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It’s the way he pulls him closer                         Natural magnetism draws him in   

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hi hello well my last follow forever was in august and because everyone has been doing them i decided to make a holidays/new year follow forever (when i should be revising for exams), but i really wanted to make this so. I’ve had this blog for a little over a year (i know, a year blogging solely abt these idiots) and i’ve made more friends than i ever thought i would (which was zero so i guess it wasnt that hard bUT) and it feels awesome finally having people on here i talk to bUT enough of me saying random stuff no one really cares abt ((btw if ur in italics it means i consider us pals if u dont then this is awkward))  ♡

shout out to my personal squad and baes (hover for that cute message) cutebrads | veryhydra | moansmuke | ayyirwin | tinselconnor | calumnotasianhood


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im sure in the whole christmas url/not christmas url bc its not christmas anymore i have forgotten people or used wrong urls so IM SORRY IN ADVANCE but here is my blogroll bc legit everyone i follow is a+

ily u all and even if i dont follow u im still in heart eyes bc of u thank u for making my year on tumbr great <3