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“You could call us psychopaths”

LUCKILY FOR YOU I’ve had a whole lecture on psychopathy. What it is, what it means.  and how it is strictly defined in the world of psychology. So I’m going to break it down and see whether it’s accurate (spoiler alert: it is).

You see? Psychopathy isn’t a strict actual psychological diagnosis but the term is still coined by psychologists. Most psychopaths are given the clinical diagnosis of “Anti-Social Personality Disorder” more commonly known as ASPD. As you are a 17 year old I am not allowed to formally diagnose you with this (and therefore psychopathy) since it breaks code but given all the shit you’ve dragged us all through you’d likely be tried as an adult mak so I will continue. 

For the record just in this stunt you have shown at least six of the seven factors clearly from Part A. Conduct disorder can be summed up with agressive & destructive & deiciteful behaviour which again we have all seen already. It’s retty clear it isn’t a form of schizophrenia or bipolar disorder or it would have been mentioned fo for now you do have ASPD and should already be considered for psychological evaluation. 

Now onto psychopathy.

First let’s give you a little test to see whether you think you are? 

Interpersonal Manipulation : at least ½ of those is correct but is correct to such an extreme that you can be considered ‘high’ on interpersonal manipulation. 

We’ve already established through other meansthat you have ASPD so there’s no need to go into any more details into that one even if as far as I know you have 0/2 here. 

Callous Affect: Again at least ½ of those is correct to such an extreme that it is ‘high’.

Erratic Life Style: I wouldn’t call it rebellious or ‘dangerous’ because the damage caused takes it far beyond ‘dangerous’ so yeah it is at the very least a ½ but I hate the word dangerous here because it isn’t extreme enough.

For the record; here’s where some fictional characers lie. This includes, Hannibal, Dexter, Heath Ledger’s Joker, Sherlock and a few others. Yes Sherlock is a psychopath not a sociopath.

But if you want to break this down another way then here is how psychologists usually assess psychopathy on other people.

Factor 1 distinguishes psychoptaths from ASPD wheras Factor 2 confrims ASPD traits. Manipulation? Already covered. Lack of remorse? Well definitely. Interpersonal coldness? I don’t know you peronsally but the coldness to come up with a plan and manipulate people for this long to this extent I think sums it up. I know you have friends so superficial charm and general charm are ticked off so I think now it is safe to say that you are a psychopath or at the very least a potential psychopath because of your age.

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Hey TT, what is the strangest memory you have?

(( OOC: That one time I found out that my ex boyfriend was an international drug lord… and that no, he hadn’t moved to Australia for a change of scenery… he was fleeing the country

That was pretty fucking weird. )) 

The struggles of liking vore
  • "Normal person": Hey, do you like vore?
  • Me: ... What kind?
  • "Normal Person": There's more than one kind?
  • Me: Soft or hard. Fatal or non-fatal. Micro or Same Size. The list goes on and on.
  • "Normal Person": ...
  • Me: Oh, by the way, I'm one of the only sane ones in the community. Good luck.

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Could you please make a prompt to Robert and Aaron kissing passionately in the Woolpack after getting back together,in front of all the whites of course 😜

Could you please write a prompt were robron get back together and kiss in front of loads of people including the whites in the woolpack Love your fics btw

Robert hadn’t even noticed. 

The pub was packed and Aaron had asked him to have lunch there, together. It was the first time in too long and Robert had to ask if Aaron was sure. The genuine smile and touch on his arm had been enough to convince him. 

They were sitting arguably too close together for a simple lunch-date, legs touching under the table, elbows accidentally knocking together as they ate.

It had taken them lots of pain and then lots of healing to get to where they were, and Robert wasn’t about to miss a second of it. 

“Talked to Diane yesterday,” Aaron said, hands busy cutting his fish and chips. “She came for a small visit.”

“What, she went to see you at the Mill?” Robert asked. His hands went still.

“Yeah,” Aaron replied, “she came over to have a chat about you.” 

“No,” Robert said, his heart sinking. 

“Wanted to tell me that if I wasn’t sure about this, about us, that I should just let you go. Said you couldn’t handle losing me again and if I wasn’t serious I should just stay away.” 

Robert put a hand over his face, masking his embarrassment. Aaron was chuckling beside him, set his fork down and placed the hand on Robert’s knee. 

“It shows she loves you.” The teasing had not left his voice and Robert rolled his eyes at him. 

“Sod off. It’s bad enough I have the whole village wondering why you’re giving me another chance, I don’t need Diane telling you how pathetic I was without you.” 

Aaron couldn’t hide the grin that spread at his words. 

“I think it’s sweet,” he said, thumb stroking circles onto Robert’s thigh, “shows you have people looking out for you.” 

Robert met his eye and felt his embarrassment evaporate. It wasn’t as if Aaron didn’t know what a mess Robert had been - Vic had told him everything as soon as they started working stuff out. 

“I have you now, though…” Robert said with a smile, and Aaron nodded. They went back to eating, each picking up their cutlery and sitting in comfortable silence. 

After a while, curiosity took over. 

“So, what did you say?” At Aaron’s questioning face, Robert elaborated. “To Diane…” 

Aaron cleared his throat, set down his knife and fork, and leaned in, making sure he spoke only to Robert. 

“Said I wasn’t going anywhere, not this time. Told her I wouldn’t be leaving the love of my life again,” Aaron conceded. 

It was new, hearing Aaron speak with such affection, and it made Robert’s insides melt. He couldn’t resist.

He leaned in, caught Aaron’s bottom lip between his own and they shared a lingering kiss. Aaron tasted of fish and curry sauce and something so distinctly Aaron that Robert felt his head go light at the touch. They knew it was lunch but neither of them could resist deepening the kiss, letting their tongues touch just briefly before pulling away, eyes wide with want and love. 

“More of that later, yeah?” Robert asked and Aaron hummed in assent. 

Robert went back to his fish and chips but Aaron froze beside him. It made Robert look up and see Chrissie and Rebecca standing by the bar, Chrissie indifferent and Rebecca, slack-jawed and incredulous. Aaron challenged her with a raised eyebrow, wanted them to say anything he could fight back against but Robert pressed a hand to his leg and brought him back to their table. 

“Hey, ignore them… just you and me, yeah?” 

Aaron nodded, eyes softening as they met Robert’s. 

Robert smiled at him and they went back to their lunch, back to their bubble. Robert’s attention was focused solely on Aaron and he wouldn’t have it any other way. He didn’t even notice the rest of the world, and right now, he didn’t want to.