I don’t like the argument that certain fans use to excuse the Eleventh Doctors actions. That argument being ‘well the Doctor has always committed genocide and killed so stop acting like Eleven is wrong.’ Yes, the Doctor has committed genocide before and probably will again. He has used weapons and violence. They all have. The difference is how it’s done and the consequences after. Often the Racnoss situation is brought up but look, Ten offers her a choice and ample opportunity to leave. Nine and Ten both offer their enemies a chance to walk away. They offer help, they offer to look for new homes for them. Ten goes as far as to become human to try to avoid killing a species. Ten offers to help Davros and Nine can’t bring himself to kill the Daleks in POTW. They so obviously struggle with their decisions and feel remorse afterwards. The companions, like Rose, are sure to tell them when they are wrong and you can see how horrible Nine feels when he realizes what he almost did. 

The problem with Eleven is that he doesn’t seem to look for any other way. He’s so quick to violence and is so flippant about his actions and the actions of those around him. He dances around and jokes with his “wife” about how many of the Silence she can kill to buy them time. His companions are often belittled and never call him out on his BS. The narrative doesn’t even show how wrong his actions are. There are no consequences and it’s never discussed that other ways could have been used, other choices. This is a kids show and they need to be shown and told that even the Doctor can make a bad choice and be called out on it. I just feel like Eleven is often applauded instead of chastised for the atrocities he commits. 

The Doctors face after Jack reminds him that Rose is safe and that he doesn’t doubt the Doctor and never will. He’s so happy Rose is safe and out of danger but look how sad his eyes are. This part goes so fast that I never noticed that this wasn’t a happy smile. Chris, you are just too damn good of an actor. I know of no other that can express so much while doing so little. 


In preparation for this year’s Who Year’s Eve celebration (taking place next Wednesday, December 31st), bbcamerica is going to air a whole bunch of your favorite episodes from now through Monday. Except any of the above episodes. We will even repeat episodes instead of showing even one 9th Doctor episode. We also won’t be showing the 8th Doctor’s movie even if it is set during New Year’s Eve. It’s basically 108 hours of the same Doctor Who episodes bbcamerica always shows.

Shhhh I’m not bitter about the lack of Nine love at all.