“People with antisocial personality disorder exhibit a lack of conscience, even towards friends and family members. Their destructive behavior surfaces in childhood adolescence, beginning in excessive lying, fighting, stealing, violence, or manipulation.

They basically don’t care about any negative consequences of their actions, and because they lack the capacity for empathy, they don’t give a dang about you, or anyone else.” (x)


Koujaku would hold him hella close and would pat his head as it’s rested in the crook of his neck. They probably started off goofing around until they reached that point. To lighten the mood tho, Koujaku would spin Aoba around a lot and dip him. Aoba will drag him down on the bed because if he falls, the dumb hippo does too.

Noiz and Aoba are dancing at some event his parents are hosting. Noiz dancing with a man is damaging to their “reputation” but he doesn’t care at all and when they dance, it feels like they’re the only ones in the room. As they dance, Noiz, as he holds Aoba has the smuggest grin on his face because damn did those dancing lessons from Theo really paid off.

Clear would sing to Aoba as they dance under the night sky on a rooftop or by the house Clear and his grandpa used to live. Aoba would offer to put on a song on his coil, but Clear insists on singing to him. At some point, it starts to rain and they splash around the puddles as Clear swings Aoba around.

Mink would tap Aoba on the shoulder out of the blue one day and tell him he’s gonna teach him how to dance. In reality, it’s not really out of the blue. A few days ago, while they were walking around town, Mink caught Aoba fixated on a couple dancers on the street. While they dance, Aoba stumbles sometimes but Mink would remain patient with him. When Aoba starts to get the hang of it, he gets proud, and Mink is too.

Ren, one day, when the music’s playing while he and Aoba are lounging around, asks Aoba if he would dance with him. Aoba is a bit confused, since he’s never learned how to dance– but he agrees anyway. He would apologize to Ren saying that he can only teach him what he’s seen a couple times, but Ren doesn’t mind. They move slowly, careful not to step on each other’s feet. All the while, Ren is just really happy that he can hold Aoba like this.