fleurdeneuf  asked:

WHY DO YOU LIKE CE'S SMILE SO MUCH? (I am asking the important questions.)

Oh I dunno….

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Maybe it’s the fact that his teeth aren’t quite straight and I find it charming.

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Or the way his eyes light up.

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And his eyes crinkle.

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And every time he does, it makes me want to smile back.

So…. that’s why, of course.

Sleepover Friday.  Let’s talk about boys and girls and fun and things!

anonymous asked:

I wanted to say that I always smile when I see your posts. You are always nice, and I appreciate the variety of your blog, but especially when I see new CE things that I've never seen before. Thank you for being a special tumblr'er!

Oh my, thank you so much, kind anon!!!  That means a lot, and I am glad if you appreciate my CE posts!

Here is a Gallifrey’s Best Sexy Lounger just for you!  ;) ;)

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Inspired by this important post by @fleurdeneuf because we all know CE rocks that pose. Hands down the sexiest lounging Doctor. He’s like a sleek lounging cat that you want to pet so badly but he’s giving off those ‘don’t touch me’ cat vibes. Nobody lounges like Chris. It’s his thing and he does it so well. 

The Doctors face after Jack reminds him that Rose is safe and that he doesn’t doubt the Doctor and never will. He’s so happy Rose is safe and out of danger but look how sad his eyes are. This part goes so fast that I never noticed that this wasn’t a happy smile. Chris, you are just too damn good of an actor. I know of no other that can express so much while doing so little.