sky high sentence starters pt. 1

“All I see is my dad wearing tights.”
“On the other hand, living up to the family name means I’m supposed to save the world someday.”
“I think we’re in line to win that sales trip to Hawaii.”
“Mmm, I can feel the sand in my toes already.”
“Big day, huh?”
“There’s trouble downtown. Big trouble.”
“Not to worry, I’ll keep it low-key”
“I just feel really good about this year.”
“Do you want every villain in the neighbourhood to know we’re here?!”
“To be honest, it was tough man. T-U-P-H.”
“We’re goin’ off-road.”
“If you can remember those few simple rules, I promise you will not fall off the edge of the school.”
“Sounds fascist.”
“There’s a loser track?”
“Aha, mind-reader!”
“I don’t think she really liked my skirt.”
“What do you mean you don’t know what your power is?”
“Everybody expects greatness from me.”
“I’m not into labels.”
“When do we pick our names and costumes?”
“Blue really just makes my eyes pop.”
“I’ll get the nurse… unless she’s injured.”
“I washed out of Power Placement.”
“Try “Gym Teacher Man”
“I’m proud to be a sidekick.”
“When I was his age I could put a truck on my shoulders.”
“If you’re not gonna respect me, at least respect the hat!”
“I’m sorry that my dad put your dad in jail.”
“What if I said it’s not just her twin, it’s her evil twin.”
“Think I can’t take a hit?”
“If you ever cross me again, I’ll roast you alive.”
“You are strong!”
“You know, time would move a lot faster if we had an Xbox”
“From now, people mess with us at their own peril!”
“You’re breaking down barriers.”
“Congratulations, you’ve been transferred to Hero class.”
“All I can do is punch stuff.”

thecrashingriver asked:


The whole evening Celebrían had tried her best to restrain herself from just walking to him in front of everyone else and just kissing him. It would have been the most improper thing to do. When they finally left the feast, she had grabbed him by the collar, looking at him for a few seconds before kissing him hard, but soft at the same time.

lvxiuwendono asked:

Also, I have a personal question. Where do you think "personal preferences" end and "hypocrysy" starts? I have been accused of the second lately. Is it hypocrysy when I complain that "nothing happens in Yuuki Yuuna" but like "Boueibu" despite that? Is it hypocritical to bash "Cross Ange" for excessive fanservice, but say nothing on the same matter in "Boueibu"? To give up on "Love Stage!" for a scene of attempted rape, but continue watching "Mawaru Pinguindrum" after a similar scene?

Oof, now there’s a question for ya. The answer is complicated, and plenty of others have already weighed in with lots of eloquent words (such as here and here), but I’ll go ahead and take a stab at it, too. In the interest of not writing an essay I’ll be simplifying a bit, so please bear with me, and anyone reading is welcome to (politely) expand, question, or correct in the comments.

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skippy-says-hello asked:

‘oof’ (Since the anons wanted it so badly and Grim probably wouldn't initiate it)

Send ‘oof’ for yours to be grabbed by the collar and kissed instead. (The Anon’s will flip! XD)

Drago, who was probably drunk, snuck up behind Grim. He quickly spun her around and grabbed her collar, pulling her by the collar and kissing her.


spotted an apostate!

Runa stared, wide-eyed, at the wide expanse of the fortress known as Skyhold. Even more so, the diversity of people within its walls was a shock. Templars, mages, mercenaries, spies, elves, humans, dwarves, even Qunari roamed the grounds, as free as anyone could hope to be. She held her staff close to her, gaze tilted high to see the clouds drifting over the towers.

“Oof!” she grunted as her aimless wandering crashed her into another person, “P-pardon me! I didn’t mean to…”

gunslingerblack asked:


Maybe they had a bit way too many drinks back at the tavern. They were laughing and talking bullshit for a while, until the cat suddenly wrapped the other by his waist and embracing the cowboy into a sloppy drunk kiss.

aquaticsummoner asked:

[against the wall because why not] "oof!" Akio said as he was pushed against the wall, "heh-hi Sona!" he said nervously, wondering why she did that out of the blue, "I-is it because my hair is also blue? or because i picked a different support?" The summoner blurred out in a mix between embarrassment and fear

“🎼A different support…?”
Her eyes darkened.
“🎼So you’re thinking of replacing me, are you not?”


Oh my lord I was tagged by charapi for this ages ago and I just never followed through oof. Anyway six selfies :D I don’t remember if it was for 2015 but I’m ignoring it if it was! First one is most recent from March break with my giiiiiant bollocksing hair that’s only grown since then. I’m in my schools Fiddler on the Roof production and the director won’t let me get a haircut (or shave!) :( Second is just me in my favorite dress shirt with a beautiful sky behind me back when my hair was nice. 3rd is me when a professional makeup artist came into my drama class and put on her self-described “professional drag queen makeup” onto me :P 4th is I think 2nd most recent from my one selfie a day that failed on day one :P 5th is me with my hair how I really like it but my friends poke fun at me for in my favorite dress shirt again with my black bow tie :D And 6th is my oh so generic white boy “my dad is a lawyer” picture.

rocketman-ngin asked:

Mating season

Leona was in her bedroom, struggling to slip on her nylon tights, grunting, when suddenly N. Gin emerged uninvited. 

“Excuse menya, Dahling, but I am still getting dress. Sorry if I am running late for our private chemistry lesson…vehehe!” The mutant white dingo chuckled nervously and tripped from putting on her tights.