ooh what a lovely pair

I walked into the kitchen one night and, straight away, I was met with a sight that shocked me -Dec had managed to open a tin of beans and get theminto a pan without losing any of his limbs which, by his standards, was like cooking a six-course meal on top of Mount Everest. But then he looked at me, then looked at the beans and uttered the immortal words, ‘what do I do with these?’ A few suggestions sprang to mind, but I won’t repeat them in print, so I told him to just heat them up and put them on the toast. He looked at me as If I’d just suggested rubbing them into his hair, and then he said, 'don’t be stupid, you’ve got to cook them properly - how will I know when they’re cooked through? I don’t want to catch salmonella…’ I tried to stay calm and told him the clue was in the title - the were BAKED beans, they’d already been cooked and he was just warming them up, but he wasn’t having any of it. He took one more look at the pan and made a big decision.
—  Anthony McPartlin - Ooh! What a lovely pair ..

30 day Ant and Dec challenge > Day 16: Favourite ‘Ooh What A Lovely Pair’ quote

*talking about the phone scandal with Saturday Night Takeaway callers and then being nominated for the best entertainers award* 

ANT: Winning the award represented to us that the audience believed us when we said we had nothing to do with the phone line scandal.

DEC: We were overwhelmed by gratitude. If we had lost the audience’s trust, that could have been the end

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