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7 & 8

  • For movie or TV muses, what is your muse’s favorite scene? Why? Can you show a screenshot?
  • For movie or TV muses, what is a scene with your muse that you hate? Why? Can you show a screenshot?

(( There are so many options for the first one my head is spinning. I just love Ten as The Doctor so much, and Tennant invested him with just so much life and energy, there’s so many moments that I can point to as the singlemost wonderful scene… and, conversely, so few scenes that I can isolate as being worthy of hate.

I love so much about the Silence in The Library/Forest of The Dead two-parter– my feelings on River Song remain mixed –but that incredible run at the end where Ten is vaulting over things and pelting through the stacks at full tilt with that dying screwdriver in his hand– over-riding a turbolift and diving headlong into the heart of a planet! It’s just glorious. And the moment afterwards where he snaps his fingers and The TARDIS doors open– that’s forever blazed into my mind, there was so much future and potential and power and portent in that instant– and this bond between a boy and his box that transcended even keys and locks. Oh, my heart.

The scene where he comes back to save the family in Pompeii, that near-Messianic moment where The TARDIS fades in amongst the fire and the ash and The Doctor emerges from the blazing light of that doorway, hand outstretched, come with me, that never ever fails to give me goosebumps.

Trading T.S. Eliot references with Lazarus on the roof and– very soon after– talking in Southwark Cathedral about the toll immortality takes on you, the losses of loved ones you incur when you live forever–

“That’s a price worth paying,” Lazarus insists.

“Is it?”  The Doctor replies, quietly, soberly, almost flatly– and Tennant imbues those two words, those two syllables, with so much ancient ache that it pierces me clean through every time.

The moment I actually legitimately fell in love with Ten was very early on– that moment in The Christmas Invasion where the translation circuit kicks back on and he swings open the doors with that grin on his face, did you miss me? At that moment, Christmas 2007, watching this, I was late to the New Who game and had been out of touch with the Who franchise for about a decade, ever since the Paul McGann Eight movie had first shown up. And in that instant, this character so vaguely and fondly remembered from my childhood in Britain, this mysterious figure so burned onto my heart, he was standing in front of me again in peejays at Christmas and ready to take on armies to save our world and I just sort of experienced this electrical epiphany, a surge in my soul–

“Did you miss me?” he asked.

And with joy and tears in my eyes, yes I had, I had missed him so much, my boy was back! I had no idea how much I had missed him until he was back and I had missed him so much!

But ultimately, ultimately I think the answers to 7 and 8 are actually the same.

The Waters of Mars. The Time Lord Victorious.

Tennant’s acting in this scene is this blaze of tragic glory. This rage against the dying of the light. It can’t be put into words, it just can’t. And there’s this– this undercurrent of awe-inspringness to Ten himself in this moment, finding ways to save these lives, funny robots and TARDIS keys and piloting his ship by remote and who needs atom clamps? even while the world is quite literally burning down around them– like The White Witch prophesying The Deep Magic of Narnia, the world is ending in Fire and Water. And yet The Doctor triumphs! HE WINS. Even with the heart of darkness those actions represent, the terrible sin he’s committing against time and space and human history to cling to some measure of control over his life and his conscience– I cannot help but be carried away by his zeal, his thunderous cackling glee at beating the odds One More Time.

And so I love it.

But of course it’s a great and terrible disaster. One of the lives he saves ends herself to preserve the broad strokes of human development on into the further future. All he does is make the people he rescues desperately frightened of him. And he realizes, too late, with a thudding weight in both his hearts, the depth and breadth of his transgression.

And so I hate it.

Because by doing what The Doctor does best– snatching life and victory from the jaws of death and defeat –he’s doomed himself, signed his death warrant on into the course of events that would ultimately end in The End of Time. And he really has done a horribly wrong thing, staining the heroic soul of my beloved Tenth Doctor perhaps beyond redemption… perhaps, at least, until he learns once more the true nature of sacrifice… and of course that’s when we lose him.

Oh, my heart. ))

look i just saw the movie and loved some of it and hated other parts of it but long story short my girl is back in Full Force and she has a lot of feelings about her captains and the children and i’ve missed this fandom so much it physically hurts me so hello

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2, 5, 7, 13 - spencer

questions for canon muses

7. For movie or TV muses, what is your muse’s favorite scene? Why? Can you show a screenshot? 

Literally everything Troian does is absolute magic and talent, but…if I had to pick…

OK SO. FOR ALL MY HATE AFTER THE TIME JUMP, it has some of my FAVORITE Spencer scenes, because 1) love those bangs and 2) spanna was always my favorite liars ship and spaleb was my crackship come true. And THIS. SCENE. I have been on about this, but it’s honestly probably the best scene in PLL history. It’s one of the only real looks we get at Spencer and Hanna’s strained relationship, Caleb’s desperation, Hanna’s guilt and pain and feeling like she’s intruding in their relationship, Spencer still always trying to protect Hanna and falling in love with the way Caleb talks to her but already knowing it’s over, it can’t be saved, and that hurts.

None of the characters make eye contact in this scene, half of them can’t even see each other, but the marking is so fucking dynamic, like ??? Spencer and Caleb are close now, but there’s still that BARRIER between them, and Hanna and Spencer are on the same side in the same room but there’s so much distance, and Hanna and Caleb don’t have a connection at all, Hanna’s like…looking in on their lives and she kind of ?? Takes the pain of hearing their intimacy like she deserves it, because she does feel guilty for what she did to Spencer, but also knows she’s the last person Spencer wants to speak to right now, but knows she won’t say it, but still wants to try and be there for her and fix this.

And Caleb is just ??? So desperate, because I think he knows it’s over too, but he does think he loves Spencer, and doesn’t want to lose her, he’s wanted her for so long and been so p a t i e n t , and he has it so good, he knows it, and he can’t stand for this to slip out of his grasp partly because he thinks the thing with Hanna was a one-off and she’s going back to Jordan lmao and he’ll be alone. Honestly, I wish this reaction with Caleb was legit, like this was a prelude to “well what are we going to do” because none of them can live with out each other, and we get SPANNALEB, but I digress.

And Spencer…hO mY GOD i could…e;ilfjak;jfn;aerfn. They’ve just killed someone and Spencer is trying to clean it up and keep it together, and she and Hanna got left alone, and she’s trying not to think about it, but Hanna wants to, and she’s got to be strong and tamp it down and keep her head, and then fucking Caleb shows up, and this fucking night could not get any harder. Because even when she’s strung out and desperate and scared and trying to hold it together, she’s thinking of Hanna, tries so HARD to send Caleb away when he starts talking about him and Spencer, knows it’s hurting Hanna, and after EVERYTHING, she’s still trying to protect her. She’s desperate. She’s such a fucking good friend. And we get to hear about the way Caleb fell in love with Spencer, gave up a fucking job for her when they weren’t even together. Not even close. We get to see the way it’s breaking Spencer’s heart, and GOD, how Caleb’s voice is cracking and his finger’s tracing the door and he misses her so much, and Spencer’s fighting that wire between keeping her head after what they’ve done, and protecting Hanna, and being honest with herself and him and letting herself FEEL everything he’s reminding her of. And even though she trusted him, he could HELP THEM, he’s supposed to be her rock she can turn to, she still has to fucking turn him away because she can’t let him in right now. She needs time. To think. Even though she already knows exactly where this is heading, even when he’s desperately pleading for her to take him back, and it’d be so easy to do it. She knows it’s not right. She deserves better. That Hanna and Caleb will always have something, and she fucking suffers and takes that pain and holds it in herself even when she wants nothing more than to break down.

Fucking award-worthy.

others answered here !

im 5 minutes into spirited awya and already near tears i hate this fucking movie

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98) Ever been on a plane?

Ooh, far more than I care to admit lol. My family is Irish and beyond my parents and siblings, all of them are still back home on the island. I’ve got a love hate relationship with the food and movie choices.

I also fly for work sometimes and one of the officers I work with has his pilots licence, and is helping me get started with getting my own commercial licence (though it’s super pricey for the courses @.@)

Ty @hmratking ! (I hope you’re feeling better :( )

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hiiii so i read ur long-ass post about jack and i totally agree, i mean i loved the movie as a whole but i absolutely hated how they handled jack's character, and him being "just there" and not an active part of the plot really annoyed me like at some point i wanted him to go away and for carina and hector to just take over even tho jack's like my one true love since i was 5 years old. i hope they're gonna get it right in the next potc and bring the golden three together again yes please

      ahhh gosh thank you friend ( honestly everyone who has come to me to share their thoughts – thank you to all of you and I’m gonna try to answer them all <3 ), and yep I agree 1000% – especially with the Hector and Carina thing, because honestly I think Jack and Carina spent more screen time together than Hector and Carina which??? makes no sense if you’re trying to build up this father-daughter narrative that they were pushing for. I think Hector and Carina had like one scene before the whole final confrontation and it was just??? it made the whole thing feel forced imho. like you probably could have made Jack her father and it would have made at least a little more sense because they’d built up more of a rapport over the film ( although I’m really glad they didn’t omfg ) – but particularly in the 2nd half he really didn’t have a purpose for being in half of the scenes he was in. lmfao I was of the same mind, I was just there wishing that a) he’d go back to fucking normal or b) he’d just get out of the scene because he was annoying me lmao. Jack the Monkey gagged him and I was just THANK GOD YOU SHUT HIM UP

      and yeah ugh as for a potc6 – I’m in two minds because on one hand I really want them to end this franchise here. Jack was mercifully back to normal at the end and he got his happy ending and Will and Elizabeth got their happy ending which also makes me happy, despite my salt about those cameos, and honestly I’m not sure where they’d even go for another film?? all curses in the sea are broken so what’s left?? but if they do go for a potc6, they better redeem Jack’s character tbh

I just stared at your delicious bosom
and in the evenings I howled at the moon, fallen in love

(And I sang)
Marilyn, Marilyn, when will you take off your jumper?
Marilyn, Marilyn, will I ever get that time back?

I wasted my money on your every movie
and in my dreams I sank my teeth in your butt
The holiest of all was your shabba-dabba-doo

And when Arttu the writer got you upside down
I ripped you from the wall, you were just a bitch


     When I think of Morgana having a crush when still a cat I think of her being like Luna from Sailor Moon Movie where she fell in love with a human man who loved space. Feigning innocence but desperately wanting to reveal her feelings even though knows he only sees her as a cat. Will even allow the ones she likes to put a ribbon on her and cuddle her despite hating it.

   Ugghhhh- She probably try everything to be their moral support and wishing she could admit she likes them but knows that’s impossible as she is. As who the heck is going to want a cat?

// so many props to James Arnold Taylor for staying super positive and upbeat about his movie even through the negative critic reviews. I can respect someone that stands by their work and doesn’t throw it under the bus when it’s not doing well. I realize he’s been with the franchise forever now, but still.

Fans of all kinds love it. Critics hate it. Probably because every critic never played a single Ratchet and Clank game.

I’m proud of him for staying positive about all the backlash. That’s not an easy thing to do.


That shove…I’ve talked about this plenty of times, but see how hurt Fili looks?

He spent the entire journey looking after Kili: using his body to shield him on several occasions, tending to his wound, practically giving up his claim to Erebor, offering to carry him…EVERYTHING for his brother. Fili never once thinks of himself. Then he tries to save him again and he gets shoved. Why is Kili being such a nasty brat here? He was all love and hearts and rainbows a minute ago.

The good thing is that Fili doesn’t hold grudges (like most dwarves would) and is soon seen watching over him once more, eventually sacrificing his life for Kili’s.

Whatever the reason, I hope Kili regretted that behavior and all the times he took Fili for granted. Although I fear by the time he did, it was too late :(

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Can you give me any relevant reason as to why this movie is hated because all I hear is that people hates this movie because of it's sheer OOCness, Hinata's bias and change of plot, NS/SNS not being canon and whatnot. Can anyone give me a full detailed reason why this movie is hated please? ;O; Also, I'm just curious. I also seriously hated that movie but couldn't put into words how much I hate it.

Here’s a great long review of the movie.

If you want a short answer: it’s a terrible movie. 

1. Character assassination:  Naruto is a fuckboy who sulks over friendzone when the world is ending, he’s a chauvinistic little bitch who toyed with people’s feelings because of rivalry. He’s an emotional retard who thinks love for food is the same as love for ppl. Sakura is a shallow fangirl who pushes Naruto to Hinata cos she wants Sasuke. Hinata is a selfish damsel who keeps on knitting a scarf when her sister has been kidnapped.

2. The plot sucks: The villain doesn’t make sense, his only purpose is to create a damsel plot. The romance is cheesy and cringey, your know, some festival, a scarf, some sulking over unrequited love, running away from your crush like 12 year old. Then suddenly a miracle happens: some fake best friend appears and plays matchmaking for you, some creepy villain starts obsessing over you and keeps putting you in damsel situations etc

3. The genjutsu: Naruto fell in love cos he’s hit by a genjutsu, fking stupid. The next time he’s hit by a genjutsu in which he sees Kurama’s flashback, he’d realise Kurama has done so much for him, and Kurama is his true love

4. plotholes: Hinata was never shown to be bullied by other villagers in the manga. She’s the heiress to the most powerful clan in Konoha, who would want to fuck with the Hyuuga? Naruto knew kage no bushin before he read the secret scroll.

5. This movie destroyed the last arc of the manga: for this movie be have canon status, Kishi had to add Kaguya and other filler elements in the manga. Madara was doing fine as the final villain, but he’s pushed aside and we got Kaguya, and stupid shit like ninja are descended from a moon rabbit, Hamura moved to the moon

6. The movie was marketed as chapter 699.5 and promised to answer what’s left unexplained in the manga during the timeskip. If Kishi thought all he left unexplained was how naruto fell in love, that’s insulting to the fans. 

I want to marry a prince and become royalty and have everyone initially love me but then I become too wild and ooc and everyone starts hating me and then i get assassinated and then have a movie made about my life full of 80s new wave songs just like marie antoinette

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Klaroline drabble: Klaus and Caroline are watching a movie that Caroline loves but he hates, fluffy

WARNING: Very minor spoilers for PS. I Love You

This is venturing into OOC in some parts but you can watch me whilst I don’t care because I like it.

 If you want a drabble request answered please go here to request it. Requests through the Magazine are closed.


Klaus really hated his life some times.

Here he was, an immortal hybrid with all the power in the world, his kingdom completely at his feet, watching some horrid film that, according to his love, brought joy and tears to every woman with a reasonable movie taste. He’s almost positive that doesn’t even make any sense.

She had insisted they watch this movie, a favorite of hers. Ps. I Love You, it was. From all the fighting going on, Klaus would have coined it Ps. I Loathe You. Or Ps. I Hate This Incredulous Film With All Of My Immortal Being.

He’d honestly been hoping for a movie theatre type of experience where he could tune out the movie entirely and kiss and tease Caroline senseless. Unfortunately for him, this was not that. Caroline completely insisted on watching the film all the way through; he’d go to touch her only to be slapped away; his kiss was accepted but thoroughly ignored.

Eventually he’d given up and decided that the film was actually bringing her some sort of joy that of which he could not bring himself to comprehend. So, with his arms crossed and his eyes rolling when she wasn’t looking, Klaus muscled through the movie.

Klaus couldn’t help but get caught up in the movie, completely and totally loathing the stupid human characters for their irrational and flat out stupid behavior.

“Will you stop huffing and puffing, Klaus? I’m trying to watch.”

“I can’t help it!” he claimed, sitting up a little straighter and throwing his arm out towards the television. “This is completely and utterly depressing!”

“It’s sentimental.”

“It’s a damn shame is what it is,” he clarified, propping his legs up on the coffee table and lazily swinging an arm over Caroline’s shoulders.

“If you knew you were going to die would you write me letters so I wouldn’t miss you as much?”

“I’m immortal, darling,” he answered, a secretive smile slipping onto his features. “Which means…” he took her by surprise by grabbing her wrists and flipping her over quickly on the couch. Once she was pinned under him, laughing all the while, he planted kissed all over her body. “I can do this,” kiss, “all,” kiss, “day,” he elongated the final kiss as his hands slipped underneath her shirt to get a good feel of her skin beneath his fingertip. “Forever.”

Caroline sighed with a mixture of annoyance and contempt, toying with the chains around his neck absentmindedly. “What if I meant it?”

“Meant what?”

“What would you do if you knew you were going to die?”

“I’d threaten people and rip people’s hearts out until I could ensure both my survival and yours, love.”

“Seriously?” She huffed, pushing him off of her and readjusting herself so she was looking at him head on. “Fine, what if you died? How about then.”

He couldn’t help but chuckle at her insistence. “I’m not going to die, Caroline.”

“But what if you did?”

He considered it for a moment before reaching for her, pulling his love’s body up into his lap. Placing a careful arm around her waist to ensure she wouldn’t fall. “If, hypothetically and, may I add, very unrealistically, I were to die, I would scour the other side for a way back. I would force Bonnie or that Gilbert boy’s hand to allow us to speak to each other through them as we formulated a plan to bring me back.”

“I like the sound of that,” she smiled

“What would you do if I died?”

She shrugged, “You sound like you’ve got a plan. I’d go with it.“

“And after I come back?” he asked, his voice dropping to a low tone.

“Sex. Loads of hot hybrid sex.”

Klaus laughed. “Loads?” 

“Truckloads. Huge truckloads.”

The hybrid practically guffawed at her comment, throwing his head back in spite of himself. “This is why I love you.”

“Ps. you love me?” she tried, nudging him on the shoulder to prompt him to laugh at her joke.

“Oh, don’t push it, sweetheart.”