ooh ooh pick me!

Taliesin, and by some extension Percy, must be so jealous that Vax fell ass-backwards into being the gothiest motherfucker in Vox Machina. Dude wears all black, is associated with ravens, is the Champion of the Goddess of the Moment of Death, and wrestles with dark emotions on the regular. 

Meanwhile, Percy, played by Mr. Executive Goth himself, is at his happiest we’ve ever seen him, and his character has become lighter and lighter ever since the Briarwood arc. He makes seashell jewelry for his friends. He hasn’t gotten the chance to wear the cool plague doctor mask in ages. He still got a chance to bathe/drown in the pool of blood during the Duskmeadow episode, but he’s barely been involved with the Raven Queen since then. 

Next thing you know we’ll see Percy in pastels (and I mean, after all, apparently one of Whitestone’s colors is lavender). 

Highlights from speaking to summer camp children today:

The best feeling today was hearing hundreds of children screaming “Harley I love you!!!!” :’)

I saw a little girl with blonde pigtails and I said “Hey! Are you stealing my look!” And she hurriedly went “No!!! I always wear it like this!!!” And I said “Hmmm okay but I’m watching you…”

I saw a little girl with red hair and I went “Batgirl!?!” and she said “No! I’m *name*.” And I said “Nice try, Batgirl. I know it’s you.” And she pleading “Really!! I’m not!!” And I asked “Would you tell me if you were Batgirl?” And she said “Yes I promise!!!”

The MC was going around asking what the best superpower was and it was a gymnastics camp so I said “Ooh ooh pick me Mr. Microphone Man!!!” And so he came over and I was like “Gymnastics is the best superpower!” And ofc everyone cheered.

And I did Harley trivia and handed out Batman silly bands to people who answered right. And I said “They didn’t have Harley silly bands. That’s the REAL crime here. Persecute THAT, Batman.”

Gosh I love being Harley on stage for kids.