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My youth is yours.

~ On their way to the Shrieking shack~

Harry : Don’t worry, this is going to work

Draco : Are you sure?

Harry : Yeah it’ll be fine. 

Draco : Exactly how many times have you done this? 

Harry : I don’t know… Once? 

~At the Shrieking Shack, the moon starts to rise~

Harry : It’s now or never.

Draco : Remember you volunteered, Potter. 

Harry : Yeah yeah, now get undressed.

~The next morning, after Draco’s Transformation~

Harry : We made it! 

Draco : It worked… IT WORKED! 

Harry : Wait, look! That’s not bad… I mean not as bad as they were before

Draco : Hm? Oh yeah, doesn’t seem as deep, does it?

Draco : You had a leaf in your hair. 

Draco : Wait, did I do that?? Harry I’m-


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Thank you all so much for following me and enjoying my ask blog. I don’t know what to say, I’m just to happy that I can’t thank you enough. I didn’t expect I would reach over 200. I want to do something for you all, but I never done an event before, so if you have any suggestions of what I should, I would love to hear them out.


// It’s high time I get with the new trends and the new generation of roleplayers who administrate their stuff on their blogs like this. I’m a RP veteran, give me a break. Back in my day, we didn’t have no fancy graphics or permanent starter calls. Anyway, here’s my permanent starter call. No refunds, no credit cards and no coins. 

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a main’s call, ft. ren’s faceclaim, tao.

i’ve never done one of these before. basically, if we’ve got something good going, you want to stick around, you want to build something with this awkward dragon child, feel free to like this. two, possibly three slots per rwby char, one for cross fandom. you can hit it even if we haven’t interacted a ton but your char is free and you still want to interact. definitely feel free if we’ve plotted something out.

i’m including ship partners, and those that have made url tags for me automatically, if you’d like to be taken off the list at any time feel free to hit me up. characters under the cut.

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y’all know how much I adore the relationship between Jac and Jasmine and imo there’s seriously not enough fanfics/content about them online (well there’s basically none lmao). Plus I have so many ideas/headcanons about them floating round my head constantly, so I may have done a thing if anyone fancies giving it a read… https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12399388/1/Protection

I’ve never written these two before but I feel like I understand them so much already, but apologies if anyone finds them ooc because i’m still learning how to portray them. if you DO check it out, any feedback would mean a lot!!! either leave me a review or message me on here if you have anything good or better, constructive to say! I hope y’all enjoy :)

anonymous asked:

When you get this, please respond with five things that make you happy. Then, send to the last ten people in your notifications anonymously. You never know who might benefit from spreading positivity!

(I will answer this IC as I have done it OOC before! :D)

1 - The Shroud, its majestic beauty always amazes me.

2 - Making sure people I am close to are safe, after my past I like to ensure friends and loved ones are happy and safe.

3 - Good food! I hear @righthererightzao is a great cook I would love to try some of his food.

4 - Finding out new history of magic, I am currently researching this so if I make a new discovery I like to celebrate.

5 - Reading, I love to read and write, It is relaxing and enjoyable.

Thanks anon for the ask!

anonymous asked:

Favorite platonic Sonic and Amy moment then?

 ooc :// it’s late & i’m tired but i’d have to say one of the few i like is from sonic unleashed where you meet up with amy again. many can interpret it as something ‘shippy’ ( and i can see that also ) but it also shows certain other aspects of their friendship. it’s important to note that amy completely disregards sonic and leaves him alone after not recognizing him. something she’s never done before and is entirely foreign. and after that we get chip telling sonic about his appearance and why she may not know it’s him which does seem to entirely BUM OUT the hedgehog. he does walk with shoulders slumped and seems upset.

now why is this a good platonic moment: it shows that genuinely sonic does care about what amy thinks. knowing amy didn’t recognize him ( when she always has before ) and pretty much push him away and apologize without a second thought has to be…. well, awful tbh? she’s known him for a long time. and in a way it’s almost like he’s ashamed of his newer form even more that when they meet again and she turns to face him he immediately turns his head so she can’t see his face and runs off. he’s not running off like the usual ‘i’m out gotta go before she hugs me’ but rather it’s almost like he’s??? feeling he HAS to go.

and amy then realizes it is sonic. she sees something in him when she turns to face him and when it’s confirmed she’s not??? upset or disgusted or shocked??? she’s genuinely concerned and grabs the mans hand and wants to know what happened and is worried and confused.

i think deep down finding out someone he’s known for so long ( who always finds him ) has suddenly not recognized him and when chip attributes it to his ‘scary features’ he doesn’t??? feel like himself tbh. he seems to hide himself from amy’s gaze after and hurries off as her eyes try to meet his. 

& while it can be seen as shippy i like to also imagine it as being sonic genuinely seen as caring what amy thinks and showing that her feelings do matter and so does she??? he’s not annoyed or aggravated or ‘gleeful’ she can’t recognizes him. he’s bumed out and runs from her gaze. like their friendship must be important for him to be able to be that upset and down in the dumps and avoid one of his friends gazes. and amy recognizes it afterwards and wants to know what’s wrong !!! she doesn’t hunt him down. she goes to the person who knows and wants to be told everything.

Nisekoi 216

this here

irritated me. team onodera must really be sinking for the author to write about the other pairing like this with the girl having to take advantage of the other one disappearing to establish themselves as a second choice. i’ve always respected kosaki because she’s likeable and never done anything to be hated, she’s just a dull character which is not her fault. its komi’s fault for not caring about her by reducing her to mere pairing fodder and male wish fulfillment. but this however, actually gives people a valid reason to dislike her and while it hasnt yet ruined her character for me completely it definitely bothered me and if the author keeps pulling OOC crap like this i may end up disliking her altogether.

now allow me to explain why this is bullshit. just a few pages before we have kosaki feeling guilty about being the reason chitoge left and not wanting chitoge to give up on raku because of her, only for a few pages later for her to think ‘’what if chitoge doesnt come back?’’ and make a move on raku with chitoge gone and the possibility of her not coming back racing through her mind saying she wont leave like chitoge did. she only stopped herself at the last minute because she knew she was being awful when chitoge was thinking about her feelings.

some people might argue thats what chitoge wanted, but chitoge put her friend’s feelings above her own so really i would be expecting kosaki to do the same and tell her neither of them need to get out of the way for the other and refrain from trying to do anything without establishing that first. if you’ve seen ao no haru ride futaba is aware makita likes kou and at the same time she finds out she’s in love with him as well. futaba confronts makita about it and they both decide kou is fair game, no friend should have to shoulder the pain all by themselves. chitoge is supposed to be the ‘’selfish bitch’’ and kosaki the ‘’pure’’ kind girl yet chitoge ended up being the better friend.

not only that but the context and the way kosaki says it is highly suggestive and insulting towards chitoge and her efforts - it may as well have read ‘’unlike that other girl i wont disappear on you so consider me’’

I need help...

So, I really hate to do this but I really need help.

As many of you who follow me may know, I’m currently stuck in an abusive home. I’m verbally and emotional abuse daily by my mother, with constant threat of physical abuse. I have to care for her 24/7, I’m rarely allowed to leave the house, I’ve had wages stolen, money given to me by my college for travel stolen, I’ve been isolated from any friends I had, I’m mocked, I’m hit, I’m treated like dirt. She’s the cause of my depression, my anxiety, my eating disorder, my string of health issues, the list goes on.

I am trying to get out.

But it’s hard, it’s really hard, I’ve been blessed enough to meet some really love people on here, who have been helping me and supporting me, and I’ve been able to start the process of moving out.

The wages I’d saved were taken from me, with the promise of being returned, she now claims that it was her money, and that I was never entitled to it. I have no college education, despite going to TWO different colleges. I was guilt tripped into dropping out to be her full time carer, this is also true for the job I had. She’s made it impossible for me to be financially independent.

I am eligible for benefits, it’s not ideal, but I will need to claim them to get by until I can find a job that I can support myself with. BUT I didn’t want to start claiming benefits until I’m out, and there is currently a 1-4 month long waiting list, so if I apply, it’ll be 6 weeks before I get anything, and by then I could be somewhere else, and would have to change all my details again (phone number, address, etc.) and could put a further delay on things.

Obviously this isn’t ideal.

So yeah, this is me, asking you, a stranger, to help me out a little. I’m not asking for much, I’m asking for whatever you can spare, and I’ll do my best give you something in return, (a graphic, a promo, an aesthetic, some fanart, etc.) just leave your Tumblr URL in the message box and what you’d like and I’ll do my best <3 I’m really desperate right now. I hate asking for help, I hate doing this right now, but I really need some form of income.

So if you can spare £1, I’d be honestly so grateful, and if you can’t? I’d really appreciate it if you could reblog this, and let more people see it. I was raised to never ask for help, so this is really hard for me.

Some examples of my “artwork”:

Some examples of my aesthetics:

My PayPal email is: (it’s registered as my birth name btw)


       Hey Everyone!

 So I decided to try and make a follow forever to thank all the amazing followers and people who have helped and supported me in this Roleplay fandom up until now. You’ve all been so nice and kind to me I don’t know what else to do to show my appreciation. First there will be some specific mentions to some special people of mine:~

                            (Under read more cos this will be long af)

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I’m okay.

I just want to take a minute to apologize. I’m really, really sorry for worrying people.

I’ve never done something like that before and it was thoughtless and stupid and I am so sorry if it negatively affected anyone I didn’t think I’m so sorry. The point of making this blog was to make people happy and make people laugh and I am ashamed that I turned it into something that worried people so much.

Losing my dog who was my last emotionally physical comfort I have where I am was just the cherry on top of a heap of financial stress and a depression I’ve been struggling to get control of the last two-three months.

I really wish I could respond to everyone personally that sent me a message but just there is so many and I am completely flabbergasted and my brain is still not doing 100% great and I feel like a really huge dumb.

I’m safe. I’ll be alright. 

Thank you all so much. Every single one of you. I probably won’t get to reply to each of you separately but I am genuinely shocked and I want to cry from all the love I’m suddenly drowning in???

You’re all amazing and funny and wonderful and I don’t think I am capable of expressing how I feel about this.

I have a rough road ahead of me still, but for now I’m okay.

Thank you so much. I love you all.