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Goku’s Birthday!

Hey you guys! This is a fanfic to celebrate my 25 follower mark! Thank you guys so much. Here is a token of my gratitide!

Warning contains adult content not suitable for younger veiwers! You have been warned!
Goku took a deep breath as he stared at his phone selecting Vegeta’s contact, and pressing call. It rang three times before he got an answer.

“Kakarot, what do you want!” Vegeta snapped.

“I was ju-”

“I told you never to call me! Just because it’s your birthday doesn’t mean you can go off and piss me off!” he growled.

Goku went mute because he hadn’t told anyone it was his birthday. Vegeta remembered?! His heart started to race.

“Idiot! Are you there!? You better not have hung up on me Kakarot!” The smaller sayan shrieked.

“No!No! I didn’t hang up!” Goku rushed to explain,” It’s just that-You remembered my birthday!?”

“N-no! I didn’t- well I did-but it’s only because- damn it don’t change the subject!,” He demanded,” Why the fuck did you call me!”

“Oh-um,” Goku thought as he collected his thoughts,” Oh yeah! I remember now!”

“Good job you remembered what you were going to say. Yaaay,” He groaned sarcastically.

“I was wondering,” He continued ignoring the comment,” if you would do a live video show with me for my youtube channel around eight pm.”

“No.” He answered impatiently.

“Aww, come on please,” Goku begged,”It’s just when I set up a video live and my subscribers can talk to us.”

“One: I don’t care two:…There is no US! Just you posting whatever stupid show or whatever!”

Then it got quiet.

“You’re doing that thing when you poke your lip out aren’t you?” Vegeta asked rubbing the bridge of his nose.

“Maybe,” he replied in a playfully whiny tone.

“Ohmygods fine! But not because of you! I’m only doing this so I can steal all of your subscribers.” He teased as he hung up the phone.

Goku was so excited he could barely hold it all in. It had only been thirty seconds since he had last talked to Vegeta, and he was already longing to see him. He felt lighthearted of the thought of him coming over. He could barely contain his excitement any longer so he decided to get everything set up.

He set up the camera, the computer, and forty sandwiches. Now he was just dicing his twenty first apple, when he heard the door slam open.

His heart lept. He already knew it was Vegeta. Knocking wasn’t exactly his style.

“Alright, Kakarot! You know the drill!” Vegeta announced as he walked in the kitchen.

Any time Vegeta would come over there had to be a large amount of food to eat already prepared. They would hang out about once a week, so Goku was familiar with the routine. If there was no food. There would be no Vegeta. It was that simple, and those were the rules.

Goku quickly finished dicing up the last apple slid the slices in the bowl and carried the three plates of sandwiches and the bowl all in one trip over to his computer, which was sitting neatly on his bed  facing the were the pillows were, while balancing the bowl on the tip of his nose.

“Kakarot, what are you doing?” Vegeta laughed,” You look like a circus seal playing for treats!”

“How do you know that i don’t have a secret identity? I could very well be a circus seal playing for treats.” He emphasised as he carefully  made his way to the bed. Vegeta approached and took an apple slice out of the bowl and inspected it. Then he took a few steps back and tossed the apple slice to Goku.

He effortlessly caught the apple slice with his mouth without loosing the balance of the bowl.

“Pft, I guess you really are a circus freak,” He smirked trying to hide his amusement.

Goku carefully set their snacks on the fluffy bed in front of the pillows in front of the computer, and plopped down. Vegeta was leaning against the wall showing no sign of moving.

“Um, aren’t you going to come sit over here?” The larger sayan asked.

“And why exactly would i do that?” Vegeta interrogated

“Um, so you can steal all of my followers.” He responded.

“Fine,” Vegeta groaned as he plopped down beside Goku.

“Alright,” Goku exclaimed as he clapped his hands together,” we’re live in three. Two. One. Hel-”

“Hellooo ladies aand gentlemeeen, and welcome to my youtube chaneel!” Vegeta mocked.

“Uh Vegeta,” Goku began to ask hesitantly,” How do you know the entro that I do to every video?”

“Hah,” He retorted,” Sometimes when I need to laugh at something stupid, so I watch your channel.”

The computer made a beeping noise.

“Looks like we got our first comment of the day!” Goku gushed as he got ready to read it,” Let’s see. This one is from LittleMissCarrotQueen, and she says…..”Ooh burn!”,….Umm.Okay anyways today is my birthday-

“Which i’m sure no one cares,” Vegeta joked

”And,”Goku continued,” I’m doing a live truth or dare with my guest Vegeta, and you guys will give us the truth and dares.”

“Wait what!?,” He yelled,”No one told me about this!”

“What,” Goku teased,” Are ya..Chicken!?”

“How dare you insult me! I will prove to you I am no chicken!”

“Okay then ladies and gentlemen let’s get started. I’ll go first, and I pick truth.”


“Okay, from The Psychotic Gamer. He says,” Goku are you gay,bi,trans,pan,or ace?” And that is a really good question, hmm. I think that i’m pansexual.”

“Your what?” Vegeta asked.

“Pansexual ya know…. Someone who is not limited in sexual choice with regard to biological sex, gender, or gender identity,” He answered

“Okay…my turn. I guess,” He said sounding a bit uneasy,” I’ll go with…Truth..since it’s only the first round.”


“Okay this one is from Anon. Oooh. Let’s see. Anon Want’s to know,” Are you Goku’s boyfriend/Lover/husband?” Uhh.”

“No, absolutely not!” He sputtered,” It’s insulting that you would even expect that from me and a clown like him,” His face turned slightly red.

“Okay then, um let’s move on. I Pick dare!” Goku volunteered.


“Okay, this one is from Hot Chips and he says,” I dare you to tell your guest what he needs to hear. Tell him that he is super hot!!! Because you can’t even lie!! He is! Oh and try to keep a straight face!,” Wow,” Goku laughed,” And what am I chopped liver. Okay,” Goku put his serious face on,” Vegeta,” He said with a giggle rising in his voice,” You are,” His serious face broke and turned into a smile,” Super hot!! And I can’t even lie because apparently you are!,” He died laughing and so did Vegeta”

“Damn it Kakarot!” He laughed as  his face turned crimson,” Okay okay umm. I pick dare.”


“Here we go. This one is from Davevin. She says,” Vegeta I dare you to take of you shirt!” Goku stared blankly at the screen then at Vegeta. He wasn’t quite sure how to react to this one.

“Wow, Kakarot. I didn’t know you had such a vulgar audience, but since we all agree that i’m irresistible,” he joked,” I will remove my shirt.” He seductively slid off his shirt, and carelessly threw it to the ground.

“OhMyGod Vegeta No!” Goku shouted half laughing with his face in his hands.

“What is it too much to handle? Oh and i will not pay for any medical bills that you may have from severe nosebleeds after this.Just a reminder to all of you who asked for this”

“What Vegeta ohmygods,” Goku giggled,” Okay enough about..whatever that is. Umm dare” Goku suggested


“This one is from Gay=Awesome, and she says,” Goku describe you and Vegeta’s outfits in a divva accent.” Okay that’s not too bad,” He cleared his throat before he spoke,” Presenting Vegeta, who I must say is. Rocking. His topless, skinny jean combo, and me on the other hand. I am looking fabulous in my sweatpants,and T-shirt! We are just out of this world today! Don’t you agree Vegeta?”

“Correction I am out of this world. You. You looked like you rolled out of a dumpster,” He corrected,” And I pick dare.”

In his opinion he loved how Goku looked when he just rolled out of bed in the mornings…but he would, never admit it.

“Alright,” Goku giggled.


“This one is also from Davevin, and she says….”He trailed off as he read the text as his face ignited,” Why don’t we just skip this one,” Goku offered with his voice shaking.

“What? Why? I never give up on a challenge, and i’m not starting now! Tell me what it says.” Vegeta demanded.

“Okay….Davevin says,” Vegeta I dare you to sit in Goku’s lap  (Facing him) Then  take off his shirt. Then kiss him on the lips, and then you have to tell him you love him.” Goku quoted.

Vegeta’s face turned ruby red as he stared at the screen in disbelief,” N-no! I’m not doing that!”


“Uh,”Goku mentioned,” Hot Chip  says,” If you’re too much of a wimp you don’t have to do it.”

“A wimp!?” Vegeta growled,” I’ll show you a wimp!”

Vegeta jerked Goku closer to him by his shirt until their gazes were locked. Vegeta was sitting up on his knees while Goku was sitting down on his legs. The shirtless sayan seductively plopped down in Goku’s lap, and looked him right in the eyes as he gently slid off his shirt, and carelessly threw it to the other side of the room.

“Vegeta what are you-,” He was interrupted by Vegeta’s finger sliding down his lips.

“Kakarot shut up,” He said softly.

Vegeta put his arms around Goku’s neck as he brought his lips close to the larger saiyans.

Goku’s heart was racing, his face ignited, his breath quickened. He couldn’t believe what was happening. He put his arms on Vegeta’s waist. Goku Couldn’t wait any longer, so he went the rest of the way for Vegeta. It was a short soft kiss. When they pulled away, and their eyes met It was as if time had stopped.

“Kakarot,”Vegeta whimpered biting his lip,” I love you,” He mumbled there gazes inseparable.

Goku was sure his heart stopped, his breathing had stopped. Everything had stopped.

Vegeta couldn’t help himself he had to get another one. He lunged forward sending Goku on his back as Vegeta kissed him feverishly as his hands wandered down to his abs.

Every touch sent a jolt of pleasure through Goku’s body. The way Vegeta was touching him….The dare wasn’t supposed to be all of this.

Vegeta broke away from the kiss, and moved to Goku’s neck, and began to suck.

“Uhhh, Vegeta,”Goku pleaded in a low moan biting his lip. He could see were this was going. He could take a pretty clear darn guess in where this was going, so he reached over, and grabbed the webcam crumbling in his hand. Then his computer went crazy.


Goku looked over at the computer, wondering if he should cut it off or not, when Vegeta slid his pant’s off his waist. He took a few seconds to admire what he was seeing before he hesitantly gave Goku a questioning gaze.

It was almost like Vegeta was asking for permission. Wait Vegeta was asking for permission!? Goku gave him a gentle, but certain smile as an answer, and vegeta slid out of his pants. He lowered his head back over to Goku’s neck, and began to suck that same spot again. Vegeta ripped off his boxers, and began to slide himself in.

“Vegeta!,” Goku moaned at the sudden action as he tightened his grip on Vegeta.

Vegeta began to slide himself in and out of him slowly then he started to pick up the pace.

“OhMyGodsVegeta!,” Goku shouted as he jerked his hands off of Vegeta, and began to scrunch up the sheets under his hands. Vegeta still working on that hickey reached over, and held Goku’s hands as he started to move violently fast. He was letting out short grunts and low moans. Letting out Goku’s nick name here and then. The bed (which was very steady) Began to rock, and creek to Vegeta’s movements.

Vegeta dropped one of Goku’s hands,and reached for his sensitive spot, and began to stroke him swiftly.

“Shit! Vegeta don’t stop!,” The larger saiyan begged.

In response to this Vegeta started to stroke, and move faster.

Moans spilled out of Goku’s mouth as if he had no control over them.

“AaAh, Vegeta! I’m almost there!” Goku shouted right before he came in Vegeta’s hand.

“Kakarot!,” He moaned right before he filled Goku with his warm liquid.

Vegeta pulled himself out,and fell limp beside of Goku panting trying to catch his breath.

They laid there silent in a pleasure daze until Goku snapped out of it, and turned over the see Vegeta fast asleep. Goku took the blanket that he kept on the edge of his bed and threw it over Vegeta as he crawled under it, and snuggled up to Vegeta. He then whispered in his ear,” I love you too.” And drifted away into a peaceful sleep.

The next morning Goku woke up, and surprised Vegeta with breakfast in bed.

Later that day when he went to go shower. He looked in the mirror, and realized that he had a hickey in his neck…..Good luck leaving the house…

Oh and he checked his youtube show, and all the comments left showed that everyone was upset because the show had stopped…

Happy Birthday Goku ;)

Written by @superjustanotherfangirlstuff

❄December 3rd❄

A/N: Hello everyone! I hope your December is going well so far and you’re all good! I had lots of ideas for little Christmas imagines / scenarios / mood boards so I have decided to make my ideas into a kind of advent calender for all of you! I won’t be posting every day but rather every second or third day, so stay tuned if you like this series! In my imagines the reader and Jungkook live together and it’s kind of up to you to decide whether bts exists or if Jungkook is just a normal young man. Okay I’ll stop rambling now, thanks for reading and again I hope you have a good day! ❄ 

Words: ~1 860

Genre: fluff and lots of fluff


The first thing I realized when my eyes fluttered open was the brightness. We’d forgotten to close the curtains last night. I smiled at the memory of being so lost in each other, in each others body, we’d forgotten about such a simple thing. Then I realized the tiny snowflakes that were swirled around by the wind outside the window. Beneath the blankets it was warm and soft. Jungkook’s arm was draped around me lazily, his legs tangled with mine. My skin felt tingly where he touched me, which was basically everywhere, due to the fact that I was only wearing panties. I could feel his steady breathing against my neck. For a few moments I lay there in complete silence, closing my eyes for another few seconds and taking in the moment. Jungkook’s smell lingered on the sheets and in my nose, making me feel at home and more even, in love.

Then I slowly started debating whether I would be able to leave the bed without waking Jungkook up. The fact that he was clinging to me like a baby koala was not helping at all. Usually, he was a tight sleeper though, so I decided to try my luck. Carefully, moving inch by inch, I took his hand from where it lay on my belly and placed it against his own body. Then I untangled my legs from his and a minute later I stood next to the bed, shivering at the sudden cold. Yawning, I tip-toed over to the wardrobe, looking through it for something warm I could wear. As expected, my eyes wandered from my clothes to Kookie’s, grabbing a shirt that was almost too big for Jungkook himself, which made it into a dress for me. Then I put on my fluffy knee socks and slowly made my way out the room. Something on my skin caught my eye when I passed the big mirror on the wall. After all this time something as simple as hickeys could still make me blush to myself. I silently thanked god I wouldn’t have to leave the house that day as my fingers gently brushed over the red and purple marks on my neck. A red spot that was nearly fully covered by my shirt, close to my boob, let me know that Jungkook had been sure to hide more marks beneath my, or his, shirt.

My steps lead me through the house that was covered in Christmas decoration. Yes, even though it was only the beginning of December. Jungkook had insisted on helping me, and now even the highest places in the house were covered in fairy lights and other mainly red and green decorations. Downstairs I was greeted by a little, excited bundle of fur jumping around my legs, thankfully not barking. Our newest family member was only a couple months old, but had easily adapted to the home and never left mine or Jungkook’s side.

“Are you hungry, buddy?” I asked. “Do you want your breakfast?”

At the word ‘breakfast’, the puppy began jumping even more, making me chuckle to myself. He was still struggling with a few tricks we were trying to teach him, but when it came to eating he knew exactly what was going on and how he had to act. His little tail wiggled excitedly when he heard the rustling of the bag that held his food.

“Sit,” I demanded. Instantly he plopped backwards, his ears wiggling. “Good boy.”

Because we had only owned him for a short time I still drooled inwardly over his cuteness. Every time someone spoke to him, his little head would tilt to the side, his ears moving in interest. But the second his breakfast was served, he jumped to his paws and paid no more attention to me. Chuckling, I made my way into the kitchen and prepared some hot water for a cup of tea. When it was finished I strolled into the living room, sitting down on the sofa in our conservatory, wrapping myself up in a fluffy white blanket. Seconds later the puppy came wiggling into the room, obviously looking for me. Around me the glass allowed me to watch the countless snowflakes fly through the air. The snow had gotten heavier, covering the ground without leaving a single spot green, letting us know winter was finally coming. The little dog cuddled up to my side, but he lifted his head when he made out a voice behind us.

“You left me all alone in bed,” Jungkook’s raspy morning voice complained. I grinned when I saw his messy hair and tired eyes, my eyes then wandering over his bare chest, my chuckle getting stuck in my throat. Hickeys also covered his skin, all the way down to the waistline of the black sweatpants he had thrown on. As a sign of appeasement I opened my arms, waiting for him to sneak under the blanket next to me. He welcomed it, and I shivered when I felt how cold his skin was when he snaked his arm around my shoulder. While I offered him a sip of tea he stroked over the puppies’ head, making the little animal close its eyes in content.

“I like my shirt on you,” he announced, nudging his nose into my neck, taking in my scent.

“You tell me that every time I wear it,” I replied, smiling. He yawned tiredly before he had the chance to reply.

“Because it’s true,” he said, placing a gentle kiss on my cheek. Butterflies erupted in my stomach and my heart fluttered at his loving gesture. The moment couldn’t have felt more perfect, I thought to myself. Jungkook’s skin was slowly becoming warmer, making me enjoy his closeness, the both of us sitting quietly. There was something about snow that made it seem like time slowed down, like there was a layer of calmness over the world. There was nothing else I could fix on when there were snowflakes falling from the gray sky, dunking the world into a white, sparkling beauty.

“Let’s do something Christmas-y today,” I said dreamily, completely in awe of the snow.

“And what would that be?” Jungkook asked, smiling at me. I could see that his eyelids were still heavy, making him look adorable and sleepy. “Ooh wait! Let’s bake cookies! Pleeease!”

He dragged out the 'e’ like a little child begging their mother for something, and even though I hadn’t planned on baking cookies so early in December, the way he blinked at me gave me no choice.

“Alright, let’s do it,” I agreed, hugging him tightly. We sat together the whole morning, just cuddling and enjoying the moments. Later I got up, feeling ready to fully start the day.

“Let me get you a shirt and something warmer for me to wear, then we’ll start baking,” I announced, making my way to the stairs that lead to the bedroom.

“Don’t you like me shirtless?”, Jungkook shouted jokingly, but I was already on my way, laughing to myself. My amusement grew even bigger when I came back downstairs, hearing my boyfriend talking to our dog.

“Did you hear? We’re gonna bake cookies today!” he told the fluffy puppy, his voice high in excitement, as if he was talking to a little child. “You can’t have any, though, I’m sorry.”

“We can look up a dog-cookie recipe on the internet, if you want,” I interrupted him, grinning.

“Did you hear that?!” he half-shouted to the puppy, making it jump around in excitement, even though it had no idea of what was going on.

Ten minutes later we had laid out so many ingredients in the kitchen, nearly every surface that could be covered was full of them. Truth is, Jungkook wasn’t exactly a good cook. In reality, he had made the fire alarm go off around 4 times, scaring the hell out of me every single time. But that didn’t stop him from trying again and again, so there he was, throwing ingredients into a gigantic bowl. After the 5th time of me correcting something he was doing, not only did I feel bad, but he didn’t feel like participating anymore either. At first he just stood next to me, watching me make and then knead the dough, but after a while he got bored and left the kitchen. I was too lost in cooking to take a lot of notice of him leaving. Slow Christmas music was playing in the background, candles were lit on the windowsill and the whole kitchen smelled of cookies and cinnamon. I hummed to myself quietly, when suddenly I heard a small bark.

“Come back! You’re missing your hat!” Jungkook’s voice reached my ear. Seconds later our puppy came hopping into the kitchen, Jungkook following him shortly after. Before I could ask, he grabbed the dog and forced a weird-looking hat onto his head, holes in it for the little ears. A pair of antlers sat on his head, along with a red nose. He was wearing a brown, fluffy dog-jacket with a little reindeer tail at the back. He looked ridiculous.

“Stop laughing!” Jungkook complained, but cracked up too when I stared at him and laughed even more. “Isn’t he adorable?”

He pet the energetic dog that was currently trying to wiggle his way out of the costume, clearly finding no liking in it. Jungkook couldn’t seem to calm the puppy down, having to free him of the costume eventually. Meanwhile I took a look at the cookies that were in the oven, emitting a delicious smell.

“I think they’re finished,” I mumbled, but when I turned my head, my boyfriend was gone again. I shrugged it off and went back to taking the plate out of the oven, carefully not to burn myself.

“Baby! Come here for a second?” Jungkook suddenly shouted.

“Hold on a sec!” I replied. Wiping my hands on my apron, I walked through the hall and into the living room, where Kookie stood in the middle of it. The fairy lights that hung on the ceiling made the brown of his fluffy hair shine, his eyes sparkling and his smile cheeky.

“Come here,” he demanded. I came closer, he kept waving until I stood directly in front of him, a puzzled expression on my face. When I didn’t know what to do, he smiled even bigger and looked upward to the fairy lights. Following his eyes, my gaze fell onto the mistletoe that hung above our heads.

“Oh my god,” I mumbled, chuckling and holding my hands in front of my face. I couldn’t believe the way he stared at me with so much pride, chuckling when I shook my head in amazement. He didn’t mind my reaction though, he simply pulled my hands away and put them on his own shoulders, then taking my face in his hands. While my chuckle slowly calmed down he closed his eyes, bringing his lips to mine. I relaxed instantly, my eyelids falling close and my hands tangling in his hair when I tasted his familiar, soft lips. How could one not love this boy?

swanguk  asked:

Omg same(about buzzfeed unsolved) I know they probably won't catch anything on tape because they never do but I'm always lowkey stressed that something will happen. I love watching Ryan freak out tho lol. The zodiac killer one was really interesting but of the paranormal ones I liked the one where they did like 3 different paranormal places in one ep that one was so interesting. What about you??

ooh yeah that creepy doll island was so weird asdfhgkl I really like their paranormal ones too and I don’t usually get super spooked when watching them but for some reason the sallie house one was so unnerving to me lmao the zodiac killer one was interesting and so was the d.b cooper one! I’m also patiently waiting today for a new ep, just constantly refreshing the page ahah

anonymous asked:

Can you do a headcanon of kbtbb and ddiwt guys reacting when they first saw mc's period?( they don't know what is period. )

Hey anon! Firstly, I’m sorry for getting to this so late. I was slightly busy and didn’t really have the motivation to do anything then. :( Secondly, I personally feel like the KBTBB boys would know what periods are due to the fact that they’re already adults and so, because of that, I decided to switch it up a little! I hope that’s alright with you and I’ll do the DDIWT request in another post as I don’t want this one to be too long.

Lastly, I truly hope this is to your liking! <3

“…?! ______, why is there blood on the bed–”


“J-just make sure to clean that up.”


“______?! Why is there a blood stain on the sofa? Are you okay? Are you hurt?”

“Wait, what did you just say? That’s your…”

“O-oh. I see. I, uh, well.. If you need me to bring you to the convenience store or something, just let me know.”


“Surprise! I am home and ready to hop into the bathtub with yo– H-hey! Why is there blood droplets on the toilet floor? ______? You ok– Wait.”

“Is this… Your period?”

“Okay, okay! Stop shouting and freaking out! I’ll leave. Pffft.”


“Hey, koro? Why is the back of your skirt turning red?”

“OOH! Is your period here?!”

OUCH! D-don’t smack me! I’m sorry for saying it so loud but bad koro, bad!”


“Babygirl, why didn’t you tell me you hurt yourself today?”

“Whaddya’ mean ‘what’? There’s blood on the towel….”


“This isn’t normal blood, is it?”

(Since I haven’t played Shuichi or Luke yet, I won’t include their reaction.)

Rain (Dok2)

Anonymous asked: How about a Dok2 scenario where the reader asks him out, surprising him bc 1, he didn’t think he was her type and 2, she’s not usually the type to ask someone out?

Originally posted by korean-hip-hop

    You glanced over your shoulder as the bell on the front door jingled. It was Lee Joon-kyung, who got coffee at the shop you worked at almost every morning. You’d gotten to know him fairly well, and he waved at you as he walked in. “‘Morning!” you said, setting down the rag you were cleaning off a table with and hurrying back to the counter, washing off your hands quickly before walking over to the cash register to take his order. “The usual?” you asked.

    He nodded, reaching for his wallet. “Yup. It’s pretty quiet in here!’

    “Yeah,” you said. “I think it’s the rain. Not many people are out.”

    “Ahh,” he said. “Makes sense.”

    You smoothed your skirt as you waited for him to count his money. “Here,” he said finally, handing it to you. You quickly counted out his change and handed it to him before getting his drink started. “How late are you guys open, by the way?” Joon-kyung asked.

    “Eleven,” you said.

    “Cool,” he said. “I’ll probably be coming back for a pick-me-up.”

    “Long day ahead?” you asked, bagging a blueberry muffin from the display while his coffee dribbled slowly into a cup.

    He nodded. “Yup. Got a lot to get done.”

    “Ahh,” you said, handing him his muffin and putting a lid on the coffee in the silence that fell. “Here you go,” you said, handing him his drink.

    “Thanks!” he said cheerfully. “See you around!”

    “Bye!” you called after him as he walked towards the door.

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I was rewatching some of the old Hetalia episodes & thought of this. You: *lost a bet & has to wear cat ears for the rest of the day & 2p sees you.*

You: *gets cat ears put on your head by 1P!Greece*

2P!America: uh so… is that his way of showing his property? *eyes narrow, flicks the cat ears off your head* haha, then no way~ *yandere grin*

2P!China: *blushes* s-so cute… I… kinda wanna kiss you now… *intense staring*

2P!England: hehe, how about you say ‘meow’ for me?

2P!France: *raises eyebrow* cat ears. swoon.

2P!Russia: I hope you know that you look ridiculous…

2P!Italy: ooh, does this mean I can pet you?

2P!Germany: should'a been doggy ears

2P!Japan: *sneers* weeaboo.

2P!Canada: *walks by, sees you, keeps walking, turns to look at you a second time* whoa wait, what up with the ears?

2P!Romano: you remind me of Ariana Grande *laughs softly*

2P!Austria: hm… may I be your master?~

2P!Prussia: oh, how precious. where did you get those? *he wants them now*

((Admin: hey guys, I know no one here cares but I passed my driver’s test today! I’m still a teenager too and passed both written and driving tests on the first try. Q w Q I’m pretty happy so I’m trying to answer a lot of asks~ especially the old ones hhhhn.))

(Translation) Koisuru Henshuusha vol. 1

恋する編集者シリーズ  01 はつ恋。(R18! Proceed only if you’re above 18)

CV. Nakazawa Masatomo

T/N: More like a somewhat-detailed summary rather than a full translation, I guess. As per usual, my Japanese isn’t my first language so don’t hesitate to correct me if I got anything wrong.

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Frozen Fever Script!

So it took forever, but I have just typed out the entire script for Frozen Fever! 
Here you go! :D

Elsa: Okay, okay. Here we go. So lonely… Stiff. *GASP* Can’t do that! Come on Elsa. This is for Anna you can do this.
Kristoff: Relax. It looks great!
Elsa: I just want it to be perfect!
Kristoff: Speaking of perfect, check this out!
Elsa: Kristoff, are you sure I can leave you in charge here?
Kristoff: Absolutely.
Elsa: Because I don’t want anything to happen to this courtyard!
Kristoff: What could happen? It’s all set.
Elsa: Olaf, what are you doing!?!?
Olaf: I’m not eating cake.
Elsa: Olaf…
Olaf: But it’s an ice cream cake!
Elsa: And it’s for Anna.
Olaf: And it’s for Anna…
Elsa: *GASP* Oh, it’s time!
Olaf: Its time! For what?
Elsa: Okay… ahhhhhahh. Are you sure you’ve got this?
Kristoff: I’m sure.
Elsa: Don’t let anyone in before we’re ready.
Kristoff: I won’t.
Elsa: And don’t touch anything!
Kristoff: I’m just gonna stand here!
Olaf: I’m probably gonna walk around a little.
Elsa: And keep an eye on that cake!
Kristoff: She thinks you’re an idiot! Well clearly she’s wrong! Alright its fine.
Olaf: I can’t read… or spell!
Elsa: Pssst! Anna…
Anna: Yeah….
Elsa: Happy birthday!
Anna: To you…
Elsa: It’s your birthday!
Anna: To me… it’s my birthday…
Elsa: C’mon!
Anna: It’s my birthday?!?!
Elsa: Mm hmm, and it’s going to be perfect because…
You’ve never had a real birthday before
Except, of course, the ones just spent outside my locked door
So I’m here way too late to help you celebrate
And be your birthday date if I may…Achoo!

Anna: Elsa, I’m thinking you might have a cold
Elsa: I don’t get colds. Besides…
A cold never bothered me anyway
Anna: Woah… Fancy.

Elsa: Just follow the string!
Anna: Wait, what?

Elsa: I’ve got big plans, I’ve got surprises for today
Nothing but nothing’s gonna get in our way
I’ve worked for weeks, planned everything within my power
Olaf: Hello…

I even got Kristoff and Sven to take a shower

If someone wants to hold me back
I’d like to see them try
I’m on the birthday plan attack
I’m giving you the sun, the moon, and the sky! Achoo!

Olaf: Little brothers!

Elsa: I’m making today a perfect day for you
Anna: Ooh, a sandwich!

I’m making today a blast if it’s the last thing I do
For everything you are to me and all you’ve been through
I’m making today a perfect day for you

Achoo! Achoo!

Anna: They come in threes!
Elsa: I’m fine…achoo!

Surprise, surprise this one especially…achoo!
Anna: Wow! You’ve got me reeling, but I’m still concerned for you
I think it’s time that you go home and get some rest
Elsa: We are not stopping cause the next one is the best…ah…achoo!

Anna: Elsa, you gotta go lie down
Elsa: No way, we have to paint the town
Anna: But you need medical attention
Oaken: Are you sick? How ‘bout a cold remedy
Of my own invention
Elsa: No thanks
Anna: We’ll take it

Children’s Chorus: We’re making today a perfect day for you
Elsa: Making today a special day
Children’s Chorus: We’re singing a birthday song to make your wishes come true
Elsa: Wishes come true
Children’s Chorus: We love Princess Anna
Elsa: And I love you too
Children’s Chorus: So we’re making today a perfect day…in every way
Yes we are making today a perfect day

Olaf: I can fix it!
Kristoff: No, no!
Olaf: All fixed!
Kristoff: “Dry banana hippy hat”?!?!

Elsa: Come on! Now we climb!
Anna: Elsa that’s too much. You need to rest!
Elsa: No…we need to get to our birthday chills…I mean thrills!

Making dreams
Making plans
Go go go go!
Follow the string to the end
You are my very best friend

Anna: Elsa?!
Elsa: What? I’m fine

We’re gonna climb
We’re gonna sing
Follow the string
To the thing

Happy happy happy
Merry merry merry
Hot.. cold.. hot…birthday!

Anna: Woah! Elsa, look at you. You’ve got a fever. You’re burning up!
All right, we can’t go on like this
Let’s put this day on hold
Come on, admit it to yourself
Elsa: Okay…
I have a cold
I’m sorry Anna. I just wanted to give you one perfect birthday, but I ruined it. Again
Anna: You didn’t ruin anything. Let’s just get you to bed

Everyone: Surprise!
Anna: Wow!
Elsa: Wow…

Chorus: We’re making today a perfect day for you
Elsa: Achoo!

We’re making today a smiley face all shiny and new
Kristoff: There’s a fine line between chaos
Olaf: And a hullabaloo
Chorus: So we’re making today a perfect day
We’re making today a perfect day
A! N! N! A!
We’re making today a perfect day for you

Kristoff: Happy birthday
Chorus: Making today a happy day and no feeling blue
Kristoff: I love you baby!
Chorus: For everything you are to us
And all that you do
Kristoff: I do
Chorus: We’re making today a perfect day
Making today a perfect day
We’re making today a perfect day

Elsa: Perfect day

Anna: Okay, to bed with you.
Elsa: No, wait! Wait! All that’s left to do is for the queen to blow the birthday bugle horn!
Anna: Oh, no no no no no no no…
Elsa: ACHOO!

Anna: Best birthday present ever
Elsa: Which one?
Anna: You letting me take care of you
Elsa: Achoo!
Olaf: This way, Sludge and Slush and Slide and Ansel and Flake and Fridge and Flurry and Powder and Crystal  and Small Patch and William!
Kristoff: Don’t ask…

[ENG] 160708 Vernon’s Twitter Interaction With Fans

Opening Tweet: [17’s Vernon] What’s up!!!

Fan: Hansol-ie oppa, I finished my exam for today!!@!!@ Kyah
VN: You’ve worked hard.

Fan: No one looks at my mention *cries* There’s no more hope in getting a reply mention 😭  I was in a good mood because I did my exam well, I think I could fly if I receive a reply mention!!!!
VN: Here, fly.

Fan: I’m sleepy and because it seems like I won’t be getting a reply, can noona go to sleep?
VN:  Receive it and go to sleep.

Fan: Oppa, I’m playing the piano!
VN: Oh, I’ll be dancing in a bit.

Fan*: Bruh.
VN*:  Yuh. 

cr: kass @ what17says
© take out only with credits

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The Not-there-at Aaron Tveit @ House of Blues Boston Cryalong

Hi! We’re not there in Boston! Are you not there too? Cry along with us as we link to any notable media from his concert that we find on social media tonight right here in this cryalong liveblog…

This post will be updated till the concert ends, clips stop coming, or we cry too much and fall asleep on our keyboards, whichever comes first. Or last. Not sure.

Soundcheck: x (In Your Eyes - on tumblr here)
Dance With Somebody: x . x . x (tumblr post)
WANEGBT: x . x . x (shrug - on tumblr here) . x (tumblr post) . x . x
I Can’t Make You Love Me/All I Ask: x (1st line only) . x . x (ICMYLM) . x (AIA) . x (ICMYLM) . x (I lied I came back to add one more clip of ICMYLM - tumblr post)
Hallelujah: x (nice!) . x . x . x . x (tumblr post) . x . x
Confident: x . x
Shake it Off: x (just the “hella good hair” bit) . x . x (tumblr post) . x . x (tumblr post)
My Life Would Suck Without You: x (tumblr post)
In Your Eyes: x . x
Runaways: x . x
Creep: x . x-x . x . x . x (tumblr post)
Pop Medley: x (MLWSWY/Nice & Slow/Shake It Off) . x (Call Me Maybe/Confident/CRJ’s Run Away With Me - tumblr post) . x (Nice & Slow - tumblr post) . x (Nice & Slow - tumblr post)
Call Me Maybe: x . x (tumblr post)
Love Yourself: x . x-x (tumblr post) . x
Fix You: x . x . x . x . x
From Eden: x (tumblr post)
Your Eyes: x (tumblr post)

Liveblog (new->old): Aww yeah looks like full songs are starting to roll in (ren598 is posting again!) and clips are drying up so this seems like a good time to leave off - we’ll post a quick full-video list like we did with Irving Plaza in a few days when the YouTube uploads have stabilised if necessary. We’ve been awake for wAy too long now, so we’re off for a couple of hours before camping out for BrainDead (and hopefully a bit of Bethel?) again tonight!

Thank you so much to all the lovely people who posted pics and clips from the concert, we’re so grateful and we hope you had a great time! To anyone who’s been crying along with us on this post - I hope we helped a bit…! Goodnight!

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Poe, the little mousey I got today. He will get some friends soon (female African Soft Furred mice, as unfortunately, male U.S. pet store mice are too grumpy to have male companions due to crappy breeding). 

He’s a little guy & surprisingly well-mannered. I was standing around at the store waiting for them to bring him out & the guy beside me went “ooh what are you gonna feed him to?!?!?” & I said he was a pet & I left it at “frozen/thawed is really a better option to feed reptiles!” & didn’t go on a lengthy rant like I wanted so GO ME.

Not Good Enough (2/?)

Originally posted by staralbums

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Summary: Bucky thinks he isn’t good enough for you to love him (not giving a lot away gotta read it)

Warnings: swearing, slight smut (maybe not really sure), violence

Word Count: 2,261

Notes: thank you all for the great support, I honestly didn’t think it would get this much likes for my first writing thank you guys so much. <3 <3. Sorry I took me this so long to upload, it think I someone request me one but I can’t seem to find the message so please request against and sorry about the inconvenience. Thank you tumblr for the gif

A few days have passed since you found your boyfriend, Johnny flirting with someone else, you had thought of a plan that would reveal his true identity and daily you would remind yourself of what the plan was, so when the day you would actually test it would show the truth, “Ok (y/n) what’s the plan again? Oh yeah right ok so I’m going to call Luna one of my high school friends and tell her my suspicions and hopefully she will agree to help me with my plan, then I’ll text Johnny saying that I got tickets for a BMX motorcycle racing that was happening in your town, and asking him if wanted to meet up over there and see it together after work, after 30 minutes I’m going to text him saying, I  can’t make it and apologize , knowing his love for motorcycles  he is going to stay at to at least watch the show. That’s when Luna steps in and decides to sit next to him during the show and low key flirts with him and after the show she is going to hand him her phone number. If he calls her I will know that he would be capable of cheating and if he doesn’t I will know he is loyal.” “God damn it (y/n) I’m a fucking genius.” you said out loud with confidence.

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EXO's reaction to one of the members "coming out of the closet".


“Hahaha…So that’s how you like it…”


“Soo…Are you saying this to me because you like me?”


*trolling him* “Do you think you are the only one? I already heard three confessions today…”


“But I got naked in front of you and I showered with you…and that time…Oh dear God…”


“Hmm…What people say in these kind of situations? I’m sorry for turning you gay?!”


“Ooh…That explains a lot…”


“Yay! I always wanted a gay best friend…Oh, wait…Isn’t that what girls say?!”


“So you can help me make Xiumin jealous?!”


“Congrats! You are the last to figure it out!”


“You are WHAT?!”


“So that’s why you never refused to shower with me!”


“Ohh…I think I’ll get used to that…”

More Parent-Skyping Adventures
  • Me: And, guess what, today I wore a sweater with two colors and a skirt in a totally different color, but then I wore this new scarf from StitchFix that had ALL THREE colors in it, so I was like one of those people who coordinate their outfits.
  • Mom (does not have ADHD): Ooh, can we see your outfit?
  • Me: *runs to get outfit, which I actually put away for once, and returns*
  • Mom: *patiently waiting onscreen*
  • Me: Where'd Dad go?
  • Dad (who has ADHD): *returns with a fat orange cat in his arms* Look how big Apollo has gotten!

kindyco-rp-deactivated20170502  asked:

"Eteeeeernal." Kinder drawled out, wrapping his arms around the other and nuzzling his cheek. "Guess what I have planned for today?" he hummed, resting his chin on his shoulder as a smile stretched across his features, "A date-you and me, and our babies."

*blinking, Eternal smiles grandly and hugs Kinder as best he can around his stomach* REALLY?! This’ll be our first actual date!! Ooh I can’t wait!! Where are we going–should I dress up? Is it somewhere fancy? Or should I go wear something that DOESN’T make new look like a fat pig? I– o-ooh!! Thank you Kinder! *shower him in kisses, the space cat laughs as he turns a bright happy maroon, blue and pink nebulas moving across his skin*