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when you’re basically on your death bed but still making the hot nurse smile like an absolute champ B))

Happy early Christmas @pascal-s-dailydoodle! I was your secret santa for the @toymaker-tixx-art-exchange! Sorry for posting a little early, but I wasn’t sure when Id have more time before the holidays approached here!! 

I had a hard time picking from all your characters! I had also lost a drawing I started too, LOL. So I hope this will suffice! I ended up going with this lil gal cause I loved her armor the most and it was really interesting to me! I hope you like it!


An AU where Genos never actually learned Saitama’s name XD

Other fun ideas for AU’s:

Dr.Kuseno is bad at anatomy and so Genos has an imperfectly shaped body

Uncanny Valley Genos

Saitama w/tiny hands. Small Punch Man.

Genos’s robot body runs on sunflower oil & good vibes (fucking hippie)

Every Tv, Computer, phone, ect. has We are number one playing on it, and every “One” is replaced One

Saitama becomes a crazy cat person



more doodles of delinquent!yaku au… this happened somewhere after they finally started getting along!!! cuz they both wanna win the nationals.