Sorry to come in unannounced with this but in light of recent events, I ask you take a look at this GoFundMe page for the victims of the Pulse Shooting and, if you can, maybe donate a buck or two towards it (or, hell, just share it which is just as good!)

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The room was quiet, the silence was suffocating. Nothing could be heard except the inaudible ticking of the clock. It’s was a small apartment with only books, blankets, and paperwork scattered everywhere.
Cas held her blade up against the person’s neck as she ambushed her from behind.
“Who are you? What do you want?” she hissed as the blade pressed closer the person’s neck.

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Seriously, what was it with her always somehow getting away from the others during a mission? At least her gear wasn’t broken this time, and there was no titans in sight… But still. Alone, in an open terrain was a very dangerous situation. 

Valerie urged her horse to go faster, very eager to reach the rest of the group as fast as possible. Then, all of a sudden, a human shape caught her eye.” Maybe someone else who has lost their horse,” she thought, and rode closer to get a better look at them. “Hey! You alright?”