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Skyrim Fanfiction

I used to be the DM for a D&D lunchtime club at my high school. It was my final year as a student there so I had decided to hand over the position of club leader to one of the other members. Just for fun, I set up a final quest where they would have to infiltrate the castle of the Dungeon Master and defeat her to gain control of the D&D world. Since the DM was in control of the world, she was invincible so the PCs had to explore the castle to find items that would counteract her invincibility. One such item was a notebook full of her poorly written fanfiction and thus, this conversation occurred:

Ranger(OOC): Oooh bad fanfics! This character is basically you, right? So does this mean you write fanfics about yourself?

Me: (sighing) Yes I do

Ranger(OOC): Will you read them to us?

Me: NO

Mage(OOC): Come on, please! Just a little bit, you don’t have to read the whole thing!

Druid(OOC): I know! Roll a d20 and if you get an 18 or higher you have to read us part of one of your fanfics

I’d been rolling pretty low all lunch so I thought it would be fine and it would get them to shut up so I went for it. I got a 19. At least it wasn’t a nat 20 I guess…

Ranger: YES

Me: (head in hands) …what do you want me to read?

Ranger: Didn’t you joke about writing something called ‘Dragonbride’ once? Read that one!

And thats how a group of sixteen year olds got me to read out part of a really bad fanfic I wrote about myself and a character from Skyrim. I hope the Ranger is having fun being the new club leader.

I’m the type of person that will ask every member of Block B if they lotion their bodies on a regular basis. Then if they say yes ask them what kind they use because I know some people be out here saying they lotion but it’s some scented ish that doesn’t moisturize a thing. You say you lotion but still walking around ashy. If any of the members say they don’t well….I will be coming back with some lotion next time. People with paler complexions think they can get away with nothing but once someone feels you it’s dry cracked leather to the touch.

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I'm breaking from tumblr for a bit but I just wanted to say that I just mustered up the strength to read chapter twenty. You are. Grounded. Cause I know those warm fuzzies are going to be burned to ash for at LEAST another twelve chapters. Curfew is 8:30. No friends. Healthy snacks only.

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                             ❝ ♕ — A GIFT FOR AUGUST ❞

                                  in conclusion of summer. goodbye, friend.

  1. SIGHT.
    Everyone has something they like to look at. Whether it be a person, inanimate object, place, a specific feature on a person. Write about your muses favorite thing to look at and explain why.

  2. TASTE.
    Write about a memory that leaves a bitter taste in your muses mouth. Don’t be afraid to explore and or expand a part of your muse.

  3. TOUCH.
    Muses come into contact with so many people throughout the years, write about a touch that changed your muses life. (i.e. a time they got into a fight with their mother, the first touch from their significant other that made them realize they were in love, etc.) 

  4. HEAR.
    Pick your muses favorite song and analyze the lyrics & beat from a typist stand point to explain why YOU think it’s their favorite song.

  5. SMELL.
    Describe a smell unique to your muse that comforts them, go into detail about why it became their association to comfort.

    Your muse is at their prime, they have lived their life to the fullest - write out your muses death scene.

  7. PINING.
    Remember a time where your muse set a goal and no matter how many times and different ways they approach the situation they fail no matter what. Write about that experience and the effect it had on your muse currently.

  8. YELLOW.
    Yellow is supposedly the colour equated with happiness and joy. How does the colour make your muse feel?

    Between Greek, Roman and Egyptian mythology which God resonates with your muse more and write a brief drabble about your muse in a modern!god au.

  10. POETRY.
    Find your favorite line from a poem, write a self para for your muse surrounding that line.

    Describe your muses personality through your eyes, based off of interactions, character developing self paras, etc.

    If your muse had the opportunity to visit someone in the after life, who would they visit and what would they talk about? Write about the experience.

  13. GREED.
    Write about an experience where your muse was selfish, knew they were being selfish yet continue to look out for themselves.

    Write about your muses fondest memory from their childhood.

    Write about someone your muse would die for. It could be them, their best friend, lover, parent, etc. How did they get to that point with that person?

  16. ESCAPE.
    Your muse is having a nightmare and the only way they can wake up is if they confess to whatever is haunting them. Write out the scenario.

    The thing about typists is they’re always developing alongside their muse whether that be writing style, aesthetics, etc. Write a self para in your favorite authors writing style

    Start a self para with the sentence  ❝ You are the first thing and the worst thing I know. ❞ Get creative!

    Have your muse describe their favorite colour without actually saying the name of the colour.

    Have your muse make a celebrity movie cast for the movie of their life. Have them explain why they chose the people they chose. 

  21. RED.
    Have your muse explain how the colour RED makes them feel.

    Whether they’re atheist, christian, etc. write about your muses thoughts, feelings and opinions on religion.

    Write about your muse having to wait for something for a long time, describe how that makes them feel and how they handle the situation.

    Your muse is the embodiment of one of the seven deadly sins, which one are they? Explain why and how they would entice others to fall into the vice and who would their target auidence be. (i.e. muse a is glutton and entices people into falling into gluttony by inviting them to a food festival)

    Your muse is the embodiment of one of the seven virtue, which one are they? Explain why and how they would entice others to spread their virtues onto other and who their target audience would be. (i.e. muse a is fortitude goes around giving motivational speeches)

    Write about a decision that was exceptionally hard for your muse to make and the repercussions of their decision. 

  27. IFS & BUTS.
    If your muse had a “normal” stable life, write about how you think they would be in present day.

    Describe your muses nighttime routine.

    Your muse is an animal of your choice, which animal would they be and write a self para about what they’d do as that an animal for a day.

    Only you as a typist have witnessed every heartbreaking, character making, tearful situation your muse has ever been through. Write a letter to your muse.