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//I haven’t drawn this bean in a long time and I wanted to again! Tried out different filters and things and I think it came out pretty well ^.^ //

Paper Crane belongs to @little-noko

So since it’s pride month, can we think about steven & the gems celebrating it. Steven finds out & gets super excited it’s a month to celebrate love!!! and equality in love!!! tHIS IS SO GOOD!! 

steven getting help to arrange like a mini pride parade or concert in beach city just to celebrate love ok he’s hERE FOR THIS

he gets all the gems something rainbow to wear

he’s decked out in rainbows himself 


Dedicated to @arthur-tristan-kingsmen cause it been a while since I drew these two dorks. You can just feel the love here.

…also yes, finally drew in Artie’s earrings there…took me only a thousand years my god.

Both regular Lew and my own Rainboo


Thank you all for 500 followers! 

This is my first raffle, so i’ll give it a shot! If you do win, please have a reference picture that I can use to make your character, or whatever you want. 

And i’m serious about the not following part. If you don’t follow it won’t count and don’t unfollow when it’s finished, that’s rude ;w;

I can’t do overly complicated stuff, I can’t draw dragons or animals. I can give a shot to animals, but probably not dragons. Dunno if anyone would want that, but i’m just saying. 

I also suck at backgrounds, so they won’t be that great, but I can try :3. But only first will have an actual background if you want it. Second will have a gradient or i can do the floor circle like in the example. Icon will have a image background or simple.  

For third place I will be picking two winners

Good luck to all you awesome peeps! Deadline is April 26!