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The Night Before Life Goes On (Biadore) - by Sadie

A/N: Hello my loves! This was actually a personal request on my sideblog and I absolutely loved it! Just like the anonymous did, feel free to request anything on my sideblog and here on artificialqueens as well! I am always starving for your ideas and suggestions! I hope you like it as much as I did! Xx Sadie

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Summary: Post “No Way Out” but pre “The Next World.”  This attempts to explain how Rick came to the decision of…losing some weight he’d been carrying.  Cryptic with metaphors, ooh la la!

Rick turned at the sound of crying–Judith.  

He could see on the monitor that she had woken up, fretfully so.  Placing his book on his nightstand, he got up from his bed, heading to her room.  He paused in the doorway as he saw Michonne lift her up gently and hold her close.

“It’s okay, sweet girl.  It’s okay,” she murmured, kissing Judith on the forehead.  It was as if a switch had been flipped–Judith instantly quieted, resting her head on Michonne’s shoulder. Still, Michonne began to sing to her.

“Who knows how long I’ve loved you?  You know I love you still.  Will I wait a lonely lifetime?  If you want me to, I will.  For if I ever saw you, I didn’t catch your name.  But it never really mattered.  I will always feel the same.  Love you forever and forever.  Love you with all my heart.  Love you whenever we’re together.  Love you when we’re apart …”

Rick felt something inexplicably clench in his chest.  It happened everytime.  She was so good with them–Carl and Judith.  Like she’d always been there.  He remembered the hug Carl gave her when she found them holed up in that house after the prison.  Rick knew the joy that Carl felt, cause he had felt it too when he saw her.

And it was her; Rick had known for some time.  Michonne was the one.

He loved her; there was no question or qualms about it, but…they were friends.  Such good friends.

How did he tell her…how would he tell her?

He wished–longed that she would feel what he felt.  Sighing, Rick slowly backed away, heading to his room.

He sat on the bed, lost in thought as Michonne’s dulcet tones were playing softly over the monitor. He started to unbutton his shirt, then remembered his watch, unhooking its clasp.  He looked down at the gold band on his finger.  He exhaled, twisting it about.  He slipped off his watch, placing it into the tiny dish he kept it in at night. Slowly, he slipped off his ring, placing it in the center of the dish with his watch.

“For the things you do endear you to me.  Oh, you know I will.  I will…”  

He figured that would be as good a step as any.

Note: Wanted to have a contemporary song for Michonne, and I think she has eclectic tastes, especially with old school and classic music.  This Beatles song, “I Will,” seemed like it’d be a great lullaby, so I went with it.