i KNOW im not supposed to be online but i was walking into the computer science building at my school and since we’re predominantly white, there’ve been lots of anti-fascist/anti-neo-nazi/anti-white supremacy flyers going up around, ‘cause some groups of white men have been acting up and there was one on the glass of the door as i walked in this morning. it said the usual stuff, like, to be aware of neo-nazi rhetoric around you and be on the lookout, and some FUCKO put post-it notes on it to reply and they were like “DONT silence a conversation! why are you in college if you dont wanna hear different viewpoints?! LISTEN to what they have to say and THEN reply #pandora’s box” and i really had to reel back y’all like

some white boy really saw this flyer and felt the so entitled to voice his opinion that they really said “hey why dont you try LISTENING to the nazis before you JUDGE them :/” like. oofta. anyways now i’m all worked up but i just wanna say i’d punch a nazi i dont give a fUCK IF YOU RECOGNIZE THIS STORY AND UR FOLLOWING ME TURN ON YOUR LOCATION SO I CAN PUNCH

things i want to see in frozen 2
  • elsa and anna bonding
  • some kristoff backstory, esp before the trolls
  • marshmallow
  • more duets
  • elsa and anna bonding
  • all of them being dorks
  • hans in the southern isles footage
  • casual kristanna head/cheek kisses
  • anna and the paintings
  • elsa and anna bonding
  • elsa still coping w her anxiety and depression
  • elsa and anna bonding
  • new outfits!
  • sunsets/sunrises
  • mention of elsa and anna’s parent’s death
  • the movie focusing on elsa and anna’s healing relationship
  • more oaken. duh.
  • arendelle scenery!
  • elsa and anna bonding
  • kristoff adapting to his new life in the castle
  • cutie pie sven
  • cutie pie olaf
  • guards and servants!!
  • elsa and anna bonding
  • “oofta”
  • anna and or elsa saying the same thing as olaf at the same time. becase. y’know. he has their traits.
  • elsa and anna bonding
  • kristoff’s boots
  • elsa and anna bonding
  • more castle stuff!!!
  • ice puns. or any puns at all tbh.
  • reprises of the tunes and melodies (including the bg music) from the first film! and maybe the outtakes
  • elsa and anna bonding
  • more of elsa and anna’s childhood backstory

daggerlou91  asked:

Scorpio male and Taurus female compatibility??

9.5/10!! oofta there are some intense, magnetic emotions going on there! really loyal too. the taurus will intrigue the scorpio and the scorpio will be drawn to the taurus’ stability. they’re both incredibly stubborn and strong-willed though, so there’s gotta be some give and take! :)

Even now, at 19, I still identify with that little girl. Until recently, I was afraid to audition for plays, especially in high school, because I knew I didn’t act like the stereotypical black girl and therefore would be unable to get a part in a play because I couldn’t be the stereotype they wanted. That, and the fact my drama teacher who purposely chose plays to show off her favorites (which mainly meant a predominantly white cast) and liked period pieces (which meant there were usually no parts for blacks unless she tried to cater to the few black actors who were already experienced and well known/liked because of community theater), I felt like I had no place and no talent to be part of a leading cast simply because I was black and a fresh face.

Fortunately, that’s changed ever since I’ve started college and have been a part of productions where a person’s race does not even factor into which role they are cast in, but this status he posted is a reminder that racial representation is important in not only movies, but theatre as well. Black people are more than the magical negro, sassy sidekick or the oofta, we’re people too and casting in all media needs to reflect that.

I have started to dig into my family history. My mother died in 2008, and I never had the chance to become close to her, so now I am reaching out to my family on her side to learn more about her and our heritage. I’m finding out a lot of my family are located in The Netherlands, and a lot of my history is there, so I want to try to get there this summer. But, I fear I may not make enough money in time to go this summer. I am wondering if there is anyone who may want to help a stranger out? This trip is purely for family purposes. All I need is money for a plane ticket, I’ll be staying with a family member or a close friend if I end up going so I do not need much extra money.

The meaning of OOFTA?

I was just watching Tutka and saw the new tattoo that Sauli and Adam has. (Sauli shows it off) I think I may have figured it out. The 2 OOs look like they’re linked, which could represent A and S as a couple. F might mean Finland T means TO, and A means America…so call me crazy or whatever, but the tattoo could be they’re together from Finland to America.


Y/N? Am I crazy?