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Genius Lance who got into the garrison on a full ride because of his skills. He isn't allowed to tell anyone so he keeps it a secret (no hunk or pidge)When they go to space he hides it because Hunk, Keith, and Pidge have one specific skill (flying, mechanics, technology) and Lance doesn't want to take it. So he just uses strategies but Shiro and Allura do most of that so he stops. He uses his medical knowledge but Coran insists on using only Altean medicine techniques so Lance basically gives up

Thank you so much for the prompt! I don’t normally write prodigy Lance or things along those lines, so this was kind of interesting to play with. I hope you like it, and here you are with a fill! Enjoy!

   Lance had been told from the first time he set foot in a classroom that he was special. His parents had been called in when upon entering, Lance had breezed through his introductory classwork, albeit with penmanship that could be kindly called chicken scratch. The principal’s eyes lit up as he told his parents that he thought their child was a genius, that he had exceptional talent in so many different areas. Lance remembered the look in his father’s eyes as he was told, the way they glazed over and he stared at Lance a little differently. His child was a genius, and for the man from a family that constantly was scrabbling for spare change and odd jobs, that meant more than luck and an advanced education for Lance. That meant money.

   His principal wanted to move him up with the older kids, get him through school faster. Later that night, Lance heard his mother arguing.

   “He will not, Alonso. He isn’t ready. I want him to have a childhood.” His father did his best to protest, but when Esperanza got that gleam in her eyes there was nothing to be done. He bowed his head, and that was that. Lance went back to school, doing harder work in the corner of the room away from the other children despite his mother’s best efforts. His father was not cruel, he loved him as a father should, but Lance was always aware of his eyes following him. He had a gift, he was expected to put it to use. As a result, Lance pushed himself harder. He made his mind work, he constantly kept himself occupied. He just wanted to be useful.

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all true love stories start at really cheesy anime sunsets

and they were roomates

I need someone, a person to talk to 

Someone who’d care to love

Could it be you? 

Could it be you-u? (x)

naomithespirit: I just wanted to say I still view your blog and that your art played a big role in my style change. Keep it up ily! ^~^
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