Thalia smiles wickedly to herself and hops up, throwing herself into Kale’s arms. She frowns playfully at him as he catches her with an “oof” of surprise.

Thalia: “I’m not that heavy yet! You’ve just made a promise that you’ll support this little one and I for the rest of our lives!”

Kale: “And that’s a promise I definitely intend to keep, Tal!”

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I'm so sorry, "these aching bones" sounds amazing and well written it does. But all I can think about is bone hurting juice. Gabriel reyes walks in to the kitchen to see jack drinking something new. "What's that" he asks. "It's called bone hurting juice, all the kids are trying but I don't think it's working right" jack responds "what the hell does..." Gabe is cut off "oh wait, here it is. Oh man, ow, oof, my bones really hurt." Jack says completely straight faced. Gabe never forgives him

If I was into writing crack fics, this would be top of the list.

oof, let me tell you I’m exhausted but still feeling good??

which is rare….. because usually when it’s super stressful at work I tend to let it drag me down but this time I’ve decided to focus on other things, like, getting back into a regular workout routine. and socializing (mostly means I’m texting w people all the time, but also going out to meet family and friends.) and also getting back to writing… I’ve missed it so much

anyway I wanted to just write this down and let y'all know I’m proud of myself for not letting my anxiety and stress control how I feel but instead realizing I need to take care of myself

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Oof I feel ya, yura. A friend and I fooled around once when we were drunk and she literally tried fingering my fucking urethra. I've never been more turned off in my entire life. Plus it hurt like hell. I love me some pain but dONT SHOVE YOUR INDEX FINGER UP MY URETHRA WHEN MY VAG IS RIGHT THERE.

A moment of silence for your vagina.

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made a blog because of a whim but doesn't understand how it's popular?? also started out as one ship but has become trash for essentially every relationship in the film. doesn't make much content but usually screams a lot in the tags. sometimes writes fanfiction and comes up with too many ridiculous headcanons.

Oof, tough one.

I would have guessed @bellestrashprince, but you said you’re trash for every ship and I think she’s only trash for Adelle.

Headcanons and writes fanfiction, mayyybbbbeee @clingylefou? But they put out tons of great original content. I’m actually stumped to be honest.

Send me an ask in anon poorly describing your blog and I’ll try to guess who tf you are.

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That person with the pee kink has been harassing black tumblr users all day yesterday which might be why people are being extra nasty to them.

oof didnt know that, still wish people would drag their racist posts rather than the piss one though……

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hi! i wanted to ask your advice about a Cat situation since u seem to be real insightful about your pets... so a stray has chosen/adopted me, or whatever, and i love her, and she loves me The Best, and the thing is, i found out on the second night after hanging out w her that i'm allergic. what do i do?? could i still take her, do you think?

oof that sucks dude, I’m sorry… I don’t really actually know much about what you Should Do when it comes to animals, particularly strays (like, I’m very much new at this whole cohabiting with other creatures thing), plus I don’t have allergies myself so I have no idea what that’s like or whether it’s manageable or if it would be a feasible idea to try to keep a cat that you’re allergic to… like you definitely don’t want to try to adopt her only to realize later on the side effects are too hard on you (there’s absolutely no shame in admitting that, you gotta do what’s right for both of you and that means not doing it at the expense of your physical health, but I think it would probably be much harder on both of you if you have to give her up later than if you tried to find her a different permanent home now)

maybe other people have more experience or advice about situations like this?


~The Bureau of Balance~

In the Group Pic Left to Right it’s:

Garfield the Deals Warlock, Lucas Miller, Angus McDonald, The Director, Davenport, Johann the Bard, Avi, Killian, Carrie Fangbattle, Leon the Artificer, Robbie aka “Pringles”, and Brad Bradson

apologies to Noelle fans I didn’t have it in me to design a Big Ole Robot