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Of all the mechs Froid expected to put a collar around his neck, Senator Proteus wasn’t even any remotely near the top of his list.
The cannibalistic psychotherapist let out a shocked gasp, vents stuttering as he peered up at his former boss.

“….Senator! What a pleasure!” It didn’t take long for Froid to be over his shock, after all stranger things have happened ever since discovering the multi-verse.
Now if only he could figure out if this was his Proteus or not.
“We meet again under very interesting circumstances.”

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hunk playlist?

oohhhh I’m gonna try and make this good

don’t worry be happy - bobby mcferrin

over the rainbow/wonderful world - IZ (if you haven’t heard this, I’m sorry, but now you will and it’s great)

if you want to sing out, sing out - cat stevens

can’t take my eyes off you - frankie valli

idk man, I mean, yeah, hope it exceeds your expectations!!!

give me a character or ship and i will make you a 3-5 song playlist (can be from anywhere)

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man tho how many people cosplayed as the overwatch heroes in the ovw world tho? like holy fuck can you imagine just. whole fucking conventions. loads of mercy's and morrison's and reinhardts. the weabs would be all over cosplaying genji. some of the lil boys and girls cosplaying torb with their own turret plushies. a few of the hardcore fans dressing up as gabe bc hes the true fucking mvp of the whole gang that should have become the official strike commander. get some badass anas in there too

but like even tho theyd be smaller, these conventions havent stopped even after ovw was shut down. and idk like??? can you imagine just?????? like reaper is in the area and hes in that Civilian Attire™ and someone thinks hes just doing a casual cosplay of gabe and theyre like ‘wooow thats a really convincing cosplay!! except ya do know that reyes had a shaved head instead of curls, riiiiiiiight? i mean you got p much everything else PERFECT so its just a bit strange man idk :/’

waIT NO i kno why reaper would be there hes desperate for info on the overwatch heroes and sort out the conspiracy losers to try and get some info and just, he just ends up trying to get away but keeps on being stopped by people gawking and complimenting him on his Awesome Cosplay and hes just so fucking fed up he wants to scream and reap but hes in fucking incognito and p much its a day thats literally worse then the fucking swiss explosion (especially when that came up like nothing else)

this is so fucking funny honestly, just people all dressed up as other overwatch heroes all together

he thinks hes seen jack once but it was just a good cosplayer. he thought reinhardt was running at him but no, another cosplayer asking for a photo with him

senpai and kouhai iwaoi au where oikawa is a second year college and visits seijou again to see his boyfriend
IIwa was going to the gym but then oikawa stops him and flirted with him and then iwa told him that he’s late but oikawa was persistent af
iwa was truly late for the club and obviously he got scolded by the coach but he told the coach that oikawa flirted with him and didn’t let him to go to the gym immediately
so the coach, knowing oikawa, scolded oikawa instead

things my 8th graders say:

so this one kid was making fun of this other kid saying that his face looks “weird” and I was so over this kid’s ‘tude, so I turn and go “Well, your face is weird because it’s talking when I asked you not to.” and the whole class goes “OOHHHH” and then one kid stands up and points and yells “GET WRECKED”. 

It was the first day of school guys. 

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Parent Headcanons for aizen please. Married and single please😊

OOHHHH PARENT HEADCANONS THAT’S NEW. Lmao funny cause I was thinking of writing a fanfic of Aizen adopting a kid or something. Anyways, I hope you like them! I basically just put what I have in mind for Aizen. Also these headcanons pretty much vary from Modern AU to Canon Verse I guess. 


  • Tbh, if Aizen wasn’t such a egoistic mastermind he’d be a pretty decent dad.
  • He’s probably the dad that spoils you rotten but when you make a mistake; oh shit it’s a fucking beating for you boi. But like not physical. No no. It’d be like, verbal. Aizen Sosuke does not hit children. 
  • Being a single dad’s pretty hard especially with no wife and all, but somehow he makes it work out. Fabulously, too. 
  • Like, he’s literarily a leader of a company or an organization or whatever fuck it it can be the damn mafia and he’d be rich af and he’d still be a pretty attentive daddy ;)).  

Married Life

  • He and his lover have a routine or, well, a schedule for them and their kids. Like rotations, like who goes to the baby when he cries at night this time or who cooks breakfast today, who picks them up today, etc. Pretty organized fam. 
  • Friendly reminder that this family is extremely hot and fashionable like they’re literarily the Beckham Family of Soul Society. Aizen wouldn’t have it any other way, knowing that you must be fashionably badass. 
  • One time it was “Bring your Family Day” at school and their kid basically rocked the whole thing because everyone couldn’t stop whispering about Aizen. 
  • Family Games are pretty common, to you know, satisfy Aizen’s competitive side. 

General (doesn’t matter if it’s Married or Single)

  • Learning calligraphy is a must for Aizen and he will not children who cannot write the Kanji ‘Success’ properly. 
  • Aizen reads to his kid(s) every night, varying from childhood fairytales to encylopedias. Because he ain’t having no dumb kid. Trust me on this, that man wants perfection as much as he can. 
  • He encourages his children to become succesful in life, helping them in anyway he can. No joke. 
  • He’s pretty proud parent in general, subtly boasting about his children to the other captains or his arrancar. 
  • He had debated having Gin or Tosen babysit before he settled for Tosen then he realized that Tosen, was, in fact, blind
  • He’s pretty relaxed about his kid’s actions as long as it doesn’t affect his plans, severely. 
  • “Yes, (kid’s name), you may, as you put it; “wreck Szayelaporro’s hair.””
  • If his kid’s blood is spilled, hell will be unleashed. Nothing damages his. Nothing. 
  • “Place a hair on them, and you will find the consenquences very unpleasant.”
  • He’s literarily the parent who will talk to referee who called a foul on his kid. 

Oohhhh maaaaaaan we saw Kingsglaive in theater last night and it was A LOT OF FUN

My only true disappointment and gripe was the whole “Luna will play a big role in this!!” Was a filthy filthy lie.

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I'm like 98% certain that he was holding yugyeom shams in that (cause he had a bandana around his wrist if I remember correctly

i was so conflusesd waht is  a shams i was os confaushed aimf asfd oineafsf jaslkff why am i laughin g

ok i had do idea what you were talking about and then i scrolled down my pics adn oOHHHH

[ pic ]

ok pointing this out bc im stupid 

his names on the microphone why tf didnt i see thank thank you im dumb

Things I Have Said So Far During Band Camp:

“That’s my side hoe!! Do you see him up there? I love him. Look at my best friend.”


“Nooo, why is he back?? God he was so hated that the DCI band he marched for told him to take a year long break. Why is he back. Why is he a field tech.”


“Please love us, band kids are tired and hungry nerds”

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Bayard, lion, crystal venom, champion, cryopod

Thank you so much for the questions!!

bayard: if you became a paladin, what kind of bayard would you like to have?

oohhhh I’d love like a bow and arrow type of thing, cause, yes, just, yes

lion: do you have any pets?

Why yes I do!!(well, not all mine, but the fam’s as well) I have 2 cats and a dog! The cat’s name’s are Whiner and Baby Kitty, trust me, the name process for both of them was very long and rigorous. And the dog’s name is Gabby (not quite as long of a process)

Whiner is primarily my cat, as she sleeps with me every night (it’s gonna be hard leaving her here ;-;) and Baby Kitty has been claimed as my mom’s (he’s so fluffy) Gabby is pretty much everyone’s and she loves digging in our backyard (trust me, this coulda been longer)

crystal venom: what’s the saddest thing that happened to you this week?

Probably when I thought that I messed up with my housing situation Sunday night… yeah, just, this whole moving situation is very sad

champion: what’s something you’re afraid of? 

Probably letting people down, being a disappointment, not being good enough

oh hey, too deep, sorry

cryopod: if you were asleep for 10,000 years, who would you bring along as a cryosleep buddy? 

oooh, I’m wanting to bring my sister (don’t ask which one, cause, heh, idk)

BUT if I could bring ANYONE, I’d probably want to bring someone who’s better at dealing with the situation than me, which, I mean, could be anyone

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lol and dont reblog my shit saying “"oohhhh lapidot shippers weren’t the problem!!!”“
they were
the entire lapidot vs amedot war is what started this whole fucking mess because apparently both of those ships can’t exist at the same time

likearumchocolatesouffle replied to your postokay so with the whole Lay vs Lie thing which do I…

Lay (object or person) down, or lie down. So it doesn’t matter if he’s an object or a person. “Odo lies down.” “Someone lays Odo down.” “Odo lays himself down.” “Someone lays the object (which is Odo) down.” “The object (which is Odo) falls and ends up lying down on the floor.” All these are correct I believe. likearumchocolatesouffl…

oohhhh this is very helpful!!!!  I’m embarrassed that this rule should be fairly straightforward but it still always trips me up (like seriously the amount of times I’ve looked it up), BUT I think I might actually remember how to use these words this time???  thank you!

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crème goolée!!

crème goolée: what’s your favorite food or snack?

oohhhh, this is a tough one, man… I absolutely love gold fish, cheezits, ice cream, ANY PASTA EVER, chocolate covered fruits/nuts, sugar cookies (any cookies), bacon, BREAD, SUGAR CANE, fruit (except for cherries, cause, gross)

idk man, there’s so much to choose from

Thank you so much for the ask!!!

voltron-inspired asks

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20 minute mark: -Iago's first song. I'd give it a Grammy. And the choreography is fantastic. -OOHHHH, ALADDINS GIVING TO THE POOR. -Abu is a frickin jerk. -Jasmine sounds different and it makes me slightly uncomfortable. -Iago is a lifesaver. Bless his soul. -"MY EGGS! RUINEDDD!!!!!" -Aladdin is a dirty liar -GENIE!!!!

Wait okay go back
Go back to Genie’s song
Genie’s VA here is Homer Simpson’s VA because Disney broke every agreement Robin Williams made them make when he agreed to voice Genie for chump change
listen to how he sings “but no one was there to hear my tales”