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How did Lance get "mind raped"? Did they give him hallucinations? Repeat traumatic events in his head? Insert Memories? All of the above?

Oohh boy. 

Well think of every bad thought, feeling or action you’ve ever done is now forcefully brought to the surface of your mind. Especially things you made yourself forget. To have a stranger see the most intimate parts of yourself and examine them, stripping your ego to the very bone and revealing what kind of person you are. 

And this isn’t even something you want to do, someone is forcing you to face this, watching all of it unfold at the same time.

An AMAZING example of this is Asuka’s “mind rape scene” from Evangelion, where the majority of my inspiration came from for crazyLance Au. You can watch the scene here, BUT WARNING: IT’S GOT FLASHING IMAGES AND GRAPHIC CONTENT (blood, sexual themes, and suicide) SO IT’S NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART!!!  VVVVV serious warning again for flashing images though, like damn they be flashy.  


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people that tick me off: "I'm asexual, meaning I don't see sexual attraction in people!! I'm 14, and I wouldn't really be able to anyways, but I'm still asexu- OOHH, HE'S SEXY!!!"

Yup. Special snowflakery.



They look like such a happy little family. And his house looks so cute. Remember all of those edgy posts that were like “what if lars is like that bc his home life is terrible” “what if lars is an orphan and thats why hes so mean” Nah fam his parents look loving and supportive and my baby Lars is probably just mean because he’s insecure and lashes out and just wants to be a cool kid, but he doesn’t get that the cool kids are like some of the nicest kids in town. Also his mom is rocking that duck dress man. Ugh this ep needs to air now

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Au "have you ever dreamed of me?"

“have you ever dreamed of me?” Therese drummed her fingertips against Carol’s ribs.

“Dreamt of you?” Carol inhaled deeply as if appraising the question at length.

“What kind of dream are you hoping to learn about?” Carol looked down at Therese and waggled her eyebrows at her. 

Therese let out a gasp and smacked Carol’s arm, a smile grew on her face as Carol seized her hand and brought it to her lips. Silence fell upon them, Therese thought Carol had forgotten the question already.

“I thought you might have dreamt of me in your life as I am now. About loving me as you do now.” Therese ducked her head and focused on drawing a line down Carol’s sternum to her navel.

“I know I have.” Therese started to press kisses on the invisible line she just drew. Carol gently pulled her up by her jaw and their leveled eyes.

“Remember when you came to Ridgewood, on Christmas? My mind could only dream that night and it saw you as you are with me right now, in my arms, kissing my chest, as you will be with me tomorrow, sitting on our dinner table, looking positively gorgeous and sharing breakfast with me. The only difference is that your hair was longer.” 

Therese laughed, feeling unexplainably giddy at the thought of Carol dreaming of her. 

“And I dreamt of telling you that I love you. It was a lot different in my dream but that doesn’t matter.” Therese saw Carol’s eyes darken, their thoughts running in the same direction.

“Show me then.” Therese whispered. 

Carol turned Therese over without a word, kissing her jaw, her neck, her ears and then the lips. Running her hands all over Therese’s body, Carol soon replaced them with her mouth. She settled between Therese’s legs and pressed a loud kiss to her hip. 

“I love you, Therese.” Carol’s lips moved against Therese’s skin, voice slightly muffling. She continued lower and finished showing Therese everything she had dreamt of. 

  • Bokushi:Hey, let’s make them run laps outside.
  • Akashi:We can’t, it’s too cold, they’ll get sick.
  • Bokushi:You know what I’m sick of? All your shit, Akashi! I’m assuming direct control!
  • Oreshi:Bokushi, no! Oh my god, he's got a gun!!
  • [BAM]
  • Bokushi:Everyone step away from the brain!
  • Oreshi:He shot Akashi!
  • Bokushi:That’s right ! I’m in charge now.
  • ___
  • Kuroko:...Akashi-kun?
  • Bokushi:Yes. I am Akashi.
  • Kuroko:Oohh… That’s probably not good.

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❦ [from the 'show a little skin' meme - maybe mccree could spot derya's burn scars if you want???]

Show A Little Skin Meme

❦ - Changing clothes facing away, showing off their back

Jesse was stretched out on the hotel room bed, arms behind his head in a relaxed position. He hummed contentedly, still naked save for the sheet haphazardly draped over his hips. Rolling over onto his side to glance over at Derya while he retrieved his clothes, Jesse caught sight of the small, dot-like scars on the other’s back. Brow creased in concern, his flesh hand reached out and gently brushed a few fingertips over the marks.

“These don’t look like they’re here by accident,” he remarked in a soft murmur, a tone of worry in his voice.

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oohh paps, when you were younger you had an imaginary friend named Drippy! shame you don't remember him, he was sweet. maybe your dad has some of your drawings of him still?



  • me, playing SIF:"Akiramemasen!"
  • non-love liver friend:Oohh, what does that mean?
  • me:"Don't give up!"
  • SIF:"Arigatou, nya!"
  • friend:that?
  • me:"Thank you, meow! :3"
  • SIF:"Sasuga Nico nii!"
  • me:"As expected of Nico nii!"; as in the girl who said it.
  • SIF:"Washi-washi MAX!"
  • me:*sweating intensifies*
Unknown (part 2)

Paring: That will depend on the Reader and the Characters she’ll meet throughout the story.

Prompt: Charles has your attention … it’s time to see what he wants

Warnings: Some cursing

Length: 3,951 words (Sorry, this one ran a little long, but then again so did the other one)

Part 1


Peter made an impromptu stop and stood you on your feet. You clutched onto him, an arm around his shoulders and an arm holding your stomach.

“Oohh, man. I’m gonna loose it. Are we there, yet?” You groaned and looked around. The airfield was mostly empty, but a plane a couple of feet in front of you.

“Yes, we are. Are you ok?” Peter asked, with a laugh and you glared at him. “Peachy.”

“(Y/N).” You peered up and saw Charles stepping off the plane with Hank in tow. Wow, Peter wasn’t wrong about Charles. His hair was almost shoulder length and he had a beard. He wasn’t bad looking, but it was so unlike the Charles you once knew.

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Can I just say two things? 1- you're so sweet and 2- you're beautiful. I hope this doesn't bother you or seem creepy! I don't want it to, omg.

I like how you panicked at the end, but you still pressed send. “Is this creepy…? Oh shit! …this is creepy….! Uh-oh…. UH-OOHH—” *message sent*

P.S. You’re not creepy