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- PokeAdoptWeek!

AHHHH, finally!

First little dude who needs a home:

Flareon: His colors are inverted, and he doesn’t show is eyes to anyone, fearing the worst. He covers then using the scarf he had when he was a child. He’s fairly insecure and introverted, and will mostly shy away from other mon.

How to Enter:

- Each person gets two entries. One like and one reblog. 

-There will be one winner using a randomizer. I’ll contact them and if they don’t respond, it will go to the next winner!


- Only reblog with ONE of your blogs, and this must be a Pokemon ask blog. All types of blogs are welcome, except NSFW

- A few tweeks in the design is allowed, but don’t go too crazy

-Deadline is July 30th!

- When you use the design for something, PM me! I’d love to see it!

Good luck everyone!

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Writing Meme
  • Tell an RPer what you enjoy about their writing!
  • ❣ You always use varied and interesting vocabulary.
  • ▶️ Your verbs are strong and spot on.
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  • 🔺 You always use great adjectives.
  • ⚫️ You are very good at setting the scene in your roleplays.
  • 📣 You are great at describing what things look like and it never gets boring. Your descriptions are colorful and unique.
  • ♦️ Your long replies never get repetitive or boring.
  • 🔘 Your short replies always pack a punch.

(( I guess I am taking my time on getting ready to post and decided i needed an updated reference for Casey. I was thinking of making his eyes green as its quite a popular choice…… But the maroon color I chose at the start just kind of stuck and I don’t really want to change it. 

Anyone is allowed to use this design if they’d like. it’s not too different from the popular fandom ones anyways. ))

hopefulvisionary  asked:

[ if you want to, Italy in "what I gain, I lose!" ]


// Here he is! A handsome young ray of sunshine he is, too! This is only like,, The second time I’ve ever drawn a canon character I think? Also the first time I’ve ever used a color palette. I ended up having to resize it a bit bc I realized I made it way too small but ayyy 

skylinefanfiction  asked:

Shiro and Keith in a GameStop.


“okay, we just came here to buy a new pro controller, but now i’m distracted, why are all of the fancy ones in our color scheme? everything here is red and black,” keith looked around and scratched his head.

“i think it’s because we are destined to be the team of gamers to take down the gaming leaderboard tyrant that is pidge gunderson,” shiro said determinedly.

“nah,” keith said back, “pidge losing? too ooc, the merchandise is only taunting us, knowing they are appealing to our favorite colors and setting us up for a brutal and crushing defeat at the hands of OVERLORD PIDGE! OH MY QUIZNAK!” keith paused, “…i really need to chill,” shiro laughed and shook his head.

(if you were wondering: yes, they bought a red n black one. pidge made fun of them for it later)

ask me for terribly written 3 sentence fan fic by leaving two (or more) voltron characters + a location either from voltron or real life in my ask

200 Followers Art Giveaway

So, I said I’d have a gift up sometime. I am doing a followers art giveaway! There will be three prizes, but first, some rules~!

Rule 1, you must be following me. No unfollowing afterwards just for the raffle.

Rule 2, Please, please spread this around! Like and reblog! Each reblog counts as a entry!

Rule 3, Please don’t ask me to stuff that I am not comfortable with.

So, onto the prizes~!

Each winner will get a full body cell shaded, or flat color image of their choice!

Here are some examples of my work c:

Now, what I will not do is, smut, major gore, I’m very tentative with humans. Please do not ask me to draw these things for you.

I will be announcing the winners on the 17th of May. I will be using random.org to pick winners

ooc; Heh, I’ll probably never even color nor finish this. I lost my drawing mojo along the way. Though I will probably get back to it some other time when I’m not feeling lazy. This is what I’m MOST looking forward to in P4DAN since it does seem like we’ll have dance combos in the game. So there’s inevitably gunna be “dancing partners” from what I gather in some screen shots.

*note: Please DO NOT use or repost without permission. Thank you.

artiodartio  asked:

I really like the new style! It's super duper cute and the coloring style is on point, although I do have to say it might benefit if you color in the hair more, I understand it's supposed to be shine but it might look overall more pleasing if you did? Maybe do a few tests on your own time or smth. But still I super duper love the shading and overall style so do what you want with it!

Thanks! And yeah I understand, i used to do it on another artstyle but I do think it will work better if it’s more colored

Playing with Fire cover comparisons

Annnnd we’re back! This time with PWF, which in my opinion is rather underrated? Definitely not the best book in the series, but I like it better than the other middle books. YEAH, GET READY FOR UNPOPULAR OPINIONS. Also, apparently almost every country universally decided the main character gets to appear, so this time there’s lot of Val! Yay!

Anyway, this list has some weird mixups. Let’s go.


Indonesian Cover

In my opinion? The best Skulduggery Pleasant cover, ever. It’s beautifully drawn, the compositions great, the PERSONALITY!! the font is not the greatest (that blue is… out of nowhere) but good god I will forgive for that BEAUTIFUL val. this is the only official art i’ve ever seen that actually looks like a pretty teenage girl, so, props. I also love the hand tucked into her jacket. “yeah, im shooting fire, but it’s not a big deal.”

also, indonesian artist learned to draw skeletons!! it is kinda weird to see him standing far back not doing anything, but it works better here than other places…


UK Hardcover

This and #3 are really close, but this is probably one of my favorites of the original hardcovers. I like the lemon/lime color scheme, and the composition is great - maybe the best of all of them. The hands popping up out of the frame really work, and the splatter effects actually look good here! Yay! I … kinda suspect someone else did the composition here, lol. Not sure how I feel about the bats, but. Eh. 


Thai Cover

im sorry about the sticker/website, this is the biggest I could find :,(

ANYWAY! DAMN! Once again, love the framing, and especially love the hand creeping out! The chains are great, the fiery background is great … also the grotesquery is creepy as fuck, much scary then any of the art Percival’s done of it. thoo…. why put the villain on the front cover, is my question? 


UK paperback.

It’s okay. Playing wirth fire, so… Skulduggery plays with fire. Composition is good, colors are good. Not much to say.


Bulgarian Cover

Yay, Val!! And Skul lurking protectively in the background. This one mostly comes down to me not liking the art style much. Also val’s weird very ooc (and age inappropriate??) top. Aight.


US Ebook

You know how I said the Indonesian/Bulgarian covers with Skul standing back worked? Yeah, this is an example of one that.. doesn’t. Seriously, there are vampires coming at them and Skulduggery is … actually, I’m not sure what Skulduggery is doing. What is he looking at? … SKULDUGGERY, SHE’S 13.

Speaking of that background, it’s awful. I can’t believe we’re only about halfway down the list and it’s already this dismal. Oy vey.

This is a cute Val, though. Yay. Why does Val never age in Percival’s covers? Questions, questions.


US Hardcover

this is hilariously awful to me in the way the czech cover of book 1 is. it’s just so HIDEOUS, I LOVE IT. i bought a copy of this in powell’s and it’s my ugly baby

people do not run like this. I mean, for one, they do not hover off the ground like this, but the arms should be opposite the legs (so right leg forward, right arm back). Both of them are wearing brown, for some reason? Val’s coat is super short? i don’t know, man. I don’t know. 


Serbian Cover

It’s a massive improvement over the last cover, though it’s still a mess. Their photoshopping is a bit more coherent, at least. Look at val’s emo bangs. And I’m sure she’s very proud to be 2 inches taller than Skulduggery.

Also, the bats return. Were there bats in this book??


Czech Cover


I’m impressed that they did worse.

it’s like Skulduggery cosplaying billy-ray sanguine, I don’t even KNOW. 


American Paperback

Exec #1: “well, the skeleton cover really didn’t work here… We think it might have been too scary. What should we do for this reboot?”

Exec #2: “what’s the title?”

exec #1: “Playing with Fire.”

Exec #2: “Hand. Fire. DONE, BOOM”

at least they TRIED with the first one by making a scepter. ths is just… utter laziness. 

“Vampires are just part of the problem!” what was wrong with don’t try this at home?? IT MAKES EVEN MORE SENSE HERE. it’s the only one of these covers with a tagline, too. lord. 


…i’m really outdated, huh?
Haunted House Reaction Challenge (something like that??)
I haven’t seen any AddEve so why not? ;D
…ignore the background, tracers’ outfits, and lazy-coloring ×∆×)

aranyaphoenix  asked:

Top 5 favorite succulents!

(( EEE! kay this is sorta ic and ooc cuz I <3 succulents muchness ))

1. Bear paw Succulent

“I mean just loooookit’s little paws!”

2. Rock Succulent

“I like em cuz they remind me o’ dinosaurs. An they work real well in zen rock gardens.”

3. Bunny Succulent

“Its A BUNNY! What else do I need t’say?”

4. Kebab Succulent

“These ones come in lots o’ colors, an really do kinda remind ya of lunch kebabs. …An now I’m startin t’get hungry.”

5. Aloe

“No list o’ succulents is complete without aloe cuz it’s used in almost all m’salves an medicines.”

Pieces of Me, OOC

There’s been a lot of anger and sadness lately on tumblr.  A lot of people are struggling for various reasons.  We’re all made of the same stuff, just humans looking for approval and love, right?  Like @ferai-caolann said recently, “its easy to forget people exist behind words on a screen”.  So when I saw @adellennehocoleux post this little meme earlier I thought perhaps I’d join in.

🎉   Hey, it’s me!   🎉

● Birthday:
June 24th
● Gender: Female
● Relationship status: Married
● Favorite color(s): Charcoal, cream, dusky lavender
● Pets: 2 cats (Isis and Selphie), 2 chihuahuas (Maya and Ferris)
● Wake up time: About 7am
● Love or lust?: Love
● Favorite food(s): Pizza, broccoli, kale, chocolate
● Met a celebrity?: Yeah, here and there.  People just like the rest of us.
● Last song listened to: Take Me Up, by Ritual Howls
● First kiss: With a freakishly tall basketball player from a different high school
● Tall or short: Tall.  5'10.

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//….Why is it so hard to find Bast content where they don’t white wash him?? Almost every Bast photo I come across he is pasty white like my own ass like?????? He’s darker skin. He’s not celadish dark – like Wilem – as pat as said. And it’s said in book HE’S DUSKY. Which leads my mind to a more lanti@ skin tone. NOT WHITE. Give me….. proper…….bast……….skintones…….. please. i ahte not having bast ont his blog UGH//

// I know I said I was gonna work on asks but first I need to finish something for an event I’m helping with that needs to be done before a certain date, so…

Also just a psa: I’m probably gonna be drawing like this from now on for most things pertaining to this blog. You’ll still see my usual fully colored style in normal or more serious pictures but for answers and future comics I’ll be using this, since it’s quicker and easier for me to draw.

Commissions are OPEN

I’ve decided to open commissions!
Currently only doing headshots of characters, here are some examples:

- A single headshot costs 6 USD
- PayPal only for now
- Payment first, I will start working on your piece after I received it
- A single person can order 3 sketches maximum per slot
- Reference is required (see Further Information)
- Contact me either here by message or write an e-mail to sovi.marcell@gmail.com (mention commissions in the subject)
- Don’t send payment before receiving a reply from me that I accepted your order

Opening 5 slots for now

Further information:

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