ooc; this is happening


I would like it to be known.

That in this current RP event, Exiled Wolf rolled incredibly high and suplexed a train because the DM allowed it.

Needless to say, that Train won’t be hurting anyone any time soon. And who said Old Monks can’t do amazing things? 


Cleaned up some old sketches for my Claw Mob au. 

Theres captions on each

(Do not repost/remove caption).

  • Percival: "After you."
  • Theseus: "I don't think so."
  • Theseus: "I don't let anyone walk behind me. Seven out of ten attacks are from the rear."
  • Percival: "Okay. Well that still leaves a thirty percent chance I'll attack you from the front."
  • Theseus: "Uh. Yeah. But then it'll be easier to stop. I'll block the blow. Or I'll counter it-"
  • Percival: Slaps him across the face. Walks away.
  • Theseus: Undignified squawk of offense.

Dear Yana Toboso,

Pretty please, with cherries on top, have someone fall in love with Elizabeth the way Alexis did when he fell in love with Francis. My frail heart needs this and also Elizabeth deserves every ounce of love and deserves to give it to someone who will actually care and not push her away because of it but instead gladly accept it and give it back ten fold. Please do this for my child so at least one Kuroshitsuji character can have a happy ending!

Sincerely the mun who is entirely obsessed with Elizabeth that it isn’t even funny