Things like this really piss me off! This little ignorant turd goes parading around wearing a uniform he did not earn. What a fucking shame! It should be illegal for fucks like this to wear a uniform (of any military branch) and completely disrespect our men and women who sacrifice their lives because they chose to serve this country to protect assholes like him that are too pussy to join any way. Excuse my language but I am livid! It’s fine for people to not support the war, but to disrespect the people that are out there getting killed is disgusting and a damn shame. They didn’t choose this war they just do their jobs because that is what they signed up for to protect this country no matter what. Proud USMC wife

I fall more and more in love with you every day, babe. I might not be able to hold you or talk to you every day and every night, but that’s what makes me appreciate what we have even more. I’d give you the world if I could. I’m willing to do whatever it takes to keep our love going strong. I love you with all my heart. Always and Forever.

Semper Fi.

The Ooh Rah Motivational Phases of a Marine

Believe it or not, the motivation of a Marine ebbs and flows over time.

The average civilian may never notice this, but Marines can recognize it. Many factors can certainly contribute to this trend, but I would like to suggest that for the most part, it follows a pattern. Some Marines may very well try to play it cool and act like they are more one than the other. However, I say nonsense to that. Embrace whatever phase you are in along with all its uniqueness. For when it is all said and done, you will be in the final phase and there is no fighting this final stage’s pull on your life. Resistance is futile. But let’s start at the beginning.

The Boot

For any non-military types reading, let me explain that “The Boot” is phase one. Namely, fresh out of boot camp, you know very little, make horrible decisions, and it often shows in everything from the clothes you wear to the way you cut your hair. Marine Boot Camp for a recruit is a very transformative process. Many, if not most, will join right out of high school and it is immersion by fire. However, when you step through the other side you are a United States Marine. And you want everyone to know it. Seriously, like everyone. And if you are lucky enough to accompany your recruiter back to your old high school, well, that is an Ooh Rah overload.

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A Marine girlfriend's prayer
Dear Lord, before I close my eyes to sleep, I pray thee, Lord, his soul to keep. Keep him here, safe and sound. Keep his boots on American grounds. Allow him trips to go back home. Give us time for our love to grow. But when the day comes, and we’re oceans a part, give him peace to calm his heart, give him sleep to ease his soul, and keep his eye on the goal. Show him miracles throughout each day, so he knows that I am continuing to pray. Surround him with angels and watch over his bed. Keep him safe so his blood isn’t shed. Give him the strength to survive each day, knowing your grace is never far away. Provide him with memories of me by his side, so he never once doubts that I remain SEMPER FI. You see, Lord, this Marine is my friend, my love, my life… and I pray for the day that he calls me his wife. I know he must first serve your purpose, so I sit and patiently wait… But if something happened to him let him enter your gates, because you see.. God, he is a selfless and sacrificing man, he’s already given so much for the people of this land. My lips he can not kiss, and my arms he can not embrace, he sleeps alone in his rack in a bare and confined place. He’s missed his mom’s cooking and the hugs from his nephews too, this is why he is part of “THE PROUD AND THE FEW.” So please reserve his pass, tell Peter to let him in, he’s already gone though hell, don’t make him go again… But please don’t take him from me yet, Iraq and heaven can wait, I need to grow old with him, I want to join him at the gates. Can’t you see dear Lord? As true as it already seems, I can’t live my life… Not without my Marine. AMEN.
Ooh Rah!

“ ‘Ooh-rah’ is not just a catchy little term that should be used lightly. It’s a feeling of emotion that comes from deep within and is used only when the amount of motivation in your gut has been built up so high it has no other choice but to explode through your vocal cords and crack the very air which tries to contain it.”