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also idk can we talk about how all the male characters in logan were all very emotionally driven and allowed to be so and how very domestic caliban is in what he does like cooking and caring for charles and also trying to actively talk about issues and health and feelings with logan on what seems like a regular basis can we

the  ï½—eeknd  ï½“tarters

❛ close your eyes and lay yourself beside me. ❜
❛ don’t be scared. i’m right here. ❜
❛ oh, your mind wants to leave, but you can’t go. ❜
❛ let me take the friction from your lips. ❜
❛ i’m the drug in your veins. ❜
❛ just fight through the pain. ❜
❛ he’s what you want, i’m what you need. ❜
❛ i do, everything he does times three. ❜
❛ i don’t love her no more. ❜
❛ just let me motherfucking love you. ❜
❛ so tell me you love me only for tonight. ❜
❛ i’ll give you all of me even though you don’t love me. ❜
❛ i’m not lying to nobody but me. ❜
❛ i’m better than your next man. ❜
❛ i think you lost your morals, girl. ❜
❛ put your mind in a dream world. ❜
❛ take a look at what you did. ❜
❛ you probably thought that you’d break my heart. ❜
❛ you probably thought that you’d make me cry. ❜
❛ i know everything. ❜
❛ there are no words to describe the depths of your indifference. ❜
❛ you could’ve been the one. ❜
❛ you keep saying there’s no one, but who keeps calling your phone ?
❛ it seems like pain and regret are your best friends. ❜
❛ i can’t feel a damn thing. ❜
❛ don’t you fall in love. ❜
❛ you’ll be falling to the point of no return. ❜
❛ you’ll never make me stay so take your weight off of me. ❜
❛ i know your every move, so won’t you please let me be. ❜
❛ but i hate sleeping alone, why don’t you come with me ?
❛ i didn’t call on the phone to say that i’m alright. ❜
❛ i guess you had no idea that you could have persuaded me. ❜
❛ you could have had me doing anything you pleased. ❜
❛ it could have went so many ways. ❜
❛ nobody feels the way that i feel when i’m alone. ❜
❛ lying comes natural to me. ❜
❛ she never falls in love. ❜
❛ i used to do this for the thrill. ❜
❛ nobody’s ever made me fall in love. ❜
❛ you taught me how to feel. ❜
❛ you taught me how to love. ❜
❛ you belong to the temporary moments of a dream. ❜
❛ i see nobody but you. ❜
❛ i’m so used to being used. ❜
❛ you know our love would be tragic. ❜