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132. You never told me you had a fucking twin. With Bridget/Mark and Harry is the twin ;) thank you!

Thank you so much for the prompt! This took some weird turns in my sleep deprived brain, but I hope you like it :) Spoilers ahead for Bridget Jones’s Baby (sort of). 

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Harry glances impatiently at his clock and wonders what could be holding up his cab for this long. He’s been waiting for ten minutes, going on fifteen, and there is only so much time one can spend loitering outside a Waitrose before it’s classified as suspicious, even if he does look like the sort of bloke who’d shop there. He watches a family of four emerge, one of the children screaming their head off and he’s just about certain his eardrums have ruptured, when he hears someone say, “Oof, Mark, there you are,” as she’s pushing a baby on him.

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Wonho: The Fanboy (Part Two)


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a Wonho scenario where you are famous youtube singer he is fanboying over, and when you move to korea, he contacted you and started a few dates till you both being couple. You can make it fluff or smut.

Vibes: all smiles Wonho
Word Count: 1606
A/N: Oof. Having trouble getting the inspiration to write this ;; I’m sorry. But fear not, I will finish this!!

Part One

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Sunday rolled in and Wonho was the least pleased person in Monsta X’s dorm. He couldn’t make it to Y/N’s show last night and that was his only chance of ever getting to see her perform live, or even at all.

The guys weren’t feeling all too well for Wonho, knowing he was stoked on seeing her at the show, and they knew keeping him cooped up in the dorm wouldn’t help. So, they sent the fanboy off on a coffee run to get some sunlight and fresh air.

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Commuter AU (Wesper)
  • Jesper didn’t want to take the subway but there’s a huge construction site this morning and it’s causing a huge line up
  • as in cars-are-trying-to-weave-to-the-sidewalk-to-escape traffic
  • so yes, he takes the damn train
  • and he’s cursing himself out for failing to realize that Tuesday morning is practically the biggest rush hour of the week
  • so when the train finally arrives, he’s unceremoniously pushing his way in before he gets crushed by the mass transit stampede
  • and there’s a small “oof” of pain next to him but he sweeps by the person because he’s in a bad mood today 
  • also that person was right in front of the doors instead of standing to the sides to avoid getting barreled over so tough luck for him
  • Jesper hangs onto one of the straps and shudders as the train starts to move and he looks around at the filled seats on the train with bland disinterest 
  • until his gaze settles on the person he nearly knocked over and he pauses
  • because that specific person is wearing faded jeans and a mildly pressed collar shirt and has the biggest hipster glasses he’s ever seen which frankly frame his cheekbones well 
  • the stranger glances up from the floor
  • oh shit he’s hot 
  • the guy - the boy - quickly looks back down to the floor, face turning scarlet from embarassment or anger, jesper can’t say 
  • so when the stranger glances back up again as soon as Ketterdam station is announced
  • Jesper just GRINS and sends one of his famous winks to him
  • yup, flustered and confused blush confirmed
  • adorable
  • Jesper now takes the train every morning yes Kaz it’s because the traffic on the roads is horrendous there’s a perfectly logical reason behind why he takes it
  • and the hot blonde stranger keeps turning up despite his attempts to ignore and avoid Jesper 
  • until one morning Jesper sees the blonde enter the train with a silver flute in his hand
  • wait is he going to
  • the stranger puts his fingers and lips to the flute 
  • and holy crap, what SAINTS HAVE BLESSED THIS BOY 
  • a crowd soon forms around the stranger, blocking Jesper’s view, but hey he can’t blame them for gravitating towards actual music
  • but soon the music seems to drift closer and oh boy the kid’s walking towards him now still playing that damn flute
  • rip Jesper he lived a good life
  • the guy finishes with a flourish of high notes and smiles kind of bashfully up at Jesper
  • the first words that come out of Jesper’s mouth: “Never pegged you for a train busker.”
  • “Never thought you to be a train traveler.”
  • “Well, you do the stupidest things to get the attention of someone who interests you.”
  • the blonde stranger’s slight smile widens 
  • both of them walk out onto Ketterdam station holding hands 
Fuck society, you people make me sick,” said Aniston on the Today show. “While you idiots are talking about this Brangelina bullshit, you’re ignoring what just happened yesterday with Terence Crutcher. An unarmed black father of four was driving home from college when his car broke down. The police showed up and shot him while both of his hands were in the air. This was all caught on video, which you can easily watch on the Internet. But instead, no, none of you will do that. You will instead focus on the fact that a celebrity couple is going through a divorce. Fuck you. The same people that get super offended and lose their minds over whether or not an athlete takes a knee during the National Anthem don’t give two shits when an innocent person is executed with video evidence. They always say that it ‘needs more investigation.’ What is the matter with people? Do they not have souls? This country needs to get its shit together, stop shooting its citizens, and stop focusing on stupid nonsense so much.

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plant boy romano au where whenever spain is around romano starts sprouting gardenias and peonies……

(spain doesn’t know what they mean but he thinks they’e cute anyways.)

two sleepy cats tuckered out from a long night studying and game-strategising (๑^ ↀᆺↀ ^๑)