ooh friends!

because i havent seen a single post like this before

im 100% there for anyone with uncomfortable intrusive thoughts that are not cute

  • intrusive thoughts that are violent towards yourself or others
  • intrusive thoughts that are against your morality
  • intrusive thoughts that are gross
  • intrusive thoughts that are sexual

they exist

just because your intrusive thoughts are violent, doesnt mean that you are!
just because your intrusive thoughts are against your morality, doesnt mean that you went against it!
just because your intrusive thoughts are gross, doesnt mean that you are!
just because your intrusive thoughts are sexual, doesnt mean that you are!

your intrusive thoughts alone dont define you

  • they alone dont make you violent
  • or immoral
  • or gross
  • or sexual

but in any way: your feelings towards your intrusive thoughts are valid

I’m fairly certain Katie McGrath has no idea how unbelievably gorgeous she is and it is both sad and incredibly endearing. Like she comes out ready for the red carpet looking a solid 20/10 and her friends are oohing and ahhing over her but she just scrunches up her shoulders and sticks out her tongue like a dork. It’s just way too easy to love her.

Tag Yourself

Kirk Friend - The friend that’s always happy but injured 1701% of the time. Super smart and doesn’t want the attention. Illogical™
Spock Friend - The friend that is calm, intelligent and super done with the Kirk Friend but loves them anyway
Bones Friend - Emotional but smart, perceptive and is exasperatedly affectionate for the Kirk friend. At odds with the Spock Friend but in a friendly way. Mom Friend™
Scotty Friend - Needs coffee to function. Incredibly dedicated to what they do. Smol nerd who is constantly cracking jokes and innuendos but can be serious when it’s called for
Chekov Friend - Very smol but can and will kick your ass. Can smart laps around you and is very bubbly. Close to the Sulu Friend and is Energetic™. Gives off an innocent vibe but is actually worse than everybody combined
Sulu Friend - Talented driver. Close with the Chekov Friend and makes bad puns with the Kirk Friend. Smart and likes plants. Gay best friend. Ooh myyyy
Uhura Friend - Queen. Loves all of the other Friends like family. Keeps everybody together and isn’t afraid to beat sense into anybody. Talented roaster. Will verbally burn you and you’ll find out 10 years later. Knows all the words and languages
Jaylah Friend - Doesn’t understand a lot of modern things but knows how to fight like a badass and more importantly like a girl. Super smart and knows how to work. BFFs with the Scotty Friend. Badass makeup. Knows what she’s doing

diana wynne jones moments that Fuckign Kill Me:
- the scene in howl’s moving castle where howl shows up in total disarray and sophie’s like “he must really love ms. angorian :(” and NO SOPHIE. HE REALLY LOVES YOU.
- the bit in charmed life where janet is the FIRST PERSON EVER to even NOTICE how fucked-up cat’s demeanor is and she probably KNOWS it’s all gwendolen’s fault and just want to protect this smol child that nobody has ever really cared for since his parents died
- the fact that cat, extremely powerful nine-lived enchanter, uses his Super Powerful Enchanter Magic to. get the horse chestnuts to ripen. what a wonderful darling.
- nan and estelle. BEING FRIENDS. also “oh goody! i’m a witch!” estelle my wonderful child
- fuckign calcifer.
- sophie realizing how she’s fucking gorgeous actually
- michael and martha. being. fucking adorable.
- cat getting to STAND UP FOR HIMSELF and say “actually no you had no right to keep vital information about me and make me feel like GRABBING SOME DRAGON BLOOD AND HOPPING OVER INTO TH E NEXT WORLD was the only option I had left” . also taking his magic back from gwendolen holy hell.
- characters showing love and agency and thought and using incredible incredible magic and ! Fuck! This woman was a genius and will live in my heart forever!!

Joly studying for finals is terrifying. He’s normally so sweet and cheery to the point where literally nothing can ever make him truly mad (unless it’s social injustice), so his friends don’t know how to handle him when it’s finals week.

He’s a bio and anatomy double major with a pre med track. It’s impossibly difficult. His stress manifests into absolute rage during finals.

He locks himself in his room and only leaves to get more tea, hair wild and sticking up everywhere, and murder in his eyes.

Symphogear XD Unlimited - Memoria Card “Princess Hug” EN TL

Kirika wore some new clothes and high heels she’s not used to. But when Tsubasa sees Kirika having a hard time walking, she can’t just stand there doing nothing…

Shirabe: Kiri-chan, if you don’t hurry, we’ll be late.

Kirika: Hold on, Shirabe. J, just need a little longer……

Shirabe: I’ll wait as long as you need, but……

Kirika: …I would say, but I’m done getting ready! Let’s get a move on, Shirabe!

Shirabe: So you were good to go after all.

Kirika: Alright, let’s get going!

Kirika: Sorry to hold you up!

Shirabe: Are we a little late?

Maria: You aren’t. This is when we said to meet.

Tsubasa: Hm. As you’d expect.

Kirika: Alright!

Shirabe: Ah, what about Hibiki-san?

Tsubasa: ……hrmph, when it comes to Tachibana, she’s beyond repair.

Hibiki: Sorry! I made us late-!

Chris: Thanks to you, I’m late too!

Tsubasa: Pay it no mind. Let’s hear you out along the way.

Maria: Alright. Let’s be on our way!

Hibiki: Ahh~ Shopping with everyone is so fun!

Miku: Hibiki, it’s dangerous if you don’t watch where you’re walking.

Tsubasa: Such tranquil days…… these are superb as well.

Maria: Indeed. We haven’t known how nice casual days like these could be.

Kirika: Ah, those clothes are really cute! I wanna try ‘em on……

Shirabe: Yep, I think they’d fit you well, Kiri-chan.

Kirika: Uu, but I’m not sure…… they look super expensive……

Hibiki: Oh, and the cool clothes next to them look like they’d be perfect for Tsubasa-san!

Miku: If Tsubasa-san wore those clothes, she’d be just like a prince.

Tsubasa: Hurm…… should I be happy, or should I be sad……

Tsubasa: But you did kindly say they would fit me. Perhaps I’ll get them as a one-time commemoration……

Hibiki: Then after you do that, please show us! They’re definitely perfect for you!

Chris: ……hey, aren’t you already going to give in to the temptation? You’ve gotta go do this kind of thing with all your heart.

Kirika: You’re right! Okay, I’m going for it~……

Kirika: Oof…… I feel like I really don’t have enough……

Maria: If that’s the case, I’ll buy them for you.

Hibiki: T, that card!

Shirabe: That working adult shine……!

Kirika: But…… you can’t buy this for just me.

Maria: It’s fine; every now and then, you could let me be like a big sister to you all.

Shirabe: That’s great, Kiri-chan.

Maria: Shirabe, if you’d like something too, go ahead and tell me.

Tsubasa: When it comes to you, Akatsuki, Maria can be like a big sister. It’s fine to take advantage of that from time to time.

Kirika: If that’s how it is… fine by me!

Hibiki: Let’s take a breather in the park.

Maria: Oh my, this is such a nice spot.

Shirabe: Kiri-chan, are you fine with those new clothes?

Chris: On top of that, she wore the heels Maria bought her all the way here. Hey, you gonna be okay on those stairs?

Kirika: Hmhm-m, today I’m a woman!
-ah, ah, ah….. oh no!

Shirabe: Kiri-chan!?

Tsubasa: Ah, watch out!

Tsubasa: -are you okay?

Tsubasa: It must be harsh wearing heels for the first time on these stairs.
……very well, stay like that, and I will carry you.

Hibiki: -Tsubasa-san, how princely……!

Maria: So you’re doing it…… Tsubasa.

Chris: If it’s her, then that makes her some big-shot samurai, doesn’t it?

Tsubasa: Akatsuki, don’t move. It’s difficult to carry you.

Kirika: B, but, but…… ah……

Shirabe: Kiri-chan, your face is red……

Kirika: De, de-de-death!

No notes this time either. Time for something cute and not painful. Attempting without a TL check this time around, but if you have the source and notice anything off with my translation, please contact me and I’ll happily correct it and credit you! And as ever, my gratitude to @carolnein for keeping my renditions of speech comprehensible.

derrekshales  asked:

sterek + #6 or 15 for the prompts please??

“I’d kill for a coffee … literally.”

Stiles slumped into the seat, throwing his head back and groaned, “I’d kill for a coffee … literally.”

Around him, the coffee shop was bustling with life. From baristas racing to finish orders and take new ones to customers chatting. The decorations from Christmas were still up even four days after, giving Stiles the biggest ache for a day off.

From where he was rapidly typing away across from Stiles, Derek muttered, “He does this every day.”

Stiles straightened himself immediately and jerked his head to the side, narrowing his eyes at Derek, “What’s that supposed to mean? Huh?”

“I’m just saying,” he clarified, glancing up and shrugging his shoulders quickly, “you do tend to say the same thing every single time you finish your shift, muttering about someone’s unnecessarily complicated order or yelling at the cashier.”

Stiles huffed, “It’s the torture of being a barista, I swear. Der, customer service is a terrible job prospect. You should be grateful that you never have to deal with it.”

“Trust me, I am.”

Stiles leaned forward with his hands on the table, “So, whatcha workin’ on there? Is it your new novel? Can I read some? Did you finally end up writing a chapter? Did you finally name a character after me? If I find out that Scott gets a character named after him and I don’t, I’m going to cry.”

Derek stopped typing and stared at him, a smile itching to form at the corners of his mouth. He looked slightly amused, maybe even—dare he say it—fond. “Scott gets a character because he’s my cousin. You are Scott’s friend.”

“Is that all I am?” Stiles tried to make sure his voice stayed light and airy, but he wasn’t sure if he succeeded. Sure, he was related to his best friend—nay, his bro—but that didn’t mean that Derek didn’t mean something to Stiles. In fact, though he may deny this to anyone who ever asked, Stiles had been harbouring a massive crush on Derek since the day that he walked in, hair windblown, head-to-toe clad in leather with his glasses on. And it got worse when all Stiles could feel was heat pooling into his stomach when he saw that Derek wore henleys and sweaters under all that leather.

“No, you’re also a pain in my ass,” Derek replied, his fingers already speeding away on the keyboard.

“Hilarious, Derek, didn’t know you could make jokes.” Stiles looked away towards a couple on a date on the other side of the store.

“Of course, didn’t you know that I was planning on being a comedian? Writing is just something I do for fun.”

Stiles turned to face Derek again, arching a single brow.

“Stiles, you’re one of my closest friends, alright? I don’t just make jokes or socialize with just anyone. I’ve stayed up watching you throw up both into a toilet and onto me. I’ve seen you inhale cake. You’re a pain in the ass, but you’re one of my pains in the ass. And besides, I never said you weren’t in the novel; it’s not my fault that you jump to conclusions way too often,” Derek smirked.

Stiles couldn’t help but grin widely, a small blush beginning to crawl up onto his face. Derek called him one of his closest friends. “Ooh, getting all sappy there, aren’t we, Mr. Hale?”

Derek glared. Stiles would’ve been terrified if he didn’t know how much of a softie Derek truly was. “Don’t make me write you sonnets.”

“Can you?!” Imagine that, Derek Hale writing Stiles Stilinski sonnets and poetically performing them outside of his window.

“No. For that you have to date me.”

Derek was flirting. With him. Derek was flirting with him—in his own weird way, of course. “Fine, pick me up at six tonight, Hale. With a sonnet.” Stiles winked.

Derek smiled back at him, soft and warm. Stiles hoped, quite desperately may he add, that his heart would slow the fuck down and let him just melt into a puddle.

“It’s a date.”

My modern teacher asked me to be in her professional company!!!

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Hey here's an idea for a drabble how about the whole gang goes out to Rita's or something and Elain gets super drunk and Az has to take care of her?

[This is probably not what you had in mind. LOL. I apologize for nothing.]

Elain Archeron is a light weight. If you looked up the definition in the dictionary, you’d find her picture. One beer and she is toasty and warm and giggling.

She’s sitting between Feyre and Azriel in a booth at Rita’s, telling them about the birds and the bees. The literal birds and bees in her garden. Then she starts talking about Graysen. She’s long been over him, but since they’re talking about the garden…

“He touched me in the garden once,” she says. Feyre’s eyes go wide (she’s got a healthy buzz) and her jaw drops. Azriel sits straight as a board and stares very hard at his drink.

“Shut. Up.” Feyre says.

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There were a ton of great artists at the October mcm london expo this year and I had no self control

so I commissioned these 4 lovely artists to all draw Coran my man

@jesstarts @p-kom @hollydrawsthings @mayachwan

Friend: Ooh, tell me what kind of guy you want, and I’ll set you up.

Me: Well, he should be around six feet in height and born in 1995.

Friend: So early twenties and tall. That’s eas-

Me: He should also have a heart-fluttering wink and the fluffiest hair. Also, extremely dorky and funny and smart and talented.

Friend: Ummm-

Me: AND his name is Johnny Seo.



Me: Yeah, I guess anybody nice then…


twelve days of twelve // day one: the moment you fell in love with the 12th doctor

i was being chased by a giant dinosaur but i think i managed to give it the slip.

Three’s a Crowd

Malia Tate x Lydia Martin x Female!Reader

Fandom: Teen Wolf

Author: T💕

Request: “Malia, Lydia, Y/N threesome? Make it long pls.”

Warnings: Language, female x female smut, smut (obviously), oral, threesome

   I happily walked to where my girlfriend asked me to meet her this weekend. I saw Lydia standing around looking at her phone.

   “Hey, baby!” Lydia pushed her strawberry blonde hair behind her ear.

   “Hiya, sweet thing!” I smiled at Lydia brightly. She is seriously the finest thing in my life.

   Lydia leaned down and kissed my lips. We both smiled as we kissed. We pulled away and Lydia took my hand in hers.

   Malia Tate walked up shortly after our kiss. My stomach erupted with butterflies. Now, don’t get me wrong, Lydia Martin owns my heart, but I have honestly always had a thing for Malia. And who wouldn’t? She is so damn perfect in every way.

   “Hey, pretty ladies.” Malia hugged me and then Lydia.

   “Hey, love.” Lydia said. “So, do you want me to ask her or do you want to ask her?”

   I rose my right eyebrow. “Ask me what?”

   “It’s fine, Mal, I can do it.” Lydia said.

   My girlfriend looked me in my eyes. “Y/N, babe, I have a serious question for you. I need you to think about it clearly, okay?”

   “Okay.” I nodded.

   Lydia brought Malia forward. “Do you want to have a threesome with Malia and me? Now, Y/N, if you don’t–”

   I crashed my lips into Lydia’s and roamed her mouth with my tounge. I pulled away and bit my lip.

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Dating Yongguk would be like...

Have you ever done a dating Yongguk post? Like the bullet point list one?? I am curious as to what it would be like. Sorry if you have! I just couldn’t find it on your masterlist. Also, sorry if requests are closed. Thank you, lovelies!!

Yas my BAP bias here we goooo

  • okay so this cutie aish he would be so nice to just chill with
  • like he’s the type to go get takeout and then watch a movie with you on the couch
  • I feel like it would take a little while for him to open up to you?
  • He just doesn’t want to get hurt and his anxiety kicks in with these kinds of things
  • ooh ooh imagine your sibling/friend calling you and asking you to babysit their daughter
  • and having to bring him along
  • He’s at first like “what if they dont like me omg what iF SHE HATES ME”
  • and ur just like
  • he’s not reassured
  • but then he meets her and she adores him as much as her own parents
  • and askjsfjdfkjsd you’re so happy and he’s happy
  • and he just gives you this look
  • “no Yongguk im not having kids yet”
  • “>> *sigh* okay”
  • Comforting him when his anxiety gets really bad
  • making pillow forts in the living room and sleeping in them
  • Him randomly being really derpy and making you laugh
  • like one minute you’re both just enjoying a cup of coffee at a quaint, tiny shop
  • and he’s smiling at you a little shyly but also really sweetly
  • and the next you’re choking on your latte bc he’s making possibly T H E derpiest face ever
  • Sitting in his lap
  • like not sexy or anything
  • literally just sitting
  • and he’s got his arms around your waist and you’re just snuggling in the recording room
  • Imagine going to meet his parents
  • and his mom is so happy to meet you
  • she practically hugs and feeds you to death
  • and also shows you Yongguk’s baby pictures
  • meanwhile the poor man is dying from embarrassment
  • Him showing up at your apartment with flowers or some other small, sweet treat
  • I feel like he’s pretty romantic but not overly showy about it?
  • He wants you to feel like a Queen™ 
  • on the streets and in the sheets tbh
  • which reminds me
  • sex with Yongguk would be so nice???
  • like he’d be so into pleasuring you and making sure you’re in complete bliss
  • But overall dating Yongguk would be amazing
  • he would only have eyes for you, that’s for sure




It was almost midnight - the campground was quiet except for the distant rumble of the waterfall and the nightly chirp of crickets. Everyone was sleeping soundly in their tents…except for two…whispering to each other as they tiptoed their way into the woods. 

Ember: Are you sure you know where you’re going??? 

Lilith: Positive - keep quiet kid - we don’t want to wake the mama bear now do we? 

Ember: Definitely not.

They made it far enough out of the campground and giggled with delight. Ah the joys of breaking rules, sneaking out, and being with your best friend. This was a night they were never going to forget…