ooh dan

I can’t I’m losing my shit over this you don’t even know 


You’re Welcome

[Prompt: abused!pastel!dan and punk!phil, dan gets badly hurt and flees his abusers’ house only to run into scary phil, but it’s okay because phil is nice to dan and makes dan feel safe [do you have any fics like that? like multiple fics or even a tag?]

damn this is long as f (2.8k words daMN MAN) but we got like 3 genres in here wow

dan says thank you about 39 times oops (also: that massage fic is nearly finished!!!)

[Contains: abuse, mentions of rape, blood, asphyxiation (being choked), punk phil wow,  fluff ooh, flirty dan, phil taking care of dan!!!!!, literally the fluffiest smut ever :DDDD]

Dan cowers in the corner of the dark bedroom in a dingy apartment, hearing the yelling voice get closer to his room. His boyfriend, Kurt, got drunk yet again and he’s on his rampage, as usual. Dan bites his lip as he hopes and prays to any God that he can think of that he doesn’t come in here-

Well, that didn’t work.

“Dan?! Get your fucking ass over here!” his boyfriend yells after he kicks in the door.

Dan flinches, he doesn’t want to move. Dan literally can’t see anything else that could save him from this other than death.

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Arin: you know what isn’t a bad decision? you know what decision that isn’t bad that I made?

Dan: what’s that?


Dan: Oh, Arin!

Arin: Yeeeah.

Dan: Thank you c:

Arin: You’re welcome <3

Arin: There was this one day, where you were just like. “can I come over?” and I was like, “…y-yeah.” and… You did. And we sat down, and had a chat, and it was. One of the best days ever, recently.

Dan: Woah. …When was that?

Arin: It was like… Somewhat recently.

Dan: Ooh, when we were under your, like, cool… lampy thing?

Arin: Yeah. 

Dan: Yeeeeah, that was nice!

Arin: I jusss. Have a little chandelier in my office, and it’s got like a little couch underneath it, an i um. And we sat there and we just chatted, and it was a GREAT day. I really enjoyed bonding with my friend Dan.

Dan: I fuggin love you dude-hugGHHGHbleh *giggles* s’cuse me :3

Arin: Ah, I love you too. And it’s not cause I’m on drugs.

Arin: you wanna get waffles with me

Dan: uuh. More than you’ll ever know~

Me: ooooooh my god stop this immediately your friendship is too pure

i was re-watching the tumblr tag 3 video and i just realised something, probably been said before, but just in case:

(at 6:07 in the vid) when talking about dan always being the one to have to answer the door in the mornings

dan imitates phil ‘ooh dan get the door’ which suggests they would be within talking distance of one another i.e. in the same room

then phil’s excuse is that he is a ‘heavy sleeper’ implying he is still in bed

hint hint they are in the same room in the mornings when phil is still in bed and half asleep

also in the tumblr drawing they are talking about, both of them are half naked and dan says the pic is ‘sooo true’ and is ‘every day of our lives’

not saying nothing y’all

  • dan: ooh haha guys i don't know if i should leave my hair like this what should i do oooh
  • us: we have been telling you for SEVEN (7) YEARS to wear your hair like that and now you have the audacity to ask us what we think and don't think that you can make this a one time thing because i never forget and i have your receipts and i have wanted this for so long do not give this up now the time has come and you need to get your shit together and toss the straighteners this is a new er-
  • dan: eh im just going to straighten it