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(last one is shiny)

So I jumped on a bandwagon with out knowing it. After finishing these I went on tumbler and found at least eight other designs for a dawn Lycanroc. I tried to change as much as possible but still stay a bit with the old one (a bigger poofy tail was definitely necessary), but it still feels unoriginal. Despite that it still works as just a special midnight lycanroc and i think I might use her as a character.

If your ideal Damian+Duke interactions isn’t them being chill 40% of time and spending the other 60 feeding off tht chill energy untill they inevitably convince each other to do some dumb teen shit, like it’s completely logical, then idk wht 2 tell ya…

Local mangaka went all the way to Italy

To meet his Italian tomodachi.

((ALSO YES I WAS AWAY YESTERDAY BECAUSE I WAS VISITING @askmamabruno. Is2g she’s the softest person you’ll ever meet.))((Also no I didn’t actually go to Italy, I visited the city where she lives.))

((Is that person behind us from SPW Foundation-))


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this is the Hakuno Kishinami Protection Squad

apparently, it is said in fate/extra material that hakunon’s enemy is twice, so…

Imitating another roleplay blog does not make you desirable as an individual. If you have to feed off of someone elses format/posts/and url to write a character – it may not be fit for you.