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Ooh, you watched Firefly!! What did you love most about the show?

How accurate it was, no sound in space and they didn’t overdo it with the CG and kept the story interesting. The writing was gold!

And the entire crew was likeable. Don’t think there was one I didn’t like on “Serenity”.

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what about mun?, whats mun allens costum?~ OOH WHAT IF MUN ALLEN AND HIS GF GO WITH MATCHIE COSTUMIES

((that’s cute, but I’m actually not going to mention my own costume, because I have to wear a dress for it.

this is the only acceptable time for me to wear a dress))

Okay I’m about to spill some tea

SO “oh look, taylor swift is dragging up past drama to sell her new album, look at her playing the victim again, you’re still over”

is what all the haters happen to be screaming (among over ridiculous things) tonight, following the release of Look What You Made Me Do, the lead single to Swift’s 6th album: Reputation. But let’s take a little trip down memory lane to see if Taylor really is playing the victim. Hold on ladies, it’s gonna be a long one. 


Taylor broke out in 2006, and when Love Story stormed the charts in late 2008 she became a global superstar and thus named “America’s Sweetheart” a bittersweet and dangerous title for any young female star, because it’s so easy to fall from the top. She was immediately held to an impossibly high standard of perfection, in every aspect of her life, and she handled this with grace. 

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Ooh, look what you made us do 🎉😻 We’ve been missing out on the Swiftie Tumblr party so we thought we’d come say HEY with an official Taylor Nation Tumblr!!💃


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Look, I haven’t told Izzy yet, but you know how fast gossip spreads.  She shouldn’t hear about it secondhand. (requested by anonymous)

We should have known!

Have a look at some titles:

- Catch me if you can: Duck Life #4
- Buried alive: Hiveswap #3
- They’ll never see me: PUBG #15
- Taking the next step: Snow Cones #2
- What is he doing: Try not to cringe (sounds #2)

I saw this some days ago but brushed it off as too far fetched and a case of wanting to see things which aren’t there.


We should have known.
We stopped paying attention again.

It can’t be a coincidence that he speaks so openly about him A DAY before October.

  • Steve: We need a signal for Sam.
  • Sam: Ooh, what about-
  • Bucky: CAW-CAW!