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Life is a highway | Overgron

It had been a while since Chord had promised Di that they would go on a road trip. He had talked to their publicist and tried to clean up their schedules, because he didn’t think that it was good enough if it was just for a weekend. He had searched where they could go, not programming anything, but making sure that they wouldn’t get lost or anything like that. He figured that the way to San Francisco was good enough. They had some places where they could stop to see and where they could spend the night and thigns like that. After a few weeks, their publicist had called him to tell him that they had the weekend, monday and tuesday off. Ryan seemed to be okay with it, so they were all free to go.

After a very tiring week and checking his car to see if it was okay to drive for that long in it, Chord was still packing. He sucked at it and he usually would have asked Dianna, but he figured that she was going to be busy as well, so he made Harmony help him out with that. He made sure that Harmony was gonna take care of Arthur and Elvis, telling her how much food they had to eat and answering to all the questions that his sister had. Chord even made sure that he had clothes for any kind of occassion, since they would probably staying at hotels. There would be restaurants, pools. So he made sure to text Di and remind her that as well.

Finally, after Harm asked for the last time to call her whenever they stopped and to have her informed of anything that happened, Chord was making his way to the parking lot and putting his bag on the trunk of his car. He drove to Dianna’s place, where she was ready to go. “Hey, princess.” Pecking her on the lips, he proceeded to grab her bags while Di made sure that they had everything to drive Arthur back to his place, so his sister could take care of him. “I am so excited for this!” the boy exclaimed while they were at a red light.