scienceofficerpicard asked:

1-25 Star Trek: The Original Series

Dear god. Okay…

  1. Who is your OTP?

Spock / McCoy

  1. Who is your NOTP?

Spock / Kirk

  1. Favourite OTP scene?

Any of them sparring. You can tell they loved each other.

  1. Who is your OT3?

Spock / McCoy / Tribble

  1. 3 favourite characters?

Spock / McCoy / Tribble

  1. Least favourite character?

Trelane. Oof.

  1. Scene you’d like to see?

Spock / McCoy / Tribble

  1. Favourite flashback?

Pike and the Orion slave girl

  1. Favourite season and why?

First, I think. It has most of my favorite episodes and the highest budget.

  1. Best minor character?


  1. Most badass character?


  1. Funniest character?


  1. Favorite quote from the series?

“Someone please close this door.”

  1. Favourite season?


  1. Character you’d love to kill off?

Also Mudd, he deserved a poetic death

  1. Most ridiculous plot line?

Bread and Circuses. Fuck that ending. Double dumb ass on it.

  1. Favourite actress?

Majel Barrett

  1. Favourite actor?

Leonard Nimoy

  1. Favourite guest actor/actress?

Whoever played that lady stuck on the past ice planet.

  1. Favourite underused character?

Yeoman Rand

  1. Actress or actor you’d love to see on the show?

Christopher Lee should’ve been in there somewhere.

  1. Favourite crossover pairing?

Spock / McCoy / TAS Megatribble

  1. Character you loved who died too soon?

Redshirt 23 we miss you so much :(

  1. Favourite song from the show?

Honestly all the songs sung in the show kind of annoyed me.

  1. How would you like the show to end?

Not with Turnabout Intruder.