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Your blog is such a wonderful source of full Bakusquad appreciation <3

:O I TRY!!!!!!! Mostly because that’s my main obsession atm and I like scrolling through my own blog to have all the quality posts this fandom makes all in one place and feel very much blessed haha I’m glad you’re liking this disaster of a blog tho <3<3

mass reply time! i’ve been exceedingly slack when it comes to replies these days. i really appreciate that you want to engage me and i’m so sorry i’ve been letting responses slide, things just have a habit of getting on top of me lately. these aren’t all of them but at this point there’s just too many :(( i’ll try to be better about it from here on <3

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                                       “I AM THE NIGHT-”
                         “-I AM DARWIN DUDE SENPAI.
     “Don’t worry Gosalyn-chan and Launchpad-kun-”
                                        “-I’ll protect you.”

                                      Art cred goes to @sccvcge

((It’s official. I’m laptop-less. This hunk of junk won’t boot or even reinstall anymore, and my warranties are useless I guess???? Can’t get a new one until next weekend at the earliest, so I’m officially laptopless.

I’ll respond less if at all on Violate and especially on Connor and Ariadne because formatting and typing properly is hard from mobile, and I won’t be drawing anything for a while))

Actually, one last question my brain threw at me after I hopped off.

What separates gods and humans? In any myth or universe. I’m not talking about powers now, I’m talking about views on the world and such. I’d love to hear any opinions on this matter and, preferrably, with explanations.

         guys, i’m such a sucker for oc’s. i mean i have my fair share of ones that i create/write, but i also love to write with them, yours. throw your oc’s at me. scared somebody won’t want to write with an oc you have in mind? don’t worry, i’m here to love them just as much as you do. don’t be scared to make oc’s, y’all. oc’s are great   &&  deserve love to. 

@killthebxy replied to your post: HONESTLY thinking about how much b/enjen wished he…

reasons why he and Jon get along so well tbh.

FIL I WAS THINKING ABOUT THAT TOO. In a reply I did to Sophie ( @decreedlore ) Benjen describes himself as the runt of the pack. He never feels like he truly belongs in the family. He knows that he is a Stark and he is proud, but in comparison to his siblings he was so unimportant and irrelevant. And then I got to thinking that literally young benjen and jon are so fucking similar it is INSANE

          PSA:   so who wants to play how many times can torie change her url? because i think im about to make it my 6th. like i love the built squad, you are all so great  &&  fantastic but i just. this one isn’t sitting right with me  &&  i know i shouldn’t apologize but i also know that people have special tags for me  &&  with me constantly changing my url it can become a hassle  &&  i just want y’all to know that you don’t have to change my tags. lmao. keep them the old ones. i don’t mind. this next url i’m about to hit y’all with though is close to my heart soo. so just bare with me,  &&  if it annoys y’all then it’s simple, unfollow me. lol.