ooc; was gonna name it

((Mun: This is the Flying Pirates botanist! She uses plant bombs and I love her *^* Just finally figured out her color scheme and now I need to find a good name for her…
Lol also just realized I haven’t done art of any of the guys. Mainly because FREAKING HAIR. I suck at dude hair so bad it makes me cri evry tiem ;v; but I’ll try to do one of the guys soon))


Ok so I just started dnd and I am in a group with like 3 other people including our dungeon master. So we are in a forest and we are being followed by a shit ton of ravens. We have a teifling sorcerer , a half elf healer and me a elf rouge.

DM: you are being followed by a raven that is keeping it’s distance.
Me(ooc): Can I have it as a pet?
Sorcerer (they are afraid of birds and flying things. OOC): Um how about No….
Healer(ooc) let’s name him William T Spears
Sorcerer (ooc) : No no let’s name him POE!
DM: um OK his name is POE!

Later there are about 100 ravens following us

ME(OOC): i’m calling them all POE

And that’s how we got POE the raven

I just really love Stepenthal

Meredith sat on the couch with Murphy as she waited for Brian to get home. She felt like she hadnt seen him in days. She saw Devin more than she saw Brian, which was weird because it seemed like Devin was avoiding her. She sighed and looked at the time on her phone, then tried to make a few minutes waste away by challenging a few random people in Draw Something. It only took five pictures until she heard Brian’s key turning in the lock. She grinned as he opened the door, putting Murphy down and walking to greet him. She hugged him tightly before saying “I’m glad you’re home, I missed you so much”