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He was so out of breath it felt like all he was doing was exhaling. His cut up tank top that was a poor excuse of a shirt reeked and dripped with sweat, the strap of his gym bag not offering any help to that. He pushed through the locker room doors and headed out of the gym, wiping his forehead with the back of his hand and spotting a figure at the end of the hallway. 

“We meet again,” he huffed out, this time more of an after-workout huff than his usual apathetic tone.

I did it, I finally made a follow forever. In appreciation for over ten thousand people following me, I decided this would be the time to make this. First of all I’ll just say that no I am not putting all my mutuals on here for that would be a 300 long list and just me following you means I love your blog so please don’t be sad if you’re not on here. I’m gonna put the list down to my absolute favourites and I PROBABLY WILL MISS SOME PEOPLE because I’m not perfect. (also people have changed their urls so I may have forgotten you due to this) 

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Well I wasn’t planning on doing one of these again till 3k but I decided they’re too much fun to make so yeah Also first I've used more than one gif for these so yeah thats cool. Been around a month since the last one of these and it’s been pretty awesome to say the least. Met new people, got my first post to break 3k notes, binge watched anime despite finals, finally got a theme I can stick with, and 500 more of you guys decided to follow me! I also decided that since Illya died and all (I still Crie) that I’d use Kaleid this time around. Anyways down to business talk! As always everyone thank you for following me and making me super duper happy! The blogs I follow are listed below and mutuals are in bold  O(≧▽≦)O

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Almost half a bottle of whiskey had him on his ass, to say it plainly. He managed to stagger to his apartment building but his place was on the fourth floor, there was no elevator to help, and he had made it as far as the lobby. There was a public bathroom in the lobby next to the mail slots and he toppled inside, desperately trying to find somewhere to puke other than on himself. He made it to the trashcan and once the contents of his stomach emptied, he admittedly felt a little better. 

The next thing his brain inhibited him to do was to try to use the urinal and he managed to, with the help of the wall to lean against. As he was in the process, he heard the bathroom door swing open. 

“Hey who ‘nvited you here, huh?” he yelled out.

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Stanley: You know what internet? You’ve surprised me. At first I thought Dipper’s idea to get us two geezers to answer your creepy questions on the web was dumb, but you kids are all right. All 100 of ya. You’ve given me somethin’ to do, I’ve had some laughs, and you haven’t wrecked my twin brother with your Rule 34. It almost happened once, but I managed to cover his eyes and punch the screen out with my other hand before he saw it.

Stanford: What I gathered from what little I did see, it seems like a guideline for the internet to follow where, if it exists, there will be art of the characters being very friendly to one another. However, I am a bit perplexed by the fact that my brother and I were looking deeply into each other’s eyes in the last part I saw before Stanley punched the screen-

Stanley: Hey, you know what time it is, Ford? It’s time for you to literally do anything but be on the computer for the next…. uh, two minutes! Whaddaya say? I bet Dipper’ll be glad to see you! Go down and tell him stories about your bizarre adventures in the sci-fi sideburn dimension, won’t you?

Stanford: Well, I- *gets shoved out of the room*

Stanley: Say a word and I will break you.

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Rhys’ morning had been relatively uneventful, as the morning was rather quiet and not much was going on. The forest had been calm, no noise, no activity, and Kai was nowhere to be found, so Rhys was doing the only logical thing; Drawing.

He had made himself rather comfortable curled up at the base of a free that was close to the Barriers edge, with a very slight view of the world beyond the Barrier, and was idly drawing the city he saw in the distance until he heard something— an odd sound, like something crashing into the surface of a still lake, yet he saw nothing, aside from what looked like a rippling affect in the Barrier.

It was odd, something that hadn’t happened before. Even odder was how after that, he heard the sound of footsteps close by, and immediately he was grabbing his book and pencil and creeping toward the sound to his left, staying in a low stance as he peaked around some of the thicker foliage to try and see the source of the footsteps.

And his eyes came to rest upon a strange figure, whom didn’t quite seem human, but surely wasn’t someone who lived in the Barrier. Perhaps they’d wondered inside? People couldn’t see it from outside, so occasionally people wondered into the forest and passed through, it wouldn’t be a first if that’s what this stranger had done….

He was derailed from his train of thought, though, as it seemed he had gained the strangers attention. Oh dear, where was Grim when he needed him?

“….?” A curious tilt of his head, and a question stare.