is karate teacher, who is long time friends with Dragon and Iva and also Koala's teacher.

oohhhh my goodness yess.  i don’t even know what to add because this is so perfect and exactly what i’d pin them as being, too??  especially koala holy crap i need this written

dragon could totally run an organization on the side that does demonstrations and helps stop injustices in the area, which of course the others are part of as well.  and it works as a housing and support system for people like sabo who doesn’t want to return home bc of his parents’ abuse, but can’t afford to stay in an apartment over the summer.

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Season 4 made me dislike Malia. Then I met you. I don't know how you managed to change my opinion of her so entirely, but I think that's a testament to how well you write her. You understand Malia on a level that absolutely blows me away. Every time we spend hours swapping headcanons, I'm left in awe. You put so much thought into who she is, what she thinks/feels, how her past has influenced her present, etc. You just GET HER, even in little cracky things. Your writing is truly an inspiration.

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pirates au!

oohhhh yes good

captain rose. yes? yes. and her first mate john and hmmm navigator jade? wtf is dave. he’s just a guy with a sword. what is he doing here, is he the cool hip swashbuckling dude who helps out where he’s needed? i guess thats what he is. 

jade has all these maps and star charts and cool stuff littering her cabin. dave tells her she’s a nerd and she responds at least she knows things like where the nearest place to stock up on provisions is. provisions including apple juice. he proclaims her the best nerd he’s ever met

EDIT: whoops i forgot this is supposed to be 5 headcanons and i just rambled for two. ok here’s 3 more

jade tinkers with like, everything. the ship has all these weird cool kraken motifs courtesy of rose and her aesthetic, and half of them have wacky machinery courtesy of jade and her mechanics. the two of them collaborate on projects probably.

john is first mate and doubles as a galley worker along with jane. he makes the savory meals probably because he gets so sick of sweets. (jane eats his share. he complains but everyone’s like john you didn’t even want those)

ummm, jake, dirk, and roxy are probably on this crew somewhere. i can just see jake excitedly climbing the riggings to chill in the crow’s nest. (also for pun value imagine dave being in the crows nest hahah)