april 2 2007

“hey can i talk to you after school”
“umm… about?”
“no big deal tell you then :)”

(he told me a story after school ok)

“that was not what i wanted to talk about. text me when you get home?”
“hey don’t worry about getting side tracked it’s alright! anyways, what did you want to talk about?”
“It’s kinda hard to talk about not in person i’m sry. I know it’s killing you I promise i’ll talk to you about it tomorrow:)”
“I probably will be dead tomorrow if you don’t tell me”
“Nooooo don’t die. I’d go completely crazy if you died. haha.”
“haha. but ahh!!!”
“i’ll talk to you about it tomorrow. i promise promise promise!”
“Im definitely sure that’s basically longer than 24 hours away. can i have a hint”
“sure…..hmmm idk it’s about us :) is that a good enough hint”
“now was that so hard!? :) and i suppose its a good enough hint…”
“ok :) i’ll talk to you later i got to get ready to go. ps. yea it was that hard to say haha :)" 

April 4th 2007
the day of misunderstandings

“have you seen brian today or talked to him” -mitch
“hey kels have you talked to brian yet” -parvin

(i’m freaking out)

 "Hey first off, sry about everything being weird today. Second, sorry about me telling you that i liked you. i thought you felt the same way. BUt i guess i misinterpreted things… I’m thinking you’re gonna wanna forget about this, so again, sorry!“ (he never told me he liked me and i did NOT want to forget about it)
"Listen. It wasn’t weird I wasn’t mad and I wouldn’t want to forget it!”


“Wanna talk about it tomorrow at renfest?”

(the anticipation was killing me)


La Mustache?

twist ending #2:


pendxja  asked:


this is Brian and he’s my boyfriend and we’ve been dating for 4 years & a few months. (this is going to be tl;dr ok)

we met when we were FOURTEEN and were friends until we were 15 and we started dating right before i turned 16 because he had a big fat crush on me and i probably was hopelessly in love with him but who remembers. brian is the best boy in the whole world and i feel sorry for everyone who doesn’t know him. he can cook and he can draw and he can photograph and he plays me piano sometimes and he can write music and he’s the smartest person i’ve ever met and he loves learning and most of all he puts up with all my crazy because let me tell you i’m CRAZY and sometimes i’m mean but he’s the best and i never ever want to date another person in my entire life