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Complicated / Bother!Reggie & Jughead

Prompt: Ooh can i request one where the reader has liked jughead for a while and she’s reggie’s sister and bc of him she can’t talk to him but one day betty tells her that jughead likes her and go from there? Idk if you wanna do it, but if you do, please tag me!

A/N: Here it is, hope you will like it even if it isn’t really great. I wrote this very quickly.
English isn’t my first language so I’m sorry if there are any mistakes.

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You were in the student lounge, rolling your eyes at any stupid jokes your brother Reggie and his friends were making when suddenly Archie and his gang entered into the room. No one of the football players focused on them but you kept staring at the tall raven-haired boy with the grey beanie, Jughead. If it was possible, he looked even more beautiful than usual. You have had a crush on him for as long as you could remember but you couldn’t even talk to him cause of your brother who hated him for no reason. Despite it, you were great friend with Betty and she didn’t know you liked Jughead cause then she would probably tell him.
-Hey Suicide Squad!- Reggie started laughing with the others for the nickname while you glared at him. You were really tired of his provocations, but Jughead just glared at him.
-Y/N, are you okay?- one of them asked loudly. Now all the people in the room were looking at you, included him.
-Yeah, I’m fine.- you just walked out of the room as soon as you could, not wanting to stay there a minute more.

-I hate biology.- you moaned while Betty was repeating you the same passage for the third time.
-You can do it.- she said. -You just need to focus.-
-No, I need to stop because if I keep studying I will scream.-
-Okay, five minutes.- she laughed softly. You two have studied for two hours now and you couldn’t concentrate on it anymore, even if tomorrow it would be the test and you didn’t know anything.
-How is going with Archie?- you asked from nowhere to break the silence.
-Oh pretty good, we’re friends again.- Her voice was a little sad on her last sentence but you decided not to investigate. -And what about you?-
-What do you mean?-
-Is there any special guy in your life?- she smirked. -Despite your brother, of course.-
-Oh, not at all.- you blushed, thinking about Jughead even if you weren’t together.
-Oh, please! I want tell anyone.- she pleased me with a puppy face.
-Okay fine but you promised.- You sighted and then smiled before saying it: -I like… Jughead. But you can’t tell the others, especially Reggie because he won’t let me date him… and of course Jughead cause I know he doesn’t like me in that way. We barely speak to each other.-
For all the time Betty had a shocked expression on her face and you were a little scared that maybe she liked Jughead too. But then she smiled and you relaxed a little.
-Y/N, this is fantastic!-
-Which part? The one where my brother hate him or the one where he doesn’t know me?-
-Definitely the one where you like him, because he likes you too!- she yelled happily. You kept looking at her to see if she was lying. You just couldn’t believe that your biggest crush liked you back.
-Tell me you’re not joking.- you whispered.
-I’m not, really. He always talks about you and how he just can’t talk to you cause of Reggie. Today he was really pissed when you left: he were there just because he knew you would be there too!-
Your heart start beating faster and you couldn’t help but smile back. Jughead liked you. But then you thought about Reggie and how disappointed he would be.
-It’s complicated.-
-Y/N,- she took one of my hand -you can’t let Reggie decide for you. You could be happy together, so please do what you want to do and not what people pretend you to.- she smiled sweetly.
-I will.-

The next day you were determined to approach Jughead, even if you would go against your big, overprotective and narcissistic brother. You were at your locker and when you saw him with Archie you couldn’t help but stare. And then you started thinking that maybe he didn’t really like you in that way and he would say no to you.
You saw Veronica with Betty who was looking at you with a cheering smile and you felt a little better, so you started walking to him and the ginger-haired boy.
-Hi.- you greeted them while they looked at you with a confused expressions. You have never really spoken to them before if it wasn’t for school stuff. -May I talk with Jughead? Alone…-
Archie tried to hide his smirk. He nodded at me before leaving and walking to the girls.
-Y/N, right?- he asked blushing a little, fixing his adorable beanie.
-Yeah,- you answered a little downcast -I, ehm, I was wondering if you wanted to…-
-Y/N, what are you doing with that creepy vampire?- You heard the voice of your brother down the hallway and your little smile died. He wrapped an arm around your shoulder in a protective way. You rolled your eyes at his gesture.
-Something I should have done before.- you said feeling a little braver and determined.
-What do you mean?- he asked confused. Jughead for all the time hasn’t told a word.
-Jughead, I know we don’t really know each other but I like you and I did it for a long time, so I was wondering if…?-
-Y/N, stop.- Reggie tried to say, but you didn’t care anymore.
-… if you wanted to go on a date with me?- you smiled softly at him. You waited for a reply but he didn’t say anything, just stood there with a shocked face.
-So?- you turned your head to face Reggie, who was looking at Jughead with furious eyes. -Are you going to answer or do I have to punch you?-
-I’d really love to.- Jughead whispered, staring at my big brother.
-Then, I think you should tell her instead of me.-
Jughead turned his face to me and blushed, then he added: -I’ve liked you for as long as I couldn’t remember too and I’d like to go on a date with you.- He smiled at you. Then he spoke again, this time a little scared: -But Reggie won’t be there.-
You laughed at his last sentence.

Concept: mythical predators adapting to modern life.

Charybydis is now a mysterious website. You click on one link. Ooh, that’s interesting. There’s another link and another one. And another. You go from reading about dogs to the history of eyebrows to, well, you don’t know what you’re reading about anymore. All you can do is stare at the screen. There are words. Are they in English? You don’t know. You click again and again. Your fingers ache from gripping the mouse. You starve. The whirlpool eats you up over the course of a week, a fortnight. They find you hunched over your laptop, a dried out husk.

Sirens that work in bakeries that always smell of your favourite sugary treats. Brownies that are soft and gooey on the inside and crunchy on the top, frosting so light and sugary that it’s like eating angel feathers. You are pulled in again and again, and when they judge you to have fattened up enough you never leave.

We were doing those “six word stories” in English class to describe our lives, and I was having trouble thinking of one. My friend goes, “Yours could be: ‘I have ADHD…. ooh, squirrel!!!’ Lol!!!” To be fair to her, I told her that was insulting and she apologized right after.

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LeoKamu ;)

The OTP that was honestly never meant to become one, but isn’t that how it works?

Ooh boy where do I even start? It’s the most developed out of all the ships for F! Corrin. That Drama CD established they always had a great relationship and all he wants to do is make her happy which is literally the cutest thing and their supports which I expected to be cheesy were actually cute and flowed well. In the Japanese version of the S support it’s hinted he always had feelings for her which makes me question especially with this manga (I’m literally praying it’s the Revelations route) how much he actually knew as a kid.

It’s a nice and very different take on the childhood friends to romance trope with the whole adopted siblings but not really it’s only in title she was locked in a tower and he came to visit her and even snuck her out with the risk of punishment from big bad dad and it’s just so adorable? And she teases him about his collar all the time but thinks the world of him also wants him to be happy and just-

Anyway I want them to kiss and be happy because they’re super cute and I love them

Kris has some trouble asking his (ex)wife Suho out on a date...
  • kris calling suho: hi my dear galaxy of mine
  • suho: ...
  • suho: what is it
  • kris: ooh don't tell me you're still mad at me?
  • suho slightly irritated: why did you call me
  • kris: well, next week i'm invited to the première of Ant Man in China, i can bring a guest as per usual. Does my dear Junmyeon want to join me to one a lovely trip to china and a great film afterwards?
  • suho: yea no
  • kris: what oh c'mone Suh-
  • suho getting really irritated: last time I was in china when u invited me and our son Tao over for a trip to Disneyland u chickened out. Do you know for how long I had to console Tao? DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH I HAD TO SPENT ON ICE CREAM AND SOUVENIRS??
  • kris: my dear galaxy of mine, I'm really sorry I had to film so long that day. But I swear my schedule is empty for next week.
  • suho: still no, y don't u go with you gf Fan Bing Bing eh?
  • kris: oh no she cant next week I asked she is in Ame-
  • kris hesitating: nonnonono dear galaxy of mine i didn't mean it like that i -
  • suho very irritated: don't u dare dear galaxy me. I need to go; Chanyeol is strangling Baekhyun again, I think he ate his food. I have so much work with these children, i still can't believe u left me alone with them. *hangs up*
  • kris: ... shit
  • ...
  • kris calling flower shop in Korea: hi yes, could u please sent 12 roses to the exo dorm pls, yeh for Suho. pls draw a lot of hearts on the card. yes, yes thank u v much.
  • ...
  • a few days later at the exo dorm suho receives 12 roses and calls kris:
  • kris very exited picks up the phone: hi dear galaxy of mine i guess this means u got the flowe-
  • suho: TWELVEE ??? U COULDN'T PICK A BETTER NUMBER COULD U *slams the phone down*
  • kris: ... fck
GOT7 Reaction

The one where you slap them.

REQUEST: If you do reactions, can you do a GOT7 reaction when you slap him on impulse while you two are fighting.


You slap him and walk out, only to have Jr come in and make sure he’s okay, but poor Youngjae is confused as hell, especially because you were yelling at him in english.


*Slap* JBitch mode activated


You slap him and storm out, but he has no idea what he’s done.




“Ooh baby, I didn’t know you liked it rough” 


“Okay, alright, I kind of deserved that.” 

Bam Bam

“Noo, no slapping, let’s just kiss instead.” 

BTS Scenario: searching their tags on tumblr and namjoon is the only one who understand English.

Namjoon: okay lets search bts tags on tumblr.

Jin: ooh it appeared!

Namjoon: *starts sweating*

Jin: are you okay? dont worry too much about translating to us okay? 

Namjoon: *nodded* *scroll scroll*

Jimin: eh hyung why are you scrolling so fast we cant read

Namjoon: theres not much tag of ours in this website

Taehyung: hyung i thought you were a rapmonster not blindmonster, theres thousands of tags about us here. 

Namjoon: …

Jungkook: ah hyung they talk alot about ships! i wonder if they take us on a cruise! 

Namjoon: *basically praying on his knees*

Jimin: wait wait wait, i just noticed this user post alot about us.

Hobie: lets check her page! 

Taehyung: her link is jimin-delicious-butt-crack.

Jungkook: namjoon hyung, what is a butt crack?



Namjoon: *pulls the main power*

a week later…

Bang PD: tumblr website is banned for every bts member. if you were caught to open it, you will receive severe punishment, all of you. that is all. 

BangPD: *open website* oh. “Reblog if you ship JiKook”

BangPD: … *looks around suspiciously*

BangPD: *reblogged* 

BangPD: bless this website

isabelekuran replied to your post “what other games do you play or have you played?”

wow you play more otome games than I do. by the way OzMafia is really worth the play. I’m sure the Japanese version is a bit different from the English one but based on the English one it’s pretty amazing. The art is similar to DL so it’s easy to confuse a character or two at first but once you get playing it’s really fun. It has some dark parts to it too.

Ooh, yay! I knew nothing about OzMafia when I bought it, I just got it because it was on sale lol 

Haha, I still need to play like 90% of that list >.>;; I just tend to purchase a lot of games and then leave them for months before getting around to playing them. 

TLOS is sold out at the Hong Kong book fair!

A Chinese woman at Hong Kong’s annual (and super crowded) book fair asked the clerk at an English book seller whether they have a certain book (shows the clerk a picture on her phone). The clerk said “we still have the red one but are sold out of the blue one, the blue one is the new one” and I immediately thought “ooh I bet I know which book they are talking about.” I crept up behind the disappointed woman and peeked at her phone and lo and behold! She was indeed looking for the new The Land of Stories book by Chris Colfer!

Congrats Chris for the global great sales!