Holy shit anons everywhere

You anons and your asks are starting to terrify me– if I log into game and I get rushed by a tidal wave of anons I’m going to cry. Either way thank you for all your asks, it means a lot to know that so many people have suddenly all at once (or maybe just one really bored person) taken an interest in my character, but I’m off for a little while!

<3 Everyone that’s made my tumblr experience a good one! You guys made my day. Thank you so much.

My sister made me cry with an April Fools' joke

She called me and told me that a guy who worked with the producers of Supernatural was to give a speech near her working place. I obviously freaked out, especially because I want to work with film and tv making (or whatever it’s called). 

I started crying, begging to have her picking me up so I could go and meet the guy, and suddenly, she was like: IT’S APRIL FOOLS’! I got extremely irritated. 

She kept sending me messages and trying to call me, but I didn’t answer. She then proceeded to send me these images:

Yeah, I just thought I should share this with you guys…

PS.: She has never watched Supernatural, has no idea what the hell is tumblr and still looked for those images. ~.~





Tumblr, the apocalypse.

It was a calm afternoon. Everything was fine at the tumblr office. David Karp was tweeting about how much he loves food on his way home when he received a text from Francis. “We need your help!!!!”, the text said.

With a light sigh, the creator of tumblr pulled over by his house and called her. “Hello?” He said.

“Hi! David! We… Something happened…” Francis answered. Her voice sounded a bit desperate, and he could hear people yelling and running, phones ringing, sobs and cries. “Spencer was having some Starbucks drink while trying to post something on Instagram… And he was near the server…”

“What?! Don’t tell me he spilled his drink on the server again…”

“He did.” Francis replied. “And this time it was bad…”

He sighed tiredly and rubbed his eyes. “I’m on my way.” David mumbled, starting the car again and driving back to the tumblr offices. Once he got there, he could hear the screams, the panic, horror. He ran into the office and through the kitties department, into the hipsters blogs. He fought against their cool stuff and dove into the porn area. With eyes closed, David kept going, reaching the obscure part of tumblr. Now he had to be careful. That was the fandoms floor, and the last thing he wanted was to have some fan yelling at him.

It was a dark floor, looking a lot like a jungle. The ones who worked there were dangerous, and they could be anywhere. But he needed to go through this area. He needed to stay strong! Breathing deeply, David started walking slowly, without making noise. He spotted some movement in the shadows with the corner of his eyes, which made him walk a little faster. Suddenly, a sound, the TARDIS sound made itself present, and a Whovian jumped in front of him, a fez on its head. It growled dangerously, threatening to jump on top of him. He took a few steps back, eyes wide, only to bump into a Sherlockian, some words and number flying around its head like they were part of a puzzle trying to be solved in its mind. Oh, crap. The Sherlockian had a frigging scarf around its neck!

David turned to run, and run he did. He managed to escape from those two, and now he found himself in a darker area of the floor. The lights were flickering, and it smelled like sulfur. A member of the Supernatural fandom jumped from behind him and screamed, trying to scare him away. He started running again, finding a Homestuck it following him, some it from District 9 yelling, and he ended up in an open area of the jungle.

Words were being whispered. Spells. A member of the species Harry Potter and one of the species Merlin came from behind a tree slowly, a wand in the Harry Potter’s hand. They were angry. David gulped scared. That was it. The end of his life. He turned his head to the side, waiting for it to be quick. He was about to close his eyes when he saw a light coming from behind a door. With the last energy he had, David ran to that door, leaving the Harry Potter and the Merlin behind. He opened the door and got it, panting.

“Finally! We thought the had gotten you!” Francis said, running to him. “You need to fix the server quick, before they destroy themselves. I have an entire floor in state gross sobbing and the Feels department wasn’t involved!”

David nodded and walked to the server. Then he whistled and his magical unicorn came to him. “Hello, Unicorn. We need you right now…” He whispered softly, stroking the unicorn's fur.

The unicorn turned to the server and vomited rainbows on it. The server made some weird noises and finally started working again.

Everything was back to normal. About time, huh?


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