ooh foreshadowing

104 Reasons to Live #91

“I can’t believe they’re letting Jaeger command a team.”

“Why not?  He’s on track to make the top ten, you know.”

“Yeah, but he’s not that good.  I feel bad for the guys in Squad 34.”

“I dunno, he seems like a good leader –”

“Oh please.  He talks big but he’s a suicidal idiot.  I’d never want to follow someone like that, he’s gonna get them all killed.”

“You don’t know that.  And Armin’ll probably be on that team too, right?  He’s our best strategist.”

“Yeah.  If anyone can keep Jaeger in check, it’d be Armin.”

“Well. That’s not quite what I meant.”

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from kekkai sensen volume 10:

“Ahh the first season has finally come to an end, onto the next phase….
Why am I doing this?
Because I want to make this as cool as foreign tv drama…!! (solemnly) 
Before moving on to the second season.
However there’s word that the threshold for a second season would be much higher, the title is [ Kekkai Sensen Back2Back ]
Everyone please continue to pay attention.”

Second season of kekkai sensen hopefully? (・∀・) 

UPDATE: So turns out it’s not for the kkss anime season two, but for the manga instead.

[really sorry for the misinformation!]

[take note this is translated from Japanese-> Chinese -> English, so nuances might be lost in between translations]
[also if anyone has better translations for some phrases or any grammar errors, do let me know!]