The Rise and Fall

Prinxiety ship, tickles of course. I just had a lil ~inspiration~ and really needed to write! Thought I’d submit it in. Hope you like it! ~Bun

Prompt; A pun from Morality dooms a friend.

Morality squeaked as Logic ended their round of Word games, hiding his blushing faced. Logic pushed up his glasses, hiding a smirk. They were sat on the floor facing one another and had been going back and forth like so for a while, Prince quietly observing while he pet a dozing Anxiety.

“I win.”
“That’s not fair, you took me by surprise with that!”
“Isn’t that the point of they game?”
“No! Well, yes, but not how you did that!!”
“How about we start again and you can demonstrate how I’m supposed to win. If you can. I’ll even let you start.”
“I can’t think of a word now, you’ve fogged up my brain!”

Prince chuckled at the two, finding their jokey bickering quite sweet and amusing. Logic glanced up, acknowledging him.
“How about you give us a word to start with, Roman?”

He stretched, disturbing the dark figure on his lap, who grunted half heartedly. Prince ponderes for a second, then smiled.
“You already said the perfect word! Roman.”
“Of course you’d go for yourself.”
Roman chuckled lightly. “What? Is it not good enough?”
“I guess I could work with that… Empire.”
“Ah like the Roman empire! I see what you did there, that was almost pun worthy!”
“It was not.”
“Was to!”
“Was not.”
“Was to!”

They carried on, Prince giggling at the two. Anxiety yawned and stretched, unable to carry on his slumber with all the ruckus.

“Are you guys seriously arguing again…? It’s impossible for peace with you two around. What is it even about this time?”
Logic looked up at the sleepy side.

“The Roman Empire.”
“…Why do I feel like you started this?”
Anxiety stared at Prince with accusing eyes, poking him in the ribs. He gave a small yelp, falling away from Anxiety.

“Oh my goodness, we just witnessed the rise and fall of the Roman Empire! Hehehe!” Morality chortled. Anxiety smirked, peering down at his lover with danger in his eyes. Prince raised his hands up, eyes widening in panic as he realised he just revealed a huge weakness that Anxiety seemed to want to use against him.
“Wait, I didn’t mean to start it! They asked for a word, all I did was give them one!”

Anxiety raised a single finger, waving it above Prince.
“And you just had to be witty about it. You could have said any word, but no, it has to be you. I’m sure they’d still be playing their game quietly if you didn’t say your own name.”
“No! Right, guys? Heheh, you’d have gotten bored by now!”

Logic fiddled with his tie, in thought.
“Hmmm. No. I very much like Word games, and it’s easy to entertain Morality. We probably could have gone on much longer.”
Morality nodded enthusiastically in agreement. Anxiety suddenly poked Prince, making him squeak and pay attention.

“See? And this is what happens when you wake a sleeping dragon, Princey. You fall.”

With that he dug in. Prince let out an ear ringing squeal as Anxiety skittered his fingertips up his sides. He shot his hands down to protect him, but the darker trait was surprisingly fast. Every time Prince thought he had managed to protect a spot, Anxiety’s hand was somewhere else in an instant. If he tried to protect his tummy Anxiety attacked his side, if he protected his sides he skittered up to his ribs, and so on. He waved a hand at the other too desperately.

“Well, if you’re such a strong, skilled prince, you should have the ability to protect yourself, or pry Anxiety off of you, correct? You shouldn’t need Our help, Morality and I don’t know the first thing about combat.”

Prince shook his head laughing wildly as Anxiety found a sweet spot below his ribs and exploited it without hesitation.
“Aaaawwww, You’re laugh is so cute! And he’s blushing, aw look Logan, he’s blushing!”

Prince tried to turn his head, wanting to hide his face. The knowledge of his blush was only making it worse, especially as Morality had a slight teasing tone in his voice. His head was pushed back towards the others, however, as Anxiety started a cruel onslaught of tickly nibbles and kisses along Prince’s neck. Anxiety would huff every now and again, as if it was wasting his breath, but really it was to send a tickly blow at Prince’s sensitive ears. To make matters worse, Prince’s body still buzzed with the ghost of Anxiety’s intense tickle attack there, but at least Prince could regain breath through his giggling.

“Ahahahanx! Pleheheaaase, I’m sorrryyyyy!”
“Mmmnnoo. I don’t think you really are.” Anxiety mumbled through Prince’s skin, sending ticklish wave across his neck.
“I ahahaham! I swear! Pleheheheease, it tickles sohoho bahahad!”
“mmmmnmnmnmnmnmmmnnoo, can’t be that bad. You’re only giggling.”

He tilted his head back in defeat and surrendered himself to the stream of giggles that plagued him. Anxiety hid his smirk behind more kisses, being sure to completely cover all the skin he can reach. As Prince’s giggles faded it turndd to content humming, enjoying the closeness of Anxiety, and the warmth of his breath against his neck.
“It appears the Prince’s weakness is neck kisses. We better keep Anxiety on hand if Prince is ever to turn to villainy.”

Prince realised how the other two didn’t restart their game, and the fact he was the centre of attention during Anxiety’s tickle torture made the crimson on his cheeks more noticeable.
“AWWWWW, he’s as red as a rose!! Who knew Princey could be so cute??”
“You should probably go turn the heating down, Patty. According to Prince’s face, it’s far too hot in here.”
“Shut up, smartypants!“
“I find that incredibly rude, Anxiety control your boyfriend.”

Anxiety muttered “K” into Prince’s neck, and took a deep breath.



Prince shrieked, latching onto Anxiety’s shoulder and pushing him away, laughing hysterically. Anxiety just watched him, yawning as if tickling his lover had tired Him out instead of Prince. He gently pushed Prince’s arms away, and they fell, weakened from the brutal attack. Anxiety laid down ontop on Prince, his head against his chest, listening to his fluttering heartbeat.
“If you move too much I will tickle your sides. I’m in perfect range to do it.”

Prince lent his head back so his slowly fading giggling wouldn’t disturb his tormentor, and put a hand against their back. And soon, the same hand was rubbing soothingly as Anxiety once again napped the afternoon away with Prince while the other two traits carried on with their Word games, the peace restored.

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Basically YouTube has implemented aome new guidelines were before you're able to monetize your videos you're channel has to reach 10,000 total views.

Oohhhh. Not entirely sure why they’d do that, but I guess that’s fine? If we’re talking about YouTube and money, 10,000 views makes you VERY little money, so it’s not like someone would be missing out on a lot of cash. Also, people should be less worried about money on YouTube overall. Especially if you’re a channel that small. Do YouTube for fun, not to make money

Wake Up Calls

Ethan tried to move upon waking up, only to have a pair of strong arms pull him back down. At first the blue haired boy was confused, then he remembered he had fallen asleep with Tyler last night. For a few moments he just laid there in his embrace, but eventually began squirming again.

“Stoop.” Tyler groaned sleepily. Ethan stopped momentarily and huffed in frustration.

“Then let me gooo. I have to peee.” Ethan whined. A smile formed over Tyler’s face as he got a devious idea. He started tickling Ethan relentlessly.

“S-stop Tyler. AH I- I have to- pee.” He could barely talk in between his laughter.

“Oh, why didn’t you just say so?” With that Tyler let him go and fell back into the bed.

Signe was always the first one awake. She was lucky if she could get Sean up before 9. He always stayed up late with his fans, or doing other things for the channel. He was just so damn dedicated. Signe loved it though.

She sighed as she began playing with her boyfriend hair while he was fast asleep. Signe remembered when he first dyed it green, it was a shock. They both quickly grew to love it though. Groaning internally, realizing she wanted coffee, she tried to move. It was no use.

Changing tactics, Signe rolled her body out from underneath him, landing on her feet with a soft thud. She smiled to herself, proud. She began humming as she made her way into the kitchen to make coffee. Once it was done, she made a cup for Sean, just how he liked it and brought it in there to him. She sat it down on the nightstand, then moved to the end of the bed, clearing her throat.

“TOP OF THE MORNIN TO YA LADDIES. MY NAME IS JACKSEPTICEYE!” Signe screamed. Sean jerked awake, unintentionally launching himself out of the bed. He looked up at his girlfriend and gave her a goofy smile.

Normally Mark would wake up before Amy. He liked go for a run in the morning, then taking a shower, and then starting the day. But not this morning. When Amy woke up, he was still asleep. Knowing they had a busy day ahead of then she began trying to wake him.

“Markkk, wakey wakey.” Amy said in a hushed tone while brushing the hair out of his face. He didn’t even budge. She had to try harder. She pushed on his shoulder as hard as she could. In a louder voice saying, “It’s time to get up you big baby. You have things to dooo.”

“Mark finally stirred only to look at her a plop back down mumbling, "Call YouTube and tell them I quit.”

Amy rolled her eyes. He was so dramatic. “Oh but what would the world do with out you? O’ great Markiplier,” she began shaking him and said in a mocking tone, “THINK OF THE FANNNS MARK.”

“I am. They’ll understand. They love me. They told me I could sleep into today. Just ask them.”

Amy decided that this called for drastic measures. She left the bedroom and went to go find Ethan and Tyler, finding them on the kitchen. Amy told them what to do and then they all headed back upstairs. They quietly entered the bedroom and assumed their positions.

On Amy’s cue they jumped on the bed on top of Mark and started screaming at him to wake up. Needless to say, he did.

(I don’t actually know their ship name)

“Ooh Marzia,” Felix cooed. Marzia began giggling uncontrollably.

When her giggle fit was over, she decided to tell him, “Uh, Felix that isn’t me.” Which was followed by more cute little laughs. Felix groaned, opening his eyes.

“Edgar?!? Jävla, I thought I raised you better than that. BUY ME A DRINK FIRST.” Edgar was the one licking his mouth, not his girlfriend, Felix sighed in defeat.

“C'mon Pewds it’s time to get uppp.” Marzia said, nudging him.

“I don’t wanna.” Felix mumbled into his pillow.

“Fine then…I’ll go get Maya and tell her to attack you too.”

“Oohhhh nooo. Not Maya.” Felix said mockingly, but he still got up. He squinted his eyes and looked at Marzia, “You’re lucky you’re cute.” He said then kissed her forehead.

The endd

Tomorrow morning I’ll post crankiplier/jelix/apocalyptoplier/ and some other ones lol

The Interview

It was all so surreal. I was sitting there the lights bright in my face so I couldn’t see anyone. This man was asking me questions.

“What is your name?” Natasha, I answered.
“How old are you?” 21
“Are you a virgin?” Not since I was 15.
“Why did you come here?” I came because I want to try something different.
“Strip!” What
“You heard me, Strip,” he repeated. I stood up and pulled my shirt off. I reached behind my back and unhooked the back band of my bra and pulled that off also. I unbuttoned my pants and slid them and my thong off at the same time.

“Nice, you have a beautiful body,” he replied. I’m 5foot 5inches tall. My breast are a 34B. I have a small triangle of brown pubic hair above my pussy. My mons is full and I have a nice slit. My long brown hair stops at mid back. I have large brown eyes. All my friends say that I’m pretty, but I never believed them.

“Are you clean?” Yes Sir, I am.
“Are you on birth control?” Yes, the Pill.
“Good! Wait here. Do not get dressed,” says the man.

I wait for quiet some time before another woman comes in the room. She’s blonde and naked also. She hands me a pair of black stilettos. “They like that,” she says to me before I can ask. She leads me through a side door onto a stage. The lights are very bright. I can’t see beyond the end of the stage. I hear some talking as I am led on stage. In the middle of the stage is a large bed. “This is Natasha. She’s 21 and this is her first time here tonight. Enjoy,” said the naked blonde woman.

Suddenly, out of the light come five naked men. They are all very athletic and fit. They all have pretty big cocks. They form a semicircle around me stroking their semi erect cocks. One of them pushes me down on my knees. One of the men starts to rub his helmet on my mouth. “Suck Natasha, suck,” I hear voices saying from beyond the lights. I take one in front of me in my mouth. I grab two of the other cocks in each hand and stroke them. The cock in my mouth is getting harder as I suck on him. I feel him swell in my mouth. I start to alternate sucking on the five cocks in front of my face. They are all fairly large with two of them being black cocks. I hungrily suck and stroke all of them. My drool is dripping off my chin as the men force themselves deeper down my throat. “Ack, ack, ack, ack,” I gag as there cocks slam the back of my throat. One man sides his dick all the way down his throat and holds me fast. I gagging on my own spit and mucous as he holds his cock in place. “Ahhhhhhh,” I finally gasp as he removes it.

The men put me on the bed on all fours so my profile is facing the stage. The begin to spit roast me. “Ohhhhh,” I moan as the first cock penetrates me. My moan cut short as a cock is shoved down my throat. My pussy being pounded. His balls slapping against my ass. I feel him pull out only to be replaced by another cock. This man is much bigger. I can tell by the way my pussy stretches. Omg, he’s in so deep as he begins thrusting in and out of me.

The cock removed from my mouth. One of the black men starts to slap his cock over my face. He’s really big. His cock road mapped in big thick bulging veins. He plunges his cock in my mouth. I almost throw up. You hear can hear the crowd gasp as my throats bulges out to accommodate him. Long strands of drool spill out of my mouth and my mascara starts to run. Another switch and violation of my pussy occurs. This cock fucking me hard. My cunt dripping. My juices running down my thighs.

The next black man repositions me. He lays on the bed and has me mount him reverse cowgirl. The naked blonde woman takes his cock and guides it into my raw pussy. He starts to drill me. His big hands fondling my breast. One man in my mouth and a guy in each hand. The last man I service orally switching between the first man.

You can just feel all the heat and sexual tension on stage and in the room. The room is full of moaning as the five men take turns fucking my mouth and my pussy. One by one they switch places. Each of their dicks in my cunt and in my mouth. It feels so dirty, but so so good. Not only because of the five that were using my body as their playground, but because of the ones I couldn’t see watching me get used in such a manner. I have lost count on how many times I’ve cum already.

I was pulled off the BBC. A repositioning. A cock in my soaking wet pussy. Two cocks in my mouth. One man jerking off in front of my face. The fifth man entering my anal rosebud. My body tenses as I feel him pushing inside me. Slowly, he penetrates my most intimate space and pushes past my anal sphincter. This is the first time that I’m double penetrated. I feel like such a slut.

“Humf, I’m cumming,” stated the man jerking off in my face. He ejaculates three quit spurts of hot cum over my face and in my hair.

The two men fucking my mouth yell that they are cumming. I feel the sudden explosion of warm, salty gooey semen in my mouth. My checks bulge as I try to hold it all in my mouth. Some spills down my chin as they slide out of my mouth and shake the last few drops on my face.

The man in my pussy starts to thrust erratically. I feel his cock swell inside me. He pulls out with a loud moan and cums all over my stomach. His semen making a lake in my belly button.

The last man thrusts deeply in my ass. I feel like I need to pee as he sodomizes my ass. My tits bouncing up and down wildly. My head back as I scream, “OMG…OMG…OMG, I’m going cum. Oohhhh fuccckkkk,”

He pulls out of my ass. I cum instantly in a squirting orgasm. He ejaculates his hot cum into my ass gape. Spurt after spurt of his hot cum fills my slowly shrinking gape and drops out of my ass. I am spent as my orgasm continues to rock my body.

The naked blonde girl comes out on stage. “That was Natasha, everyone. Looks like the little whore had a great time. Let’s hope we will see more of Natasha here with us!”

“Well Natasha, was it everything you hoped for,” asked the Man?

“Yes it was,” replied the girl.
“Good! Shall we see you again?”
“Yes,” replied Natasha.

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✋︎❄︎ ☠︎⚐︎🕈︎ ⚐︎👍︎👍︎🕆︎☼︎💧︎ ❄︎⚐︎ 💣︎☜︎ ❄︎☟︎✌︎❄︎ ✋︎ 👎︎⚐︎☠︎❄︎ 😐︎☠︎⚐︎🕈︎ 🕈︎☟︎☜︎☼︎☜︎ ❄︎☟︎☜︎✡︎ ☹︎✋︎✞︎☜︎



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Searching For Jane

Reid x Reader

“Glee, again?”

Your boyfriend flopped down onto the couch next to you, resting his head on your chest. You automatically wrapped your arm around him, threading your fingers into his hair.

“Yep. It’s the final series. You know, if you actually sat down and watched it, you’d probably enjoy it.”

“Erm… I’ve tried that line with you and Dr Who and what do you you always tell me?”

You laughed, snuggling down into the couch as Spencer snaked his arm around your waist.

“Alright point taken. If you’re staying and watching though, I don’t want any derogatory remarks okay.”

“Okay fine.”

Thirty minutes into the episode and he pulled up from his resting position on your chest and looked at you.

“Okay it’s bugging me. Who is she? She seems so very familiar but I can’t for the life of me think where I know her from?”

“Who exactly?” he could easily be referring to any member of the female cast.

“The older woman with the short blonde hair… Sue? I think they called her.”

“Oohhhh, Jane Lynch. Erm.. I can’t think of anything you’d have seen her in. She’s been in plenty of things though.”

“But I DO know her. Her face and voice, I’ve definitely seen and heard them before. What else has she been in?”

He looked so perplexed so you reached for your phone and pulled up the IMDB app, searching for Jane Lynch.

“Okay so the only thing I can think you might know her from is that crime show I sometimes watch which you detest.”

He hated crime shows and you’d barred him from watching them with you because he’d pick them to pieces and ruin it for you.

“Crime Analysis?” he scrunched up his nose when you nodded. “Who is she in that?”

“Erm… Well she’s not a main cast member, she plays Dr Matthew Wright’s mother.”

“He’s the one you like, right? The really annoying one who changes his hair every other episode.”


“The one who you used to ignore me for whenever he came on the screen.”

“I sooo did not. He’s just the best character and normally the one with all the answers… So if I miss something HE says then the rest of the show will make no sense.”

“Sure sure….“ Spencer sniffed, pouting slightly.

"Stop being jealous. He’s a fictional character.”

“I’m not jealous…. ”

“ Sure sure, ” you parroted his words. You held your arm out again, signalling for him to come for another cuddle. He settled back down and you resumed watching your show.

“Y/N. I’m better than him right? You prefer me?” he asked after a few minutes.

“Spencer, he’s fictional.”

“That doesn’t answer the question.”

You guffawed and then gently kissed the tip of his head. “Yes I prefer you, okay?”


After a few minutes he pulled away again.

“I definitely don’t think it’s Crime Analysis that I know her from.”

You sighed and pulled out your phone again, ready to list every show and movie Jane Lynch had ever appeared in.

At some point in the upcoming movies, Finn and Rey are gonna have to go undercover as being from the same planet (oohhhh “fake” relationship that makes them sort out actual feelings while being adorably awkward? I’m down for that) 

  So Finn tries to copy Rey’s accent and we get a few minutes with John speaking in his gorgeous British accent

Both Rey and the audience melt

Lilies and Zeppelin

Pairing: Punk!Dean/Reader

Words: 2506

Tags: HS AU, Punk!Dean, fluff, Dean’s weird, Sam’s adorable, Y/N’s a cutie with a crush.

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- tyler’s soft vocals ??
- tyler’s little angelic “oohhhh"s
- it’s almost like a stripped version of heathens ????
- the whole track is so gentle and beautiful


- almost like a cover to the blurryface version ? majority of it is the same except for a few of mutemath’s twists and add ons and ty’s vocals
- “sayin’ stuff like: you only live once”
- "can you save (save save) can you save (save save) can you save my heavy dirty soul?”
- a lot more blurryface sounds than the original ?


- woAh this one is a RECREATION
- this reminds me of the summer time at like the beach or a pool ??
- the second verse makes me smile every time ??? (ft. sick little drum beat and tyler with that same killer indie voice thing)
- “i’m falling so i’m taking my timeeeeeeeee” *KSKDLEMDLSKSOSNKDLDMSKDKDJ MAGIC*

Tear In My Heart

- another noticeable RECREATION
- i freaking love how it has that 70s tekno love song vibe to it
- all i can imagine is jenna just sitting there and tyler is looking at her and singing so passionately to his dime piece wife and she’s just smiling and so in love just like he is ahhh
- "the songs on the radio are okay *echo*. but my taste in music is your face!”
- tyler’s vocals slay me in this tooo (in all of them tbh)
- what’s not to love about this track ????

Lane Boy

- yo yo yo gotta love his timing with the words (no comma needed)
- i freaking love the electric and rock add ons in this one
- the whole ending is just so incredibly magical ??? like yes ??? thank you for slaying me ???!???
- “tomorrowww!” *moanish?*
- THE ENDING IS SO SPOOKYYY AND ODDLY MYSTERIOUS (undertale soundtrack is that you)


- instead of a christmas album, we got this which is totally okay because i don’t mind AT ALL- headphones change the whole experience yo- HEATHENS’S SPOOKY PIANO OUTRO- whoops i based this on the audio- BUT TYLER’S LITTLE DANCE MOVES IN THE VIDEO ARE DEFINITELY WORTH NOTING ALONG WITH THE LITTLE SNEAK PEAK IN THE MIDDLE OF THE VIDEO WITH J CLEANING HIS SYMBOLS AND LOOKING LIKE A CUTE LITTLE DORK- haha sorry for popping up on your dashboard like this. it’s been an incredibly long day without being able to speak to someone about this- i’ve been meaning to say something about it before but i’ve been busy with school- ^^my reason for not being on as much- winter break starts on friday so i’ll be on WAY MORE- whoops this is getting off track- hope you guys had a good day/night :)

Written by Viktor’s-booty
Relationships: Viktor Nikiforov x Yuri Katsuki
NSFW content

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Outside the snow is coming down hard, but in here it’s a different story. Snow is St. Petersburg is not the same as in Hasetsu, it’s heavy and there’s no end in sight. Being so high up in this building is weird because you can’t even see the ground or 10 feet ahead of you.

Yuri had never seen it snow quite this hard, yeah they would have blizzards in Hasetsu but nothing as intense as this. But to Viktor it was normal and quite comforting.

The two were in Viktor’s apartment, the skating season had come to a halt and Yuri wasn’t ready yet to go back home without Viktor. Although Viktor would love to go back to Japan with Yuri, his mother had fallen ill and he decided to stay in Russia with his family. That’s why Yuri stayed as well.

“Yuri, what are you cooking?”
Viktor asked from the couch, he was lying with his boxers on and bath robe wrapped around him, watching the storm blow by.

“Fried Rice, why?”
Yuri replied, almost yelling over the sounds of the wind tearing around the building.

The older sat up,
“Smells really good love. Is there enough for two?”

“There always is silly”
Yuri laughed and looked over at his partner sitting on the couch. He shook his head “God I love you” he smiled at him.

“But I love you more!!”
Viktor exclaimed, almost challenging Yuri. Viktor got up and began to make his way towards the kitchen. Yuri had gone back to cooking and hadn’t noticed the other get up. He jumped slightly when two strong arms wrapped them selves around Yuri’s waist. A hot breath caressed Yuri’s ear,
“Surprise!” Viktor whispered.
“I have an idea I’d like to try out after dinner” he smiled.

“What is it?”
Yuri’s asked turning his body slightly to face Viktor more.

“Not telling!” Viktor answered giddily and pranced away from Yuri, but not before giving his butt a flirty squeeze. Yuri whipped back quickly but Viktor had run away and hid behind the couch.

“I can see you, dumby”
Yuri announced with a chuckle.

“Crap” Viktor let out and stood up in defeat. “Well at least I didn’t actually run away!” He laughed.

The couple ate dinner and watched the storm grow stronger. Viktor had turned the thermostat up so high that they were beginning to get sweaty. Yuri would go to turn it down but when he wasn’t looking Viktor would turn it up again. It was all a part of his brilliant idea.

After dinner, the two of the were in Viktor’s bedroom. It was incredibly cozy, candles were lit on shelves and lights hung from the ceiling creating cascading shadows on the walls and floor. Romantically decorated just how Viktor liked it to be. It was still snowing outside but Viktor kept it hot inside. He was sitting on his bead with his boxers on and bath robe wrapped around him, it draped lazily off his shoulder. Yuri stood near him by the bed looking around his room.

“Viktor, I don’t get it. I’ve turned down the heat so many times now and it hasn’t gotten any cooler in here!”

“Well maybe it’s just you Love” Viktor winked at Yuri.

“Seriously! I feel like I’m melting!”

“Well it would help if you weren’t wearing a shirt” Viktor smirked.

“Well, I mean I guess you’re right” Yuri winked back. Viktor looked at him suggestively and began to stand up grabbing on to Yuri’s shirt by the bottom and pulling it off of his sweat glistening body. He stopped before it came off his head and Viktor kissed him through the shirt then resumed taking it off.

Viktor sat back down on the bed to take a good look at Yuri. And man was he hot. Yuri’s chest and abs were chiseled to perfection almost as they were painted by the gods. His arms were muscular yet soft, as though they could be the most graceful to exist. He radiated with this glow that was indescribable to Viktor. All he knew is that he never wanted to let him go.

Viktor eyed him up one more time, stopping at Yuri’s full lips, Yuri could tell he was looking at them and bit his lip enticingly which made Viktor look to his eyes, to see Yuri wink at him. Viktor reached out and tenderly grabbed Yuri by the hands, rubbing his thumbs gently along the back of hands. He pulled on them slightly causing Yuri to step closer to him. He was gorgeous standing there, Viktor couldn’t help but touch this master piece in front of him.

His hands moved from Yuri’s up his arms, then ventured onto his stomach and waist. Viktor leaned in towards him and his lips trailed behind his hands. The younger placed a hand on Viktor’s shoulder and one on the back of his neck. He twirled his finger through the soft locks of his lovers hair. Viktor worked his way up to Yuri’s neck, kissing and nibbling on the sensitive skin making Yuri squirm and turn his head, lightly pushing into Viktor’s lips. Viktor’s fingers trailed down his lovers body stoping before his pants, he slowly scratched his way back to his chest, leaving red streaks behind each finger.

Viktor moved down Yuri’s neck, sucking and caressing his pulse with his hot lips, he kissed down his shoulder and his collar bone. He sucked hard on it, Yuri let out a gasp and a quiet moan escaped his lips as Viktor lifted his head with a satisfying pop, revealing a dark hickey which would last for days. He looked up and leered at Yuri who’s head was thrown back in pleasure.

Viktor trailed his tongue down from his prominent collar bone to Yuri’s chest, slowing to a halt in the middle. His soft hands slid up to his chest tracing circles the way there. His delicate fingers stopped at Yuri’s nipples, he drew around them with his forefinger, watching them perk up with arousal. Viktor lightly pinched and brought his head closer to his hand. Yuri was fidgeting, trying to contain his moans but the soft flick of Viktor’s tongue over his nipple sent him over the edge. Yuri’s hands raced down Viktor’s back trying to hold on to this pleasure. Viktor’s tongue twirled around flicking frequently over his nipple. Yuri jerked every time, moans slipping through his lips. His breath grew intense, “ah-aahh ohh Vik-Viktor”

Viktor turned Yuri around quickly and pushed him demandingly onto the bed. He looked down at his man, all flustered and heated up. His face was a red as the first time Viktor ever kissed him. Viktor’s eyes got caught on the generous bulge under Yuri’s pants, he licked his lips enticingly and made a move for Yuri’s thighs. They were scorching hot to the touch, Viktor massaged his hands into them, keeping eye contact between him and Yuri. Viktor winked and brought a hand to his crotch grasping it tenderly, Yuri’s head flew back with a loud moan.
“Yuri, we haven’t even gotten started. I still have to give my my surprise”
Viktor smirked at his man who was just over the moon with bliss.

Viktor unbuttoned Yuri’s jeans and pulled them down under to his knees, his boxers already stained wet with precome.

“Oh Yuuuuuri, you really wanted this don’t you?” Viktor’s hand took hold of Yuri’s cock through his boxers. Yuri pushed his hips up towards Viktor pleading for him with every breath.
“Yes yes oh yes” came out quietly. His hips grinding into Viktor’s hands. Viktor slowed down and looked up at Yuri.

“Here comes the real surprise” Viktor said crawling over Yuri pulling a strip of fabric from his bathrobe pocket.
“Are you going to tie me up?” Yuri asked quickly.
“Oh no no no, tonight I’m going to be playing to your senses. Close your eyes love.” Viktor reached out and tired the fabric around Yuri’s head, covering his eyes. “Can you see me?” He asked. “No, but god do I want to” Yuri replied.

“I’ve got to go get the surprise,” Viktor said beginning to slide down Yuri’s body on the bed “I’ll be right back” he smiled kissing him between every word, moving from his mouth down to Yuri’s cock. Viktor quickly ran out of the room to the kitchen and grabbed from what he had been waiting for. He ran back in and set it on the bed next to Yuri.
“Are you ready?” He asked
“Never been more ready” Yuri smiled.

Viktor went between Yuri’s legs and moved aside his boxers revealing Yuri’s throbbing cock. He took hold and moved his hand rhythmically over him, spitting on him to ease the process.
“Ohhh yeahhh” Yuri let out in a boisterous cry. Viktor moved faster, bringing his lips to the tip of his member. He took him in, all of him and Yuri let out the most intense howl he had ever before
“oooOOOOOHHHH!!! VIKTOR!! OHH! OOOOH MY- AAHHH FUCK OH MY FUCKING YESSSSS” Yuri was crying out, his body shaking from the shock. Viktor bobbed his head faster, and in his mouth was the surprise. Crushed Ice. The difference in temperature shook Yuri. He fell into a trance of pure amazement. It was burning hot from Viktor’s tongue grazing over his cock but the ice was freezing. This stimulation was something he could have never even imagined. Yuri was grabbing onto the bed as tight as he could his hips rising and falling vigorously with the rhythm of Viktor’s head.
“VITYA!!” He couldn’t control him self “OOHHHH FUUUCK” Viktor had never heard him like this. Never seen him so enthralled with pleasure. Yuri’s jaw was open, dropped with astonishment from this intense feeling. His breath was sporadic, he breathed in heavily his moans grew louder and louder
“VITYA OOH FUCK” Yuri still hadn’t come to what was happening “AAAHH MY GOD-OOOOHH”

Viktor grabbed an ice cube in one hand and began doing figure eights on the inside of Yuri’s thigh. The shock of cold to his scolding hot thigh pushed him even higher. He wasn’t even saying anything anymore. His body was shaking his legs outstretched with all the energy possible. Yuri was grabbing the bed sheets so tightly that they ripped under his nails. Viktor hadn’t stopped or even slowed down one bit, but he knew Yuri was almost there. He pulled away from Yuri’s throbbing cock and took an ice cube, he ran them over Yuri’s chest circling inwards towards his nipples.
“Viktor no! Keep going!! Please!!!” Yuri was begging shamelessly for Viktor to take him again.

Viktor was over him, hips aligned and arms pinning Yuri down to the bed.
“Yuri, you’re all mine. You’re all fucking mine tonight.” Viktor said plunging in for a steamy kiss. Yuri kissed back passionately and to his surprise yet again Viktor slipped an ice cube from his mouth to Yuri’s. It was cold against Yuri’s tongue he passed it back to his lover who crushed it between his teeth. He then moved down to Yuri’s neck trailing his cold tongue down his body back towards his dick. He kissed and nipped him, leaving him with bite marks down his torso.

Viktor could feel Yuri’s cock asking for attention again, he grabbed another ice cube and crushed it in his mouth. But before pleasing him, Viktor swiftly took off Yuri’s blind fold
“Don’t take your eyes off me” he commanded.
Viktor went down, deep. Swirling his tongue around Yuri’s hot cock. “Fuuuuuck” Yuri moaned while Viktor’s head started to bob and twist. Viktors hand grabbed yuris cock too, copying the motion of his head with pleasing pressure at the base of his dick. Yuri was going to peak soon his moans were everywhere. Yuri screamed “OOOH MY GOD!! FUCK!!!!!” Viktor’s finger slid into him, curving and hitting Yuri right where he knew it would completely shatter him. Yuri was twitching uncontrollably with the overdose of pleasure. He screamed, Viktor held him in as Yuri let go of his whole self in Viktor’s mouth.

Yuri’s body calmed down and his breath slowed “Viktor, oh my god” he kept repeating. Viktor looked up at him and swallowed devotedly he gave Yuri’s cock one last kiss before crawling up beside his lover in bed.

“Surprise” Viktor smiled and kissed Yuri who was still in shock about what had just happened.

“Viktor… I- I oh my god. Wow” Yuri didn’t even know what to say.

“I’ll clean up, you go to sleep” Viktor told him and kissed Yuri on the forehead. “Goodnight my Katsudon”