ooh such a cutie pie

anonymous asked:

You are an alright dude that I relate to in several ways. I want to be more blunt and abrasive sometimes, and I live vicariously through your cartoonish, exaggerated loathing of things that are kind of annoying but essentially okay when it comes down to it. Sometimes I picture an actual muppet with huge eyebrows and noodly arms when I picture your existence irl even though I have seen your selfies. Draw a Mareanie.

I don’t want to ruin the movie magic for anyone but most of the time IRL I’m ordinarily a pretty reserved fellow, at least on the surface level

I think part of the reason I like tumblr because I can shout streams of the enraged nonsense that constantly clouds my vision of my day to day life into these heinous blue depths and somehow find an audience for it. it’s somethin else

ooh yea Maerenie’s a cutie pie I’ll def draw one