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Clan Leader Simon, Fledgling Raphael

Okay, okay, but LISTEN. Clan Leader Simon and fledgling Raphael, like basically their roles switch but their personalities are mostly the same. Just imagine:

  • Simon trying not to crush on the new fledgling he’s training because god dammit undead libido needs to stop and he’s just barely keeping his fangs in
  • Simon being a goofy ball of sunshine but as soon as shit gets serious he’s Serious Vamp #1™ and handles it like he was born to be a diplomat
  • And he’s friends with everyone so he’s got a shit ton of connections and now that Camille’s locked in the basement, vamps and werewolves are getting along so much better
  • Raphael being Clary’s friend and she can tell he’s got a soft spot for Simon, and he’s basically the really salty best friend and she adores him for it and she cries and tells him he’s still the “same Raphael that shit talks random people on the street and always has a comeback and loves looking at expensive suits you can’t afford and always protecting everyone you care about” when he crawls out of his grave
  • Climon being The BrOTP™ with Clary being all, “you’d better look after my saltmate or I’ll have to stake you” and Simon taking it all in stride and being all cool (until he trips over himself) and reassuring her that Raphael is fine and offers to let her have visiting hours as long as she leaves her weapons at the door
  • Simon going with Raphael to tell his family after the war because he partially blames himself for letting Camille get to him and feels he deserves to get yelled at
  • But instead Raph’s mom, while not happy about it, she can tell Simon cares and asks for Simon to look after her mijo, Simon does not cry, he doesn’t (yeah he does, but not until they’ve left)
  • Simon teaching Raphael to have faith again, teaching him to hold his cross and rosary and to walk on holy ground and say G-d and Jesus Christ and pray (and I’m not crying, you’re crying)
  • And when the malec wedding crash happens, he goes and recounts it to Simon in calm detail and comments, “It was sort of like The Graduate” and Simon flips his shit because he loves The Graduate and he’s happy that his friend Magnus finally got his guy and Simon wonders if he’ll get his
  • Simon insists that Raphael teach him about pop culture and they spend hours watching movies together (and maybe making out during them, which makes Simon insist that they rewatch them because “we didn’t actually watch it, Raph! My eyes were on you!” “As they should be.”)
  • And when the betrayal happens, because Raphael has to choose between the Clan and what’s left of his mundane life, he still chooses Clary and Jocelyn because he loves them and he’s as loyal as they come and he’s only known the clan for a little while, even if they gave him a home and a new family and he’s falling for Simon (he’s swears to himself that he won’t let Camille harm him if it costs Raphael his life, well his unlife)
  • And Raphael just watches as the light dies in Simon’s eyes and it hurts more than the “I’m sorry we weren’t enough for you” and even the “I’m disappointed”
  • “I thought you were my sunshine, and I suppose this is when I turn to dust, because I just wasn’t enough. We’d barely begun before the end, and maybe you were heavensent, but so were fallen angels in descent, and now I just feel cursed and blessed.” Simon writes a bunch of tragic love songs and cries and pretends to be okay when doing business because he’s clan leader and he can’t lose it over an almost love (though he thinks maybe on his end it was all love and that’s what hurts the most, that it must’ve only been on his end).
  • But Raphael is feeling the pain too and distracts himself by hunting down Camille so he can kill her and Clary tries to stop him but realizes she can’t and instead insists on going with him since she couldn’t get any leads on Jace and they take Camille down together, but Raphael gets badly injured and Camille says a lot of emotionally scarring and nasty things, and he needs more blood to recover than the ridiculously small amount that he’s been drinking lately
  • So Clary calls Simon and tells him they’ve killed Camille even though Raphael tells her not to and Simon rushes over with blood bags and even though he hasn’t quite forgiven Raphael, he doesn’t want him to die and just says fondly, “For a such a smart guy, you think you wouldn’t almost die so much. How long am I gonna have to come to your rescue?”
  • And Raph is pretty out of it by now so he’s not even sure if he’s hallucinating Simon or not, so he replies, “For the rest of my life, I hope.”


PLEASE READ “don’t message me” BY exdemonofheaven ON AO3


A little one-shot that takes place after 4x04

pairing: Robbie/Daisy, quakerider (can be seen as platonic or romantic, whatever works~~~)

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Cuddly Mornings

Aka the short & disgusting fluff no one asked for. 

Mickey woke up slowly, the feeling of lips gently pressing against the back of his neck drawing him to consciousness. Then there was the arm that was already draped over his waist pulling him closer to the body it was attached to, a huff of laughter tickling the hairs on the back of his neck before finally, “Mick”.

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Kiss and Tell

(late night confessions, alcohol, and other hazards)

They’re on their third beer and he’s definitely not drunk. He has some Scottish pride left, thank you, so he won’t blame this on the cheap beers Hunter likes to buy, no, he’s just…very tired. And when he interrupts their manly, broodingly silent drink-sharing with his poorly thought out confession, really, it’s just the sleep deprivation talking.

“So Simmons and I kissed.”

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The Way

Poorly written fluff at 4AM. Yes I just wrote this. Please excuse its horrible quality.

Senior Prom was finally upon them, and the butterflies fluttered in Bailey Tipton’s stomach as he stood in the small “back stage” area from where the band and dj booths were. He was nervous. He’d never made a solo his entire time as a member of The Warblers, but the council had picked him tonight. Of course he wasn’t lead, but second wasn’t bad. All the members were given times to report back for their numbers and set free to mingle once more.

Bailey immediately returned to the gathering of students that had collected in the hall. Some were mingling, some were dancing to the music provided by the junior DJ. Bailey had stepped down for the evening. After all, this was his Senior Prom, and his first school dance with a date.

Grabbing a bottle of water, he hummed to himself, glancing around. People were having a good time, and that alone brought a smile to his lips. He recognized all of his classmates, and many of the senior girls from Dobry as well, mixed with many female faces he didn’t know. But his mind was elsewhere. Someone behind him cleared their throat, and Bailey turned to see Derek standing there in his tux. A grin spread easily across his face, and he jumped into the others embrace, arms circling Derek’s neck, their lips meeting for a gentle kiss.

“Hi.” Derek said softly, squeezing Bailey gently against him.

“Hi. Don’t you look sharp.” He chuckled, straightening his boyfriends tie. Derek only smirked.

“You look amazing, Bai.” The compliment caused the others cheeks to flush.

“Oh hush you.” He pecked the others lips.

“Not in charge of the music tonight, I see?” Bailey shook his head.

“Well. I did write the playlist, and I trained the DJ, but I’m relinquishing control tonight. I just want to be here and enjoy prom with you.” He smiled and took another sip of his water. “I am performing though.”

“Oh, with the Warblers?”

“Yes, for one number. But I also have a solo.” He hadn’t told Derek until now. But he hadn’t for a reason. The song was for Derek. The athlete looked shocked.

“Really? Babe that’s great!” The models cheeks tinted again at his boyfriends enthusiasm, but he grinned. “What are you singing.”

“You’ll have to wait and see.”


The evening was beautiful. Bailey just couldn’t believe that this was the last of it. This was their last high school dance. After tonight that had only a small handful of events to look forward to before graduation. What lay beyond that was a mystery, and it was terrifying for Bailey to think about.

The model nuzzled himself against Derek as they slow danced, fingers of one hand laced together. He felt safe there, with Derek’s free arm around him, music slow in the background. His heart was contently fluttering. He loved this boy much more than he would have ever thought at the beginning of all of this.

The song ended and Bailey pulled back from his boyfriend slowly, meeting those beautiful eyes he’d come to adore. He raised Derek’s hand to his lips and kissed the back of it. It was time for his number.

“I’m up.” He smiled, and Derek nodded, letting him disappear towards the stage.

“Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the stage our second soloist for the evening. Senior Warbler Bailey Tipton, of Stuart.” Some of his friends clapped, and so did Derek as Bailey made his way onto stage. The nervousness bubbled up, but he smiled and approached the microphone easily, his hand coming up to rest on it. He nodded to the band, and they began the song behind him.

There’s something ‘bout the way you look tonight,
There’s something 'bout the way that I can’t take my eyes off you.
There’s something 'bout the way your lips invite,
Maybe it’s the way that I get nervous when your around.
And I want you to be mine
and if you need a reason why,

His eyes focused on Derek, a soft smile on his lips as he sang. The athlete’s eyes returned the loving glance and gentle smile, and Bailey let his eyes fall slowly shut, allowing the music to convey so much of what he felt.

It’s in the way that you move me, and the way that you tease me,
The way that I want you tonight,
It’s in the way that you hold me, and the way that you know me,
When I can’t find the right words to say,
You feel it in the way, you feel it in the way.

The model sang the words from his heart, where they held so much passion and feeling. He opened his eyes, looking back at Derek, whose gaze was still solely on him. His heart gave a flutter.

There’s something 'bout how you stay on my mind,
There’s something 'bout the way that I whisper your name when I’m asleep, Oh
Maybe it’s the look you get in your eyes.
Maybe it’s the way that makes me feel to see you smile.
And the reasons they may change
But what I’m feeling stays the same.
I can’t put my fingers on just what it is that makes me love you, you baby.
So don’t ask me to describe, I get all choked up inside, just thinking bout the way.

Couples were dancing together, some were standing to watch him sing, but all Bailey could see was Derek. All he cared about was right in front of him. And he let himself forget about what would happen after graduation, because he knew as long as he had Derek nothing else mattered.

It’s in the way that you move me, and the way that you tease me,
The way that I want you tonight,
It’s in the way that you hold me, and the way that you know me,
When I can’t find the right words to say,
You feel it in the way, you feel it in the way.
There’s something 'bout the way you look tonight.
There’s nothing more to say then, I feel it in the way.

He let his voice slowly fade out with the music, and was surprised by the sudden clapping. Grinning, he looked at Derek, who smiled back. Hopping off the stage, he made his way back to his boyfriend, who greeted him with a long, soft kiss.

“I love you.” The soccer player whispered against his lips.

“I love you too, Derek.” He whispered back, hand resting against the others cheek. Nothing mattered right now more than this. If he could bottle that moment and keep it forever, he would in a heartbeat.