ooh sick burn

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Hamilton

Part 1/6


Pairing: jamilton (hamilton x jefferson)

Word Count: 1274

Premise: modern law school au - Thomas works in the library where Alex spends all his time.

a/n: first part in a series! I don’t think it’ll be very long, probably like 10 parts or something but who knows! BONUS: see if you can catch the In the Heights reference :3

Thomas highlighted a passage from the casebook, jotting a quick note in the margins. Trying not to let the stress get to him, he did his best to take in every word of the case. The next day he would have to write a test on this, but for some reason his brain wasn’t computing the information properly. He sighed, checking the clock. He still had half an hour left on his shift. The library was dead, which let him study, but all he wanted was to go back to his apartment and sleep and maybe watch some TV with his roommate James.

Thomas let his eyes drift closed, the highlighter falling to the counter as his hand went slack. His chin comically dropped to his chest as he fell more deeply asleep.


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To the seven + Nico + Thalia: Favourite God?
  • *Olympus* *Gods watch Hephaestus TV*
  • Apollo: Ooooooh! Interesting question. YO HEPHAESTUS
  • Hephaestus: YEAH
  • Hephaestus: YEAH, WHY?
  • Apollo: Round up the Olympians, we're paying the kids a little visit
  • *Camp Half-Blood*
  • Percy: I -
  • *Gods appear*
  • Zeus: We heard the question and were curious
  • Aphrodite: YO HADES! GET YO ASS UP HERE!
  • Hades: Wazgoinon? I just got Cerberus to sleep
  • Aphrodite: Look at the question
  • Hades: Oooh, torture! My favorite
  • Jupiter: Hephaestus, my Greek friend here, has a lie detector
  • Hephaestus: Sup
  • Jupiter: Jason, you first
  • Jason: *sweats* Um...
  • Hades: We have all eternity
  • Jason: Jupiter
  • • beep • beep • beep •
  • Jason: Fine! It's Poseidon
  • Hades: *hands Poseidon 100 sand dollars*
  • Jupiter: *single tear rolls down cheek* Juno I need a hug
  • Juno: Not happening. You cheated on me to have him
  • Jupiter: She was pretty
  • Juno: And I'm not?
  • Jupiter: For my own safety, I'm not answering that
  • Juno: *glares*
  • Poseidon: That's one for Team Fish! *fist bumps Jason* Percy?
  • Percy: Hestia
  • Hestia: *waves* I got noticed *dances*
  • Poseidon: B-B-But Team Fish
  • Percy: My opinion dude
  • Poseidon: Fine! I see how it is *sniffs*
  • Athena: My daughter will make the wise choice
  • Annabeth: *glares at Hera* definitely not that cow over there
  • Hera: *flicks hair* *sticks nose in the air*
  • Annabeth: Honestly, I'm a subscriber to Team Fish
  • Poseidon: YUSH! TEAM FISH FTW! See, your girlfriend likes me
  • Percy: *shrugs*
  • Annabeth: *high fives Poseidon* Group photo?
  • Nyx: *from Tartarus* DON'T TRUST A GROUP PHOTO FROM HER
  • Team Fish: *group photo*
  • Zeus: Wait! My Roman self forgot about my Greek kid! What's her name? Tia? Make the Greeks proud Tia
  • Thalia: THALIA
  • Zeus: *looks hopeful* what's your answer Leah?
  • Thalia: *roles eyes* obviously my bestie
  • Zeus: *leans forward hopefully*
  • Thalia: Artemis
  • Zeus: *looks at Hera upset*
  • Hera: She was also an extramarital affair WITH THE SAME WOMAN!!!
  • Zeus: You're mean
  • Artemis: YASSS!!! All the single ladies all the single ladies all the single ladies all the single ladies! Now put your hands up
  • Hunters: *puts hands in the air* *dance off with Artemis*
  • Aphrodite: *looks on disgusted* Piper?
  • Piper: Unlike Jason, I won't try to spare your feelings. I'm Team Fish all the way
  • Aphrodite: Why is everyone choosing Poseidon?
  • Piper: 'cause the dude's real chill
  • Poseidon: Eeeeeyyyyyy *starts conga with Team Fish*
  • Pluto: Hazel?
  • Hazel: Um, sorry, but Hecate
  • Hecate: It's a kind of magic
  • Hazel: What are you singing?
  • Hecate: Queen
  • Hazel: The Queen does songs now?
  • Hecate: No, it's a band
  • Hazel: The Queen's a band now?
  • Hecate: No, not a band as in a rubber band! Ugh, it's like the Chicken Nuggets all over again
  • Hazel: How can a chicken be a nugget?!
  • Hecate: Come with me. I need to show you YouTube
  • Hazel: I don't have a tube
  • Hecate: Ugh, come on!
  • Everyone: . . .
  • Frank: I know the feel
  • Mars: Ah, Frank. You haven't answered
  • Frank: Fudge
  • Everyone:
  • Frank: Excuse my language
  • Everyone:
  • Frank: Ok... Did I d cross the line?
  • Everyone:
  • Frank: I'm just gonna answer the question. Sorry dad but everyone already knows it's Apollo
  • Apollo: Because I'm awesome and hot!
  • Artemis: *calls from distance* no your not
  • Apollo: Yes I am
  • Artemis: Not
  • Apollo: Am
  • Artemis: Not
  • Apollo: AM
  • Artemis: NOT
  • Apollo and Artemis: NO
  • Apollo and Artemis: And your massive group of friends is going to help you
  • Zeus: I have feelings you know!
  • Apollo and Artemis: We know
  • Zeus: Why is everybody being so mean today?
  • Hephaestus: I'm surprised my son has managed to stay quiet so long
  • Leo: *playing on games console*
  • Leo: Yes
  • Leo: And that's why you're my favorite God
  • Hephaestus: See, my son's loyal
  • Hades: It's just you, Nico
  • Nico: Team Fish *joins conga line*
  • Hades: Fine, your banned from seeing Cerberus for a week and I'm cutting off your shadowtravel allowance for the week
  • Nico: *shrugs*
  • Poseidon: WHOOP!
  • Percy: I thought water wasn't your type
  • Nico: No, I said YOU'RE not my type
  • Leo: Ooh, sick burn bro
  • Percy: *sniffs*